1. Math
    When might it be more useful to use a graph rather than a function rule? A function rule rather than a graph?
  2. math
    The formula for the surface area of a cylinder is A=2πr^2+2πrh. (A)Solve for r and simplify the result, if possible. (B) If the surface area of a cylinder is 100 square feet and the height is 40 inches, what is the radius of the cylinder in units of feet? Round your answer ...
  3. math
    Mr. Ismail invested sh. 36,000 in the bank which gives an interest of 20% per year. After how long will he get sh. 43,200? #please people help me this question how to arrive to final answer. Also i need to know if sh. 43,200 is either the total amount of money (P+I) or the ...
  4. math
    The projected number N of Wi-Fi enabled cell phones (in millions) in the U.S. can be modeled by the function N=-0.4x^2+21x+35, where x is the number of years since 2009. If the trend continues, find the year in which the projected number of Wi-Fi enabled cell phones will first...
  5. math
    Find the missing value so that the two points have a slope of -11/7. (2,6) and (x,-5)
  6. Math
    Complete the table Yards is blank Feet= 29 Inches= 348 Help find yards Help solve
  7. Math
    Kelly likes red marbles. Each of her 12 bags of marbles has 2/7 red marbles. How many separate bags of red marbles can she make? How to I work out this problem? Im not sure how to set it up, thanks!
  8. Math
    Python length complete chart Yards_____ feet 29 inches______ Please help solve
  9. math
    the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 3 : 2. if each boy receives 2 pieces of paper and each girl receives 3 pieces of paper, how many children are there altogether if a total of 1992 pieces of paper are needed? im not sure if this is right, but i got 797 ...
  10. math
    of the first 20 customers at a restaurant one night 12 ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup. at this rate how many bowls of chicken soup will be ordered if there are a total of 150 customers
  11. math
    Jerry mixes the letters F,P,M,M,M,F and j thoroughly.without looking. Amanda draws one letter expresses as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that j will not be the letter Amanda selects. 7/8 0.875, 87.5% <<<< 5/8 0.625, 62.5% 1/8 0.125, ...
  12. Math
    Can someone help me on how to do this without a calculator. It would really help me out thanks The problem is below An item on sale costs 65% of the original price. The original price was $15 .
  13. math
    I'm trying to factor a problem and cannot seem to get it to work out --- 12a^3 + 10a^2 - 8a I first factored out the gcf of 2 to get 2a(6a^2 + 5a - 4) From there I keep coming up with answers that are incorrect when I check them -- any suggestions please?
  14. Math
    Geometric And Arithmetic Sequences a store manager plans to offer discounts on some sweater acording to this sequence: $48, $36, $27, $20.255,... What would be the price of a sweater after 8 discounts? Is this an arithmetic or geometric sequence?
  15. math
    What is arithmetic sequence?
  16. consumer math
    help me, please......Solve the following problem. Last year's sales were $14,200. Sales have increased 57% this year. How much is the increase? $
  17. Math
    what would be the best graph to represent the equation y= x - 2? on my quiz it has straight lines,.
  18. math
    Suppose that the position y (feet) of a projectile above the ground is described by the equation y=-16t^2+70t+2, where t is the time elapsed (seconds) since the object was launched. (A) What is the initial position of the object? (B) When will the object strike the ground? ...
  19. math
    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 7x(x-2)+2(x+4)=3 Please help!!!!! :(
  20. Math
    The volume of a spherical balloon of radius r cm is V cm3, where . Find dv/dr My answer: 4πr^2 The balloon leaks at 5cm^3 per second, how fast does the radius of the balloon leaks when the radius is 15 cm. Find the rate at which the radius is changing with time when the ...
  21. math
    find the amount of an annuity of $5000 payable at the end of each 3 months for 8 years,if money is worth 12% compounded quarterly.
  22. Math
    This year was first year of online school, and it was the WORST! (I go to connections and I would never advise it to anyone!) Anyways the math FSA for 6th grade is coming up, and my school did not do a good job teaching me, I hardly feel like a learned ANYTHING! And when I ...
  23. math;)
    Julia wants to simplify the term sec^2 theta-1/cot^2 theta+1 in a trigonometric identity that she is proving. Which of the following identities should use to help her? Select all that apply. (2 ANSWERS) a. sin^2 theta+cos^2 theta=1 b. sec^2 theta-tan^2 theta=1 c. sec theta=1/...
  24. Math
    A map has a scale of 1:2500 and on it is a square plot of land which has an area of 4cm squared.calculate the actual area in hactares of land?
  25. math
    Stock bottle: Benadryl 50mg 720 mL. How many 4 oz bottles can be filled from this stock bottle?
  26. Math
    Craig went to an auction and bought five different items. Use the clues below to determine the price he paid for each item. 1. the chair was the most expensive item, which sold for $95. 2. The range of the prices of the five items was $75. 3. The stereo was the least expensive...
  27. Math
    The seats at the auction were each 0.47 meters wide. If there were 12 seats in each row, how long was each row in meters? (Assume that there was no space between the seats.)
  28. math
    if cos 2theta=1/3 and 0 less than or equal to 2theta less than or equal to pi, find cos theta
  29. math
    rewrite the given equation using the substitutions x=r cos theta and y=r sin theta. Simplify your answer. x^2+y^2+3x=0
  30. math
    write the expression (x^2(+4))^0.5 in terms of theta when x=2 tan theta
  31. math
    if you were to kick a rock on mars at a velocity of 56 feet per second from the top of a 30 foot hill and the equation models h=-1.9^2+56t+30 where h is height and t is time. How high will the rock get of the surface?
  32. math
    your friend tosses a ball into the air at an initial velocity of 18 feet per second.The equation h=-8t^2+18t+5 models the height h of the ball t seconds after it was thrown. When did the ball reach its highest point?
  33. Finance Math
    Maytag Company earns $4.80 per share. Today the stock is trading at $59.25. The company pays an annual dividend of $1.40. Calculate (a) the price-earnings ratio (round to the nearest whole number) and (b) the yield on the stock (to the nearest tenth percent)
  34. Math
    Which is a figure with 4 congruent sides and no right angles? I think it rhombus. Am I right
  35. Math
    The side of 2 square fields are in the ratio of 3:5.the area of the larger field is 576m^2 greater than the area of the smaller field .Find the area of this smaller field?
  36. Consumer Math
    Please help :) 1.You get a part-time job earning $8.60/hr. Tips are $3.25/hr on average. You work for 15 hours. What is your gross base pay? 2. You are paid $9.25/hr at your part-time job. You are considering working a part-time job for $5.90/hr that also pays an average of $4...
  37. Business Math
    Lena Horn bought a Toyota Tundra on January 1 for $30,000 with an estimated life of 5 years. The residual value of the truck is $5,000. Assume a straight-line method of depreciation. a. What will be the book value of the truck at the end of year 4? b. If the Tundra was bought ...
  38. Finance Math
    Rafael Sandino’s parents are in their retirement years. They just received $501,000 after taxes from the sale of their vacation home and decided to invest the money in a bond mutual fund. They chose a no-load mutual fund that yields 6%. a) How much will they receive each ...
  39. Math
    2x square_ 5
  40. Math - 3d points
    submarine A starts at (1000x,0y,0z) goes towards (0x,100y,1000z). It travels 72km/hour = 20m/sec. If submarine B travels at the exact same speed, what should its starting point be to reach (0x,0y,1000z) at the exact same time submarine A reaches (0x,0y,1000z)?
  41. Finance Math
    A copy machine cost $2,990, after a discount of 30/12/5. What was the original list price of this machine?
  42. MATH
    The ratio of the diffusion rates of two gases is given by the formula r1/r2=square root m2/square root m1 wherem1 and m2 are the masses of the molecules of the gases. find r1/r2 if m1=12 units and m2=30 units. your answer should be in simplified radical form what is answer
  43. math
    Which two numbers have a product of 56 and a quotient of 14
  44. Math
    A total of $924 was collected in registration fees. In addition, another $527 was collected at the concession stand. The costs for the day totaled $895. After subtracting the total costs from the total money collected, how much money was left? The wording on this just confuses...
  45. Math
    The average length of the eight words Betty was asked to spell was 9 letters. The first seven words had the following lengths: 8 letters, 9 letters, 6 letters, 10 letters, 7 letters, 9 letters, and 11 letters. What was the length of the eighth word?
  46. Math
    at the state spelling bee, there were 120 students. one-fourth of the students were eliminated during the first round. one-third of the remaining students were eliminated during the second round. two-thirds of the remaining students were eliminated during the third round. how ...
  47. math
    If 6 times the sixth term of an arithmetic progression is equal to 9 times the 9th term, find the 15th term.
  48. math
    Divide the sum of -13/8 and 5/12 by their difference
  49. Math
    A point is directly below a window. Another point B is 15 m from A and at the same horizontal level. From B angle elevation of the top of the bottom of the window is 30° and the angle elevation of the top of the widow is 35°. Calculate the vertical distance
  50. English
    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:16pm 1. He goes to an academy to study math and English. [Is 'an academy' in generic use? Or Does 'an' mean 'one'?] 2. He goes to academies to study math and English. [Is the word 'academies' in generic use?] 3. He goes to the ...
  51. math
    A parabola that has a maximum = -3 at x = -11. Give four things that are true about the parabola based on this information. Include in your discussion the number of x-intercepts (if any) for the parabola.
  52. Math
    tangent lines practice answers for connexus . please help
  53. math
    A point (-5, 4) is mapped onto (-1, -1) by a translation. Find the image of (-4, 5) under the same translation.
  54. math
    Two towns P and Q are 400 km apart. A bus left for P and Q. It stopped at Q for one hour and then started the return to P. one hour after the departure of the bus from P, a trail also heading for Q left P. the trailer met the returning bus ¾ of the way from P to Q. they met t...
  55. Math
    Determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y=-5x-4. A (10, -52) B (7, -39) C (-7, 31) D (8, -44) I'm thinking its A but I'm not 100% sure
  56. math
    Find the surface area of a cylinder with the given dimensions. Round to the nearest tenth. d= 14mm and H = 32mm
  57. math
  58. Math (please help!!!)
    Hansel makes the following statement: "I have an 80% chance of being selected as the captain of the baseball team and a 10% chance of being elected student body president." What is the probability that Hansel will be selected as the captain of the baseball team and will be ...
  59. Math
    Find property tax of house valued $450,000 of the tac base is $1.2 For every $90 in value. I get 4,999.986
  60. Math
    The range of the function y=f(x) is 0≤y≤16 What is the range of y= √f(x)
  61. Math
    The point (2,-16) is on the graph of f(x). Find the image of (2,-16) under each of the transformations. 1.y+d=f(x-c) 2. 1/3y= f(x-2) 3.y= |f(x-2)| 4. 2y= √|f(x) 5.y= 16/f(x)
  62. math
    A store sells two types of nut mixtures. The standard mix contains 100 grams of cashews and 200 grams of peanuts and sells for $2. The deluxe mix contains 120 grams of cashews and 40 grams of peanuts and sells for $2.50. The store has 15kilograms of cashews and 20 kilograms of...
  63. math
    Express P(x)=2-3x+4x² in terms of legend polynomial
  64. math
    March 1- $550 rent (check) March 2- $286 tuition (check) March 3- $200 paycheck March 4- 275 bookstore check March 5- $60 withdrawn from ATM March 6- $40 food (debit) March 7- $45 date desert March 8- N/A March 9- $40 gas March 10 - $200 paycheck March 11 - N/A March 12- $35 ...
  65. math
    How many ways can I select 5 pieces of fruit from apples, oranges, strawberries and pears (I have at least 5 of each)?
  66. math
    Week No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Weight change -2 -2 3 -2 -2 3 -2 Write her weight losses and gains using multiplications. Please help solve
  67. math 7 grd
    you have to design a space station (model) that has a 120 cm3 volume, and it has to have the possible smallest surface area. it must contain 3 different shapes. (cone and sphere surface are was not covered, only their volume, so they are out....we can calculate the area of ...
  68. Math
    Verify Cos(A)=Sin(B)
  69. Math
    I need help solving systems using elimination 3 * -3y equals - 3 2x minus y equals -5 how do I do this do not know algebra
  70. math
    Jose owns 40 shares of stock A whose price increased by $0.75 per share. He also owns 100 shares of stock B whose price decreased by $0.20 per share. What is the total change in the value of Paul’s stock (A and B together)? Please help solve
  71. math
    . Bonita uses her debit card to withdraw $40 from her savings account every week for 7 weeks. What is the change in her account balance at the end of 7 weeks? help solve
  72. math
    A cold front moves through your hometown in January, dropping the temperature an average of 3 F per day for 5 days. Write an expression that uses multiplication to describe the changes in temperature from the start to the end. Help solve
  73. Math
    The temperature in Minot, North Dakota registered 18 degrees F. The wind chill factor made it feel negative 10 degrees. What is the difference between the actual temperature and the perceived temperature? Help solve
  74. Math
    Where do I put the parenthesis to make this equation true 13×2+6-4-2=40
  75. Math
    A random sample of 50 was taken from a shipment of 12,000 light bulbs. There were 2 broken bulbs in the sample. How many broken bulbs would you expect in the entirs shipment? A. 240 B. 480 C. 2,400 D. 4,800 My answer is B, am I correct?
  76. Math
    What are the first four terms in this sequence represented by the expression n(n-2)-3?
  77. Math
    the following points are plotted on a coordinate plane (-1.2), (-1.7) and (4.2) if the points are connected by a straight line with shape will they form? A: an acute triangle B: a right triangle C: an obtuse triangle D:a quadrilateral
  78. Math
    If the equation 3x^4+2x^3-6x^2-6x+p=0 has two equal roots, find the possible values of p. x-1 is a factor so after replacing x=1 I got p=7. But I don't know any other possible values of p. I got p=1 but I solved it through inspection. Please help.
  79. Math
    Two cell phone companies have different rate plans. Runfast has monthly charges $10 plus $4 per gig of data. B A &D’s monthly charge is $6 plus $6 per gig of data. Your task, is to determine under what circumstances each company has the better pricing. You will derive and ...
  80. math plz heeeeelp!!!
    the point c(x,y) is reflected over the x axis. write a translation rule to derscribe the original point and its reflection. > = the arrow a.(x,y) > (x,2y) b.(x,y) > (-x,y) c.(x,y) > (-x,-y)****** d.(x,y) > (x,-y)
  81. math plz heeeeelp!!!
    The vertices of triangle abc are a(2,-5) b(-3,5) c(3,-3) the triangle is reflected over the x axis. use arrow notation to describe the original triangle and it reflection.
  82. Math
    which ordered pair is a solution of the inequality y≥4x - 5 A. (3,4) B. (2,1) C. (3,0) D. (1,1)
  83. Math
    If f(x) = (x+1)/(x-1), what is: i) lim f(x) as x approaches 1 ii) lim f(x) as x approaches ∞ My answer: i) lim f(x) as x approaches 1 is undefined because 2/0 is undefined ii) lim f(x) as x approaches ∞ = ∞ (∞+1)/( ∞-1) = ∞/∞ = ∞
  84. math
    Solve the quadratic equation (2x+3)(x-3)=7. If there is more than one correct answer, enter your answers as comma separated list. If there are no real solutions,enter none. Please help!!!!! :(
  85. math
    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 0=8+4t-t^2 Please help!!!!! :(
  86. Math
    Solve? 5 sqrt 2^3x * 64^2x+2 =32768^x
  87. Math
    1. A car is worth $23000 in Jan 2017 in the first year the car depreciates by 15 percent per annum and then 7 percent every year after that. a) what will the car be worth in Jan 2023? b) when will the car be worth $5000? 2. In 2017 the population of a certain animal in your ...
  88. Math
    1. Iodine-131 is used to find leaks in water pipes it has a half life of 8.14 days. If 36 days have passed and there is now 2.34g left. What is the initial amount? 2. Sr-85 is used in bone scans and has a half life of 64.9 days. If there is 23 percent of the sample remaining ...
  89. Math
    If an elliptic race track is 100 yards long and 20 yards wide, then how far apart are the foci?
  90. Advanced Algebra
    Max has just won some money on a game show! He has the option to take a lump sum payment of $500,000 now or get paid an annuity of $4,900 at the beginning of each month for the next 10 years. Assuming the growth rate of the economy is 2.9% compounding annually over the next ...
  91. math
    The cable in the center portion of a bridge is supported as shown in the figure to form a parabola. The center support is 10 feet high, the tallest supports are 210 feet high, and the distance between the two tallest supports is 400 feet. Find the height of the remaining ...
  92. math
    window a is 6 and 1/4 ft x 5 and 3/4 window b is 3 and 1/8 ft x 4 ft window c is 9 and 1/2 ft2 and door d is 4 ft x 8 ft which is the area of the painted par of the wall
  93. Math
    A baseball is throw from the top of a building and falls to the ground below. Its path is approximated by the relation h= -5t^2 +5t +30, where h is the height above ground in meters and t is the elapsed time in seconds. a. How tall is the building/ b. when does the ball reach ...
  94. Math
    terry takes a bus journey of 9km travelling at an average speed of 36km/h a) calculate the time taken in minutes for the bus journey. He then walks the remaining 2km to his home in 20 minutes. b) calculate his average walking speed in km/h. c) calculate terry's average speed ...
  95. math
    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 1/8x^2=x-5/2 Please help!!!!! :(
  96. Math
    Mrs.Able bought a rectangular rug. The rug has an area of 48 square feet. Which of the following could NOT be the dimensions of Mrs.Able's new rug?
  97. Finance Math
    A survey was taken asking people which soft drink they preferred…Brite or Fuzz. 326 people reported preferring Fuzz. The people who liked Fuzz represented 23 less than 1/5 of the total people surveyed. How many people were surveyed?
  98. Finance Math
    The Bon Appetit Bakery makes 4 ½ times as much revenue on donuts as muffins. If total sales were $44,000 for May, what dollar amount of each was sold?
  99. Finance Math
    Yesterday, Castle Mountain Fashions had seven less than three-fourths of its sales transactions paid for by credit cards. If 209 transactions were charged, how many total transactions took place?
  100. math
    Food Express is running a special promotion in which customers can win a free gallon of milk with their food purchase if there is a star on their receipt. So far, 219 of the first 264 customers have not received a star on their receipts. What is the experimental probability of...
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