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The demand for item A is P=40 -3.5Q The production of A entails the following average variable costs: AVC=1.5Q - 35 Fixed Costs are 24. a) Calculate the revenue maximizing price of A Revenue= PQ Revenue= 40Q-3.5Q^2 Revenue' = 40-7Q Q=40/7 P=40-3.5(40/7) P=20 seems right? b...

Simpson's rule
Is the simpson's rule always more accurate than the midpoint rule and trapezoidal rule? Not always; it is possible that the midpoint and/or trapezoidal rule determine exact values. 1. Some functions values for a function f are given below. x 0 0.5 1.0 f(x) 3 4 11 What is ...

What is the fourth derivative of f(x)= e^-x^2. I got f''(x)=-2e^-x^2 + 4x^2e^-x^2 i need some help on find f''''(x) You have f(x) = e-x2 then f'(x) = -2x*e-x2 = -2x*f(x) f"(x) = (4x2 - 2))e-x2 = f(x)*(4x2 - 2)) f"'(x)= f'(x)*(4x2...

What is integral [0 to 2] e^-x^2 dx You are talking about the error function. That integral cannot be expressed in a closed form in terms of other simple functions. The answer I get, taken from an error function table, is 0.99532 * [sqrt(pi)]/2 =0.88208... the whole question ...

What is f ''(x) and f ''''(x) of f(x)= e^-x^2 f"(x) = -e^-x^2(2x) F""(x)= -2e^-x^2 + 2xe^x^2 and also what is integral [0 to 2] f(x) dx

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