1. math
    Prove that if c^2 = a^2 + b^2, it does not follow that a = b + c. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. SAT math
    A function, r, is defined as r(n) = (n-7)[(n+1)-7][(n+2)-7]... where n is an integer. What is the value of r(1)? How do you do this?
  3. Math
    For the following relations to be a function, x cannot be what values? Please enter your values in order from least to greatest. a. { (-7, 9), (-6, 4), (x, 3), (-1, -4), (0, 7) } b. {-14, 2), (x, 12), (4, 5), (-2, 1), (-16, 4) }
  4. Math
    Find the following values if: f(x) = 3x - 2 and g(x) = 4x2 + 5 c) f(-1) = d) g(-3) = e) f(5) - g(2) =
  5. 7 math
    Identify the terms and factors in the expression 12xyz - 6xy
  6. Math
    Anton is four years older than Liza. The product of his age three years from now and Liza's age two years ago is 90 years.Find their present ages
  7. 7 math
    I need separately factor for the term -6xy 12xyz - 6xy. As per me factor 0f the term -6xy should be 1, 2, 3, 6, x & y. Please advice.
  8. math
    The sum of one and the product of four and a number xxx.
  9. math
    a coin is tossed and a die is thrown. what is the probability of getting a head and a perfect square?
  10. Math
    What are the possible factors of the term -6xy in the expression 12xyz - 6xy.
  11. SAT math
    In the xy-plane, the line determined by (6,m) and (m,54) passes through the origin. Which of the following could be the value of m? A) 2 B) 18 C) 36 D) 48 Is the answer B since if you plug it in, the answer is zero? Also if it is, how can you do this algebraically?
  12. Gen Math
    Subtract: F(x) = x^2+7x-8/x^3-5 G(x) = -7x-5x^3/4square root of x
  13. Math
    Cezar ised nails, screws, and pegs to build a model house. He used twice as many as pegs and 3 fewer nails than screws. He used 15 nails. How many pegs did he use?
  14. SAT math
    The length of a rectangle was reduced by 10% and the width by x%. If the resulting dimensions reduced the area by 32.5%, what is the value of x? A) 25 B) 21 C) 18 D) 13 I don’t know what to do at all.
  15. Math
    Write coefficient of b in 9b^3 - a - 6ab
  16. Math
    Identify factors in 12xyz - 6xy
  17. Math-Sine wave function
    A merry-go-round takes 15 seconds to complete one revolution/spin. Within that time, each horse moves up and down five times. The vertical motion of the horse spans a range of 50 cm, and the horse is 1 m high at its vertically centre position. a. Sketch a graph of the height ...
  18. math
    what do you do when you have the equation 8 divided by 1/x when x equals 3 ?
  19. Math
    What type of sequence is this. 2/3, 1/3, 2/9, 1/6 Please give me the general formula.
  20. Math
    A train leaves the station and travels north at a speed of 75 mph. Two hours later, a second train leaves on a parallel track and travels north at 125 mph. How far from the station will they meet?
  21. Math
    Sarla wins some money from a lottery. She divides it in such a way that her son gets 1/3 of the money and each of her four daughters gets equal share of the remaining. What fraction does each daughter get
  22. Math
    Mang Jose wants to make a table which has an area of 6m^2.The length of the table has to be 1m longer than the width. a.If the width of the table is p meters,what will be it's length. b.Form a quadratic equation for the problem and give the dimensions of the table.
  23. Pre-Calculus Math
    Jack wants to install a swimming pool that is 12m long and 8m wide. He wants to install a rubberized safety border of uniform width around the pool. The width of the safety border is represented by x and the area of the safety border is 44 m^2. a) Write an expression in terms ...
  24. Math-functions
    A function, y = f(x), originally has a domain of x equal or bigger than 4 and a range of y equal or smaller than 1. Determine the new domain and range of y=-2f(-x+5)+1 after applying all transformations. (Hint: Sketch the graph&apply the transformations) Note: I have tried ...
  25. math lit,Life science,Business studies,economics
    Which career field i have to follow?
  26. Math
    Marie sells magazines for $30 each. She receives 20% commission on her sales. How much money does she earn for each magazine sold?
  27. math
    Identify the dependent variable in this relationship. A person washes c car and earns d dollars. 1.neither c, cars or d, dollars. 2.cars, c. (MY ANSWER) 3.dollars, d. 4.both c, cars and d, dollars
  28. English
    A: (Are) (you) (doing) your homework? [3 points] B: Yes, I am. I'm doing math homework. 1. (You) (are) (doing) your homework? =========================== There are three blanks in the first sentence. Students are asked to fill in the blanks with suitable words to make a ...
  29. Math
    Six teaspoons of extract are mixed with 240 ml of oral suspension what is the final concentration of the suspension?
  30. math
    A mobile phone company charges 5 cents for each 20 second call. How much will it charge a 2 minute call?
  31. math
    Both antibiotics were prescribed in high dosage slow release capsules. The function C(x)= 5log(x+1) + 10 models the concentration of levofloxacin in mol/L over a time x, in hours. The function D(x) = 10log(x+1) + 5 models the concentration of metronidazole in mol/L over a time...
  32. Math
    g(x) = -x^5 + 11x^4 - 43x^3 + 69x^2 - 36x d) Clearly mark these points on a graph - At the first turning point - At the only root with order two
  33. Math
    The area of a rectangle is given by the expression 3x^2+7x-40. A. What is the length of the rectangle if its width is x+5? B. If x=2cm, find the length, width and area of the rectangle?
  34. Math Homework Help!
    I made a lot of typos the first time i wrote it so i rewrote and edited the question Both antibiotics were prescribed in high dosage slow release capsules. The function C(x) = 5log(x+1)+10 models the concentration of levofloxacin in mol/L over a time x, in hours. The function ...
  35. math
    What is the next number in the following sequence: -4, -1, 1, 2, _
  36. Math Homework Help!
    both anibiotics were prescribed in high dosage clow release capsules. Th efunctions C(x) = 5log(x+1)+10 models the concentration of levofloxacin in mol/L over a time x, in hours the function c(x)=5log(x+1)+10 models the concentration of levofloxcin and metrinidazole. a) Which ...
  37. math
    An open cylindrical tank has an internal diameter of 5.6 cm and an internal height of 4 cm. The inside of the tank was painted. What area of the tank, in square centimeters
  38. MATH
    I don't understand how the integration of 4/(2x+1) is 4/2lnl(2x+1)l and not 4lnl(2x+1)l. where does the denominator 2 come from?
  39. Math Algebra
    Complete the square to turn the equation into the equation (x - p)^2 = q 2x^4 - 5x^2 - 12 = 0 a.) (x^2 - 1.25)^2 = 6 b.) (x^2 - 2.5)^2 = 6 c.) (x^2 - 2.5)^2 = 7.5625 d.) (x^2 - 1.25)^2 = 7.5625 I learned this topic but for some reason I still don't get this one. I think it's ...
  40. Math
    How many quantity of water in 12' length, 8 breath, 6' height
  41. math
    town Q is on a bearing 210°from town P. R is on a bearing 150° from town P and R is east of Q. The distance between R and P is 10km. Find the distance between R and Q.
  42. math
    #please guys help me this question# Three people can wash clothes in 13 hour, 14 hour and 14 hour. If they started together at 8:30 am, at what time will they finish this work together?
  43. Math
    What is the quotient in the simplest form? 3/5÷2/7 1 1/10 2 1/10 6/35 10/21 A?
  44. Math
    Apply the binomial theorem to find the first three terms in ascending powers of x of (1 + x)ⁿ, where n=32
  45. Math
    What is a rational number that is equvalent to -20/4? -5?
  46. Math
    What is the value of the expression 7⋅(−5)⋅4? -140?
  47. Math
    Pre calc10 For example right triangle A B C there is also small lower case a b c what are the uses of those?
  48. Math
    Translate each equation into a sentence. 2(m - n) = x + 7 Select one: a. Twice the quantity of m increased by n is x plus 7. b. The quantity m decreased by n is the same as x plus 7. c. The product of 2 and m decreased by n is the same as x plus 7. d. Twice the quantity m ...
  49. math
    8 time x = 40 minus 10 = ?
  50. Math - Calculus
    Problem solving with derivatives. A rectangular box has square base of edge length x cm. Its framework of 12 edges is constructed from wire of total length 36cm. Find: i. the height of the box in terms of x ? ii. the volume of the box in terms of x? ii. the value for x which ...
  51. Math - Calculus
    Problem solving with derivatives. Question: A piece of wire length of 30cm is cut into 2 sections. Each section is then bent into the shape of a square. Find the smallest possible value of the sum of the areas of the two squares.
  52. Math - Calculus
    Question: A box in the shape of a cuboid with a square base is to be made so that the sum of its dimensions (l + b + h) is 20cm. Find its maximum value.
  53. Math - Calculus
    Problem solving with derivatives. Question: A rectangular sheet of cardboard measures 16cm by 6cm. Equal squares are cut out of each corner and the sides are turned up to form an open rectangular box. What is the maximum volume of the box?
  54. Math
    Problem solving with derivatives. Question: The sum of 2 numbers is 12. If one number is x, the value of x for which the product of the two numbers is a maximum is?
  55. Math - Calculus
    A boat is pulled into a wharf by a rope at a speed of 20m/min. If the rope is attached to a point on the boat 7m vertically below the wharf, at what rate is the rope being drawn in when the boat is 24m from the wharf?
  56. Math - Calculus
    A circular oil slick floats on the surface of still water. Its area is increasing at a rate of 10m^2/min. At what rate is the radius (r metres) increasing?
  57. Math
    A ladder 5m long is standing vertically, flat against a vertical wall, while its lower end in on the horizontal floor. The lower end moves horizontally away from the wall at a constant speed of 1m/s while the upper end stays in contact with the wall. Find the speed at which ...
  58. MATH
    Does anybody has any idea how does 2(tan( θ)-θ)+C become 2[((√x^2-4)/2)-sec^-1*(x/2)]+C
  59. math, algebra
    If A>B and B(B-A)>0, which of the following must be true? I. B<0 II. A<0 III. AB<0 A: I only B: II only C: I and II D: I and III
  60. math
    Coin A is tossed three times and coin B is tossed two times. What is the probability that more heads are tossed using coin A than coin B? THE ANSWER IS NOT 7/16
  61. Pre-Calculus Math
    A rectangular field is to be enclosed by a fence and divided into two smaller plots by a fence parallel to one of the side. Find the dimensions of the largest such field if 1200 m of fencing material is available. What is the area of this field and what are the dimensions that...
  62. Pre-Calculus Math
    An amusement park charges $8 admission and averages 2000 visitors per day. A survey shows that, for each $1 increase in admission cost, 100 fewer people would visit the park. Find the admission cost and number of visitors that gives the maximum revenue.
  63. Math
    Consider the numbers −4.5 and 2/9 . Which statement about these numbers is true? Both numbers are rational. The number 2/9 is rational, but −4.5 is not. Both numbers are irrational. The number −4.5 is rational, but 2/9 is not. B?
  64. Pre-Calculus Math
    The Summer Theatre charges $4 per ticket, and it sells an average of 400 tickets nightly. The manager estimates that the ticket sales would decrease by 50 for each $1 increase in the ticket cost. What is the most profitable price to charge?
  65. Math
    There were 4342 buttons in three bags, A, B and C. There were 18 more buttons in bag B than in bag A. There were 3 times as many buttons in bag C as in bag B. How many buttons were in bag A?
  66. Math
    Luis had 135 action figures, sam had 990 action figures and jane had 570 action figures. After Jane gave an equal number of action figures to both boys, sam had 4 times as many action figures as Luis. How many action figures did Jane have left?
  67. Math
    Solution to problem: mr lim gave $3600 to his wife and two children altogether. His wife receieved $500 more than his son. His son received twice as much as his daughter. How much did mr lim’s wife receive?
  68. Math
    help me please,Which describes a situation when an estimation is appropriate? A. Margo wants to buy a sweater for $15.98 and a pair of socks for $1.98. She has $20. She wants to know if she has enough money to buy both. B. Margo buys a sweater for $15.98 and a pair of socks ...
  69. Math
    Mabel bought some notepads for $56. If she was given a discount of 30%, she would be able to buy 40 notepads more. What was the original price of each notepad?
  70. Math
    Math 10 pre calc chpt 1 In a basement renovation, the contractor measured the length of a wall in a square room as 18ft.4in. The width of the doorway is 3 ft. The contractor plans to place wood trim along the bottom of each wall. The trim costs 1.69/ft. What is the cost of the...
  71. math
    Use the following information to answer the question: Cost of car: $26,000 Residual value: $6,000 Life: 5 years
  72. Gen Math
    1. Given the functions f(x)=x(cube)-27 and g(x)=x-3, find: A. (f/g)(x) B.(g/f)(x) 2. Let d(y)=square root of 2x and d(y)=square root of x-1, determine: A. (d/y)(x) B. (c/d)(x)
  73. Math
    Consider an even money game that pays 4:3 if event A occurs. What is the probability of event A? I am thinking that here, probability = denominator of odds / (denominator of odds + numerator of odds) but I find other sources say odds = probability / (1-p) Not sure which to use
  74. math
    Phil rolls 6 fair 6-sided dice. What is the probability that at least two dice show the same number?
  75. math
    An integer is randomly chosen from the integers 1 through 100, inclusive. What is the probability that the chosen integer is a perfect square or a perfect cube, but not both? Express your answer as a common fraction.
  76. math
    what is the greatest number of 30,000
  77. Math
  78. Consumer Math
    Also can I get someone to help explain to me how this is set up I will sork it from that point Please, Thank you. The Wilson has an annual income of 44,160$. They claim 4 exemptions and file a joint return. What is their taxable income?
  79. Consumer Math
    Please can someone help me set up this so I can work it out .Not sure the steps. Clay brought a $500 series EE bond and redeemed it after 4 years for $329.20. How much interest did Clay earn?
  80. Math
    An elevator desends into mine shaft at the rate of 10m/min. If the desends starts form 50m above then how much time it will take to reach -350m?
  81. Math
    Simplify the expression. [(4^2)^2]^2
  82. Consumer Math
    Clay brought a $500 series EE bond and redeemed it after 4 years for $329.20. How much interest did Clay earn?
  83. Math
    The Wilson has an annual income of 44,160$. They claim 4 exemptions and file a joint return. What is their taxable income?
  84. Math
    George is driving at an average speed of 62 miles per hour.write an expression that would give his distance traveled for h hours .make a table 3,5.5,7 and 8.5 hours ???? HELPPPP ME
  85. Math
    A smokestack is 150 feet high. A guy wire must be fastened to the stack 40 feet from the top. The guy wire makes an angle of 40∘ with the ground. Find the length of the guy wire rounded to the nearest foot. - I've got no idea where to start or what to do. I understand that ...
  86. math
    60% chocolates in a CADY chocolate box are round shaped and rest are square shaped.30% of the chocolates are in that box are both round shaped and has a peanut inside.Ryan bought a round shaped chocolate of CADY chocolate box from a shop.Then what is the probability that,the ...
  87. Math
    Can someone give me a hand? Here's what i have so far: Use the intermediate value theorem to determine if the function: f(x)=x^3+3x^2-9x-10 has a zero in the interval [-1, 0] so this is what i have: f(-1)=-1^3+3(-1^2)-9(-1)-10=-1-3-9-10= -23 and f(0)=0^3+3(0^2)-9(0)-10= -10 ...
  88. math
    A golfer has 12 golf shirts in his closet. Suppose 9 of these shirts are white and the others blue. He gets dressed in the dark, so he just grabs a shirt and puts it on. He plays golf two days in a row and does not do laundry. What is the likelihood both shirts selected are ...
  89. Math
    If perimeter of a rectangle is 14/8/15 m and its length is 4/2/3m find its breadth .
  90. math
    5x+23 Use the commutative property of multiplication to write an equivalent algebraic expression.
  91. Math
    Rachel buys a drink. She spends the same amount of money on her drink ad chuck spent on his candy Rachel now has only 1/3 of the amount of money that she had before she bought the drink. How much money did Rachel have before she bought the drink
  92. Math
    A teacher gare an open pot which can cantain only 2liter of water to student and told to bring 3 liter of water from the market.how will that student bring 3 liter water in a pot whose capcity is only 2 liter?
  93. Math
    A resolution was passed by a ratio of 5:4 If 900 people voted for the resolution, how many voted against it? (400?) The ston family spends $500 per month for rent. This is 4/15 of their total monthly income. Assuming that sale ties remain constant, what is the stone family ...
  94. MATH
    Does the √8=√2*√2*√2 or 2√2
  95. Math
    Write an expression and then evaluate when x = -6. Nine subtracted from the quotient of twice a number, x, and three.
  96. math
    The x-intercepts of a particular equation are x = p, q. Suggest a possible equation. Quite confused on this question... Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  97. math
    Need help with this quadratic math equation... Question: (x+1/x)^2 - 14(x+1/x) = 72 ended up with: x^2 + 1 - 14x^3 - 14x -70x^2 = 0 Where do I go from here? I'm trying to find a way to apply the quadratic formula to my results, but I'm having trouble. Is anyone able to help? ...
  98. math
    16. a. Find how many points of intersection exist between the parabola y = −2(x + 1)2 − 5, where y = f(x), x ∈ R, and the straight line y = mx − 7, where y = f(x), x ∈ R. b. Find m (m < 0) such that y = mx − 7 has one intersection point with y = −m(x + 1)^ 2...
  99. Math
    Simplify:- 3√-108a^4 b^3
  100. Math
    the minute hand of the tower clock is 12 inches long and the hour hand is 9 inches long. on this clock what is the positive difference between the number of inches traveled by the tip of the minute hand and the tip of the hour hand in one hour? express your answer as a decimal...
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