1. Math
    which one of the following gives the distance between the numbers 11 and -8? -19, -3, 19, 3 How do you figure out these problems??
  2. Math-Limits
    How do we evaluate limit of, lim x-> 0 [ln(x+1)/( (2^x) - 1)] I tried using the substitution x+1 = e^k , when x tends to 0 so does k, which gave out, lim k->0 [ k/((2^((e^k) - 1)) -1 ) ] which I simplified into( for the ease of use let e^k =a) lim k->0 [k/( ((2^a)/2...
  3. Math
    Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability of picking an M? a. 1/6 b. 1/7**** c. 6/1 d. 7/1
  4. Math
    The curve y=x^3-3x^2-8x+4 has tangent L at point P (-1,8). Given that the Line M is parallel to L and is also a tangent to Q show that the shortest distance between L and M is 16 root 2 Sorry This is the correct question
  5. Math
    The curve y=x^3-3x^2-8x+4 has tangent L at point P (1,-8). Given that the Line M is parallel to L and is also a tangent to Q show that the shortest distance between L and M is 16 root 2 Thanks
  6. Math
    Sulfuric acid is diluted in water to make new mixtures. In one container, 72 ml of a 14% acid solution and, in another container, 64 ml of a 31$ acid solution. The contents of the containers are mixed together? What's the percentage strength of the acid in the mixture?
  7. math
    Guys please i need your help i am not getting the answer over the following questions. 1) Maria banked sh. 95,000 in her bank account. If the bank gives a simple interest of 17% per year, how much will she get after 3 years? 2) If Mollel got sh. 230,000 after investing some ...
  8. Science
    solve the system of equations algebraically. show all your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone show me step by step on how to get the answer it's, there are answers like this that is going to be on my math test and I don'tget it.
  9. Math pre-Algebra please help
    1 Jamal writes the letters K-A-N-S-A-S on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability an N? 1/3 1/5 5/1**** 6/1 2 Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on a cards and then places the cards in a hat. what is probability of picking an N? 2/7 3/7 1/3 2/3...
  10. math
    How do I find the volume of an oblique cone?
  11. math-matrices
    You are given the 2x2 matrix M= (k 3) , where k is not 2. (0 2) i)Find the eigenvalues of M, and the corresponding eigenvectos. ii)Express M in the form UDU^(-1), where D is a diagonal matrix. iii)Hence find the matrix M^n.
  12. Math
    1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2. Design a fair race in which the two animals have an equal chance of winning if they race at their top speed. Here are a few ...
  13. math
    23 of all your books are fiction. 16 of those are historical fiction. What fraction of all your books are historical fiction? Options: 1/9, 1/18, 1/3, 1/2
  14. math
    Find the sequence of the first five partial sums S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5 of the geometric sequence by adding terms. 9, 12, 16, 64/3, 256/9,... S1 = S2 = S3 = S4 = S5 =
  15. math
    Find the indicated term of the geometric sequence. a1 = 7, a4 = 189/8 , 8th term
  16. math
    The marker costs 13 as much as the pen. The pen costs 13 as much as the book. The book costs 13 as much as the game. The price of the marker is what fraction of the price of the game?
  17. Algebra 1
    Please help me with this math problem: divide (20x^2-12x+8)/(2x+8) these are the choices: A. 10x-34+ 280/2x-8 B. 10x+34+ 280/2x-8 C. 10x+46+ 376/2x-8 D. 10x-46+ 376/2x+8 Thanks so much.
  18. Math
    You can use triangle congruence theorems to prove relationships among tangents and secants. Task 1 Four tangents are drawn from E to two concentric circles. A, B, C, and D are the points of tangency. Name as many pairs of congruent triangles as possible and tell how you can ...
  19. math
    if i had to make 24 oatmeal cookies with 2/3 cup of butter, how much butter would i need to make36 oatmeal cookies
  20. 6th Grade Math
    Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. You are driving 60 miles per hour. You must drive 480 miles total. If you have already driven 120 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? Use H to represent the number of hours it will take to ...
  21. Math
    A logarithmic function of the form f(x)= log_b x+c has an x-intercept at x= 1 and a vertical asymptote at y= 0. Also, f(x) intersects with the line y= 1 when x= 8. What is f(x)? Is it log_8 x+1?
  22. Math
    Solve for unknown quantity in each proportion K/3 = 3/9 A 1 B 3 C 9 D 27
  23. Math
    If 2y to the power of 10 =25,find -y to the power of 10
  24. Math
    You start a search for a buried object by marking the center of the field as (0,0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive, and the coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (-10,6), so you try a ...
  25. Math
    Use integer values of x from -3 to graph the equation. y = -|x| 1. pic with 2 lines forming a v coming down from the top and ending at the origin. Very wide line. 2. pic with that image just upside down 3. pic with 3. but a thinner line range 4. Pretty much 1 with a thinner ...
  26. Math
    Solve the equation. X/4+1=-5
  27. Math
    Pete is folding paper for different projects. He has two triangular pieces of paper that he wants to create the same project with, but they have to be similar figures for it to work. Will Pete be able to create the same project with both pieces of paper? does anyone have the ...
  28. Math
    If vector u = 20 m due North and vector v =10 m  at 30 degrees East of North, find u + v and u − v.
  29. Math
    Carson is visiting the zoo on a field trip! While at the zoo, he sees a 10 foot tall adult elephant standing next to a 15 foot tall statue that is casting a 18 foot shadow. Carson wants to know the length of the elephant’s shadow. if you have the answer please tell me ...
  30. Math
    There are 14 blue marbles 8 red marbles and 12 green marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to the number of red marbles? 1: 24:8**** 2: 34:8 3: 8:34 4: 8:24 Can someone check my answers?
  31. Math
    I need to justify how a base in a logarithmic function graph is a base. Here are the choices: The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must intersect with the line y= c+1 when x= 3. The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must intersect with the line y= c when x= 3. The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must...
  32. Math
    You own a thriving restaurant but want to change careers. Your brother offers to buy the business with the following monthly payments: $2,750 at the end of each month for 4 years, followed by $3,000 at the end of each month for 3 years. Assuming that you can earn 9% compounded...
  33. Math
    Rob Morrisey purchased a $1,000 bond that was quoted at 102.25 and paying 8 7/8% interest. How much did Rob pay for the bond? How much annual interest will be received?
  34. Math
    Tri-Star Airlines intends to pay off a $20,000,000 bond issue that comes due in 4 years. How much must the company set aside now, at 6 % interest compounded quarterly, to accumulate the required amount of money?
  35. math
    Find the partial sum without using a graphing utility. 100 2n n = 1
  36. Math
    Reposting see if someone else comes up with a different answer. Amy wants to travel from Elm town to Lakeside at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. She travels half the distance and discovers that her average speed has only been 25 miles per hour. How fast must she drive ...
  37. Math
    If start time is 7:41pm and end time is 8:50pm. What is the elasped time
  38. Math
    23. Suppose the number of expert gamers in California is 52,400 and is growing 20% each year. Predict the number of experts after 5 years. 24. The population of bacteria in your messy room is 36,725 and is growing at a rate of 11% each month. What would the population be after...
  39. Math
    Natalia Sandino was given 750 shares of stock in the fitness center where she is employed as a salary bonus. The shares were valued at $8.05 when they were placed in her stock portfolio. The shares paid quarterly dividends of $.60 per share. After 7 years, Natalia sold the ...
  40. Math
    Eight oranges cost gh¢15.00. how much will twenty oranges cost?
  41. Math
    Jason and Coretta Bradley got a $206,000, 20-year mortgage loan at 5.35%. Find the amount of the final payment on this mortgage.
  42. Math
    Sarah is standing next to the flag pole waiting for her friends. The flagpole is 42.9 feet tall and casting a shadow of 253.1 feet long. There a sign by the flagpole challenging visitors to find the length of their shadows. Sarah is 5.4 feet tall. What is the length of Sarah...
  43. Math!
    Can someone please help me on math Lesson 11 graphing equations and inequalities unit test? I’m really stuck!
  44. math
    A ball and a box weigh 900 grams. Two identical balls and the same box weigh 1.35kg. What is the mass of the box? How do I work this out?
  45. Math
    A bag contains only red and blue marbles. Yasmine takes one marble at random from the bag. The probability that she takes a red marble is 1 in 5. Yasmine returns the marble to the bag and adds five more red marbles to the bag. The probability that she takes one red marble at ...
  46. Math
    In triangle ABC, the measure of ∠B is 90°, BC=16, and AC=20. Triangle DEF is similar to triangle ABC, where vertices D, E, and F correspond to vertices A, B, and C, respectively, and each side of triangle DEF is 1/3 the length of the corresponding side of triangle ABC. What...
  47. math
    cFind the slope of the line passing through the points −3, -8 and 4,6 .
  48. Math 6th Grade
    I'm doing this math test and I have a border line A on my grade I need to make sure I don't lower my grade to a B, so any help is appreciated. Thanks! 7. The probability of winning a game is 25%. How many times should you expect to win if you play 20 times? A. 7 times B. 10 ...
  49. Math
    You are visiting a friend in Coshocton and need to get to Cedar Point in Sandusky. These two cities are 106 miles apart. Using the scale of 3 cm = 50 miles, how many centimeters apart are the two cities? Make sure you label your answer. Round your answer to the nearest ...
  50. Math
    A trip from Ohio to new york is 529 miles. what equations show the times t it takes by car if r is the average speed during the trip? t=529/r*** t=529r r=529t t=r/529
  51. Math
    A car traveled 281 miles in 4 hours 41 minutes.What was the average speed of the car in miles per hour?
  52. Math
    644 students packed a auditorium students sat in rows of 12 rows were divided into 8 sections how many rows were in each section
  53. Math
    The volume of a rectangular solid is 180 cubic centimeters. The length is 10 centimeters and the width is 4 centimeters. Using the formulas V=lwh, what is the solid in centimeters?
  54. Math
    You took out a loan of $5,000 on May 2 and went back on June 15 to make a payment of $1,200. The loan was at 4% for 1 year. What was your remaining balance after making that payment? Assume an exact year.
  55. Math
    How many rectangles can you make with a perimeter of 32...
  56. math
    A sand volleyball court has an area of 144 square meters. Its perimeter is 50 meters. What are the dimensions of the volleyball court?
  57. MATH
    A collar of Styrofoam is made to insulate a pipe. Find its volume . The large R is to the outer rim. The small radius r is to the edge of the insulation. Use 3.14 for pi. r = 5 in. R = 6 in. h = 19 in. Round to two decimal places. It says to subtract volume of the inner ...
  58. math
    Linda had started with 1 yard of fabric and used 5/8, how much fabric would be left
  59. Math
    What are the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3? I'm not posting this to get the exact answer, I just need help on finding the coefficients. I'm not real good with polynomials, and I've been struggling a little. I just need explaining on how to find the coefficients of ...
  60. Math
    Cameron designates 10% of his monthly earnings as charitable contributions. After deducting this amount, he deposits 5% of the remaining amount into a money market account earning 2%. If Cameron’s monthly earnings are $4,800 what amount interest will he earn on his deposit ...
  61. math
    How much gratuity (tip) should you leave for the waiter (the tip is based on the bill before tax is added)?
  62. math
    The towns of Franklin and Chester each decided in the same year to begin posting their populations on signs by the main entrances into the towns. Each year, they update the signs. Franklin had a population of 20,000 people in the first year that they posted the sign, and each ...
  63. Math
    There are 10 egg sandwiches, 6 chicken sandwiches and 4 tuna sandwiches on a tray . A sandwich is randomly chosen. Find the probability an egg sandwich is chosen .
  64. math
    From a barrel of colored marbles, you randomly select 4 blue, 5 yellow, 6 red, 2 green, and 5 purple. Find the experimental probability of randomly selecting a marble that is NOT blue. 6/13 1/2 9/11 3/8 Some one please help me just someone explain it to me or give me a link ...
  65. Math
    Alex needed proceeds of $12,345. How much does he need to take out at 6% interest for 120 days to receive proceeds of $12,345?
  66. Math
    Suppose a tree on your land has a radius of 3 inches and increases in radius one-fourth inch a year. How many years, y, to the nearest tenth will it take for the volume of the tree to double? In other words, for what value of y would the following be true? [(1/3)πk(3 + ¼ y)^...
  67. Math
    Dear Ms. sue i am very sorry for posting that question and promis to never to that again i just wanted to get the work done and was lazy at the moment
  68. math
    Multiply, write result in scientific notation. 15.(1.4x10^1)(8 x 10^4)
  69. math
    A car travels 56km using 8litres of petrol. What distance will it travels with 13litres of petrol.
  70. math
    Find the volume of the oblique cylinder. Round to the nearest tenth. Radius-13.8in Height - 20.5in Thank you!!
  71. math
  72. math
    Sanjay is facing NE in which direction is he facing if he turns clockwise through 2 right angles?thanks.also/this is for homework i'm giving it in on friday,PlEaSE
  73. math
    the perimeter of a rectangle is 96cm ,the width is 15cm find its lengh. this is homework wich i have to return on friday,plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee​eee
  74. Math
    Clyde has the chance to buy a piece of old Pennsylvania Dutch pottery that he thinks he can resell for $500. If Clyde needs a 125% markup on cost, what price should he pay? Is the answer 200 or 222.22? 500/225% = 222.22 Is my method correct or I am missing something? I get ...
  75. Math
    Solve the system of equations using Row Operations x + y - z = 6 3x - 2y + z = -5 x + 3y - 2z = 14
  76. Math
    Orchard Supply sells lawn fertilizer at a price of $12.50 per bag. If the markup is 25% of the cost, find the cost.
  77. math
    What are the | | when you work with inger numbers. (not a question on assignment) Like for example |-3| < |6|
  78. Math
    The public transportation department measures the distance from a location using displacement vectors. To ride the bus to work for a discounted amount, you have to travel displacement vectors. To ride the bus to work for a discounted amount, you have to travel further than 1.5...
  79. math
    The line plot shows the weights of packages of meat available at a supermarket. Katrice says that if a customer purchases the 3 3 lightest packages at a cost of $4.40 per pound, the customer will pay 10.45 . Is Katrice correct? Explain.
  80. Math
    Country Produce knows that 20% of the strawberries purchased will spoil and must be thrown out. If they buy 200 baskets of strawberries for $0.24 per basket and want a markup of 50% on the selling price, find the selling price per basket of strawberries.
  81. Math
    Find the real root of the equation 3x-cosx-1=0 correct to four decimal places using the Newton Raphson Method.
  82. Math
    Use Regula Falsi Method to find a real root of the equation xe^x - 2=0 correct to two decimal places within the interval [0,1].
  83. Math
    After 5 years, how much INTEREST will Kevin earn in interest from his savings account? Given the fact: Kevin deposits $175 each year on his birthday for 5 year into his savings account. His account earns simple interest at a rate of 3.5% interest. A.) $91.89 **** B.) $30.65 C...
  84. 6th grade math
    A jogger is running around a 3/4 mile track and is 2/3 around the track. How far has the jogger traveled?
  85. Math
    Which table best represents the graph of the equation theta=45 degrees? a. theta- 45 degrees, 45 degrees, 45 degrees, 45 degrees r- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 b. theta- 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees r- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 c. theta- 45 degrees, 45 degrees, 45 degrees, 45 ...
  86. Math
    Emilio has 8450 trees to plant in rows on his tree farm he will plant 125 trees per row how many full rows of trees will he have explain
  87. math
    22/7 for pi answer estimate
  88. Math
    Which type of function bet models the data in each table? Use differences x y 12) 0 0 1 1.5 2 6 3 13.5 4 24 13) x y 0 -5 1 -3 2 -1 3 1 4 3 14) x y 0 1 1 1.2 2 1.44 3 1.728 4 2.0736 Can someone help me plz with these three??
  89. Math
    Anyone have the answers to the connections Academy math 6 b unit 4 lesson 10 unit test? POST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE!
  90. Math
    Question : find (h,k) and radius x^2 + y^2 +1/2x + 2y +1/16 = 0 According to the equation : (x−h)^2+(y−k)^2 = r^2 x^2 + y^2 +1/2x + 2y +1/16 = 0 (x^2+1/2x+1/16)+(y^2+2y+1)=−1/16+1/16+​1 (x+1/4)^2+(y+1)^2=1 so (h,k) = (-1/4, -1) and r = 1 theres no answer to even ...
  91. Math
    Mr Campbell has a rope14m long.He cuts it into equal pieces. Each piece is 2m long. How many pieces of rope does he get?
  92. Math
    You make $52,800/year as a salaried employee who is paid semi-monthly. Taxes are Federal (15%), FICA (7.65%), and State (3%). You are also having $50/paycheck withheld for health care. What will your realized income be on your next paycheck? $1,585.70 $1,459.88 *** $564.30
  93. Math
    Please help me, I forget how to do these types of problems. 1- 6x+7=67 A 12 B10 C13 D6 2- x/4+2=-2 A 4 B-4 C12 D-16
  94. Math
  95. Math
    1: select all the pairs of ratios form a proportion. (2 points) A: 1/6, 4/20 B: 7/9, 28/36*** C: 14/19, 21/27 D: 30/80, 6/18 2: Which pair of ratios does NOT form a proportion? (1 point) A: 3/5, 24/40 B: 30/10, 15/5**** C: 9/14, 3/4 D: 7/12, 14/24 3: For which value of m is 4/...
  96. Math
    You make $22.50/hr and work 38 hours each week.  You are paid weekly.  Taxes are Federal (25%), FICA (7.65%), and State (3%).  What is your Gross income on your next paycheck? $550.19 $855.00 $304.81   Flag this Question Question 4 1 pts You make $22.50/hr and work 38 ...
  97. Math
    kriss ate 3/8 of a pizza and kim are 4/8 of the same pizza.did they eat the whole pizza?
  98. Math~integers
    which of the following will have a negative result? -8-(-10) 12 - 14* 7 - (-3)
  99. Math
    A nonstop flight from Albuquerque, NM to Atlanta, GA takes 3 hours, if the plane flies a total of 1,269 miles, what is the plane`s unit rate in miles per hour? (1 point) A: 3,807 mph***** B: 1,266 mph C: 432 mph D: 423 mph Help mee
  100. math
    Calculate the maturity value for an interest-bearing note of $28,500 for 118 days at 8%.
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