1. math
    as part of their job, meteorologists use data to make weather predictions. How accurate are their predictions? what are other scenarios in which you would use data to make a prediction? how would you defend your prediction using data?
  2. Math
    Probability practice idk how to do it ;c
  3. Math
    Erin has four shirts (white, blue, red, black) and two pairs of pants (blue and black). She randomly chooses a shirt and a pair of pants. What is the probability that they are the same color?
  4. Math
    what is the solution of x/3 > -3 A) x < -1 B) x > -1*** C) x < -9 D) x > -9
  5. Math
    what is the solution of the inequality 3/8x > 9? A) x > 216 B) x > 72 C) x > 24 D) x > 14***
  6. Math
    A good estimation for planning on purposes is to figure on ________ of your gross income to be realized income. 65% *** 70% 80% If I was told that I would be making $40,000/year, would I need to multiply or divide by the percentage from the first question to find what the ...
  7. math
    how many solutions does 2(2x-3)+6=4x have
  8. math
    1. 77 is what percent of 192? A. x/100=77/192;4.01% B. x/100=77/192;40.1% C. x/77=100/192;77.3% D. x/100=192/77;249.4%
  9. Math
  10. Math
    A parallelogram and a triangle both have a base of 8 inches. the height of the parallelogram is 4 inches. what is the height of the triangle if both shapes have the same area?
  11. math
    JAB Consulting has a $42,500 line of credit which charges an annual percentage rate of prime rate plus 5.5%. Their starting balance on May 1 was $7,800. On May 5 they borrowed $4,700. On May 13 the business made a payment of $2,000, and on May 19 they borrowed $2,900. If the ...
  12. math
    Liz finances a piano for $3,080 by taking out an installment loan for 60 months. The payments were $82.13 per month and the total finance charge was $1,847.80. After 24 months, Liz decided to pay off the loan. After calculating the finance charge rebate, find her loan payoff. ...
  13. math
    Construct a triangle PQR,where angle QPR=135degrees, PQ=8.4cm and QR=12.5cm. state length PR.
  14. Math
    18 of Sue's muffins weigh the same as 15 of tom's muffins. How many of Sue's muffins weigh same as 7 of tom's muffins
  15. Math
    A turtle crawled 21 meters in 12 minutes. How long did it take her to crawl 14 meters if she crawled at the same rate the whole time???? 21÷12= 1.75 meters per min so 14÷ by 1.75 is 8 min correct. Or am I way off if so please explain
  16. Math
    While the car is being driven, the tire picks up a nail. How high above the ground is the nail after the car has traveled 1km ... How high above the ground will the nail be after the car has traveled 0.1 km
  17. Math
    the diameter of a car tire is 52cm. While the car is being driven the tier picks up a nail how high above the ground will the nail be after the car has traveled 0.1km
  18. math
    A bank offers a 24-month installment loan with an APR of 10%. Alicia wishes to use the loan to finance a sailplane for $42,800. After first using Table 13-1 to find the finance charge, calculate the monthly payment.
  19. Math
    Foster publishers printing press can print 5 dictionaries in 8 minutes. How many can it print in 10 minutes
  20. Math
    David wants to survey his friends about their favorite animal. He distributes the following survey. Is this an appropriate survey for David to use? Dogs are - 68% Other 32% A - Yes, with this survey David can tell what his friends' favorite animals are B - Yes, even though ...
  21. Math
    A man gets a job with a salary of 37300 dollars a year. He is promised a 2550 dollars raise each subsequent year. His total earning for a 7-year period is
  22. Math
    which of the following types of information is not suited for display on a double line graph A: the change in rainfall based on the change in temperature B: the number of and different colors of car in parking lot C: the increase in value of jewelry for each year owned D: the ...
  23. math
    how many students are in the sample 15 20 22 25
  24. Math
    For the arithmetic sequence with given first term 4 and common difference 4: its nth term is __________ its 10-th term is ________
  25. math
    jack needs three pound twenty to buy a book.he has saved 3fifties 4twenties and 1ten.how much more should he save
  26. Math
    1. what are the next three terms in the sequence –3, 6, 15, 24,... a. 35, 46, 57 b. 34, 44, 54 c. 33, 44, 56 d. 33, 42, 51**** 2. Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff’s garden produced 4 ...
  27. math
    decrease 72p by 1/8
  28. Math
    For questions 1-2 what is the graph of the system y is less than or equal to x+4 2x+y is less than or equal to -4
  29. math
    A ball is thrown into the air with an upward velocity of 40 ft/s. Its height h in feet after t seconds is given by the function h = -16h 2 + 40t + 6. A. In how many seconds does the ball reach its maximum height? B. What is the ball's maximum height?
  30. Math
    Find the mean median and mode of the set of data round to the nearest tenth 15,13,9,9,7,1,11,10,13,1,13
  31. Math
    What is the probability of getting an even number when rolling a six-sided number cube?
  32. math
    Solve the following system of equations: 6x – 3y + 10 = 0 2x + y + 9 = 0
  33. Math
    a dog walker and he charges $10 to come to my house, $2 per mile walked. she charged you 16 dollars. Which equation could I use to determine how far she walked you dog. 16 + 10 = 2m 2m + 10 = 16*** 16 + 2m = 10 2m - 10 = 16
  34. Math
    Complete these ratio tables for two paint mixtures Peacock purple 2 5 ___ 15 14 __ Purple plum 7 3 __ 15 14 ____
  35. Math
    An isosceles traingle has a base of length 2m sides and length of square root 2. Determine the exact value of the apex angle in radius.
  36. Math
    f(3x)=3f(x) f(6)= 12 whats f(2)= is it 4?
  37. Math
    a family is ordering grass sod of a portion of their backyard as shown in the diagram. how many square yards of grass sod do they need.
  38. Math
    An isosceles traingle has a base of length 2m sides and length of square root 2. Determine the exact value of the apex angle in radius.
  39. math
    Write the equation for a circle that has a center (-2, 4) and radius of 3cm.
  40. Math
    I'm having a difficult time trying to solve something that should be very easy. I have the following: 40dBm - 6 dB + 10dB - Lprop > -100dBm Now, the answer should be Lprop < -144dB, but I'm getting messed up with the signs. I'm trying to move the -100dBm to the left part...
  41. math
    Find the indicated nth partial sum of the arithmetic sequence. 2, 10, 18, 26, . . ., n = 15
  42. math
    Find the partial sum. 100 Σ 2n n = 1
  43. math
    A hardware store makes a profit of $41,000 during its first year. The store owner sets a goal of increasing profits by $9000 each year for 4 years. Assuming that this goal is met, find the total profit during the first 5 years of business.
  44. math
    15 times 12 easy but hard...?
  45. math
    how do i estimate population size?
  46. Math
    1.Bryan needs a new backpack. He compares the prices of three different backpacks at a local store to find the best deal. Which purpose of money is Bryan demonstrating? 1.Unit of account. (2.Store of value.) 3.Acceptance of payment 4.medium of exchange. January of 2008, the ...
  47. Math
    If in index notation there are variables and numbers and question says to simplify and give answer as positive index then Is 1/3^2a^2 is it correct after simplifying all negative indices Or should we make it as 1/9a^2 Can we leave as 3^2? Or both Answers acceptable? I know ...
  48. Math
    7. Yvonne put $4,000 in a savings account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $960 in simple interest a. How much does she have in her account at the end of 3 years? b. At what annual simple interest rate did the account grow? Show your work. c. How many more ...
  49. Math
    The price of a home is $320,000. The bank requires an 8% down payment and three points at the time of closing. The cost of the home is financed with a 30-year fixed rate at 6%. Find the amount that must be paid for the three points at closing & Find the monthly payment.
  50. Math
    In an effort to retire comfortably, you decide to deposit $750 at the end of every month into an annuity that pays 5% compounded monthly. How much will you have saved in 40 years when you are ready to retire? Round to the nearest cent.
  51. Math
    A passbook savings account has a rate of 8%. Find the effective annual yield if the interest is compounded quarterly.
  52. Math
    Kim and Mario wish to have $30,000 available for a kitchen remodel in 3 years. How much money should they set aside now at 7% compounded monthly in order to reach their financial goal? Round your answer UP to the nearest cent.
  53. Math
    The lengths of two sides of a rectangle are consecutive even integers. The perimeter of the rectangle is 196cm. Find the area. -please help, I don’t know where to start or how to approach this problem.
  54. math
    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (1, -10) and (-7, -2).
  55. math
    simplify (7)/(2a)*5/(a^2) a. 35/(2a^2); where a ≠ 0 b. 35/(2a^2) i know the answer is one of these two and not c or d, but im not sure if its a or b
  56. math
    The length of a spring is a linear function of the mass of the object hanging from it. For a particular spring, the length was 12 centimeters when a 2-kg mass was attached to it. When a 5-kg mass was hung from it, it stretched to a length of 18 cm. How much mass must be hung ...
  57. math
    divide. (12t^6 - 8t^8) ÷ (2t^3) a. 6t^3 - 8t^8 b. 12t^6 - 4t^5 c. 6t^2 - 8t^4 d. 6t^3 - 4t^5
  58. math
    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (6, 5) and (-8, -23).
  59. math
    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (6, 5) and (-8, -23).
  60. Math
    Look at the given triangles. Large triangle left side says 4x+2 top says 7x+7 bottom days 5x-4. Small triangle left side says x+3 top says 2x-5 and bottom says X+7. a. Write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. b. Write another expression in ...
  61. Math
    An Ice cream shop offers the following toppings: chocolate chips strawberry sprinkles caramel hot fudge whipped cream gummy bears If a sundae must have exactly four topping how many different sundaes can you make? 15 24 This one 12 18 Eric has two identical number cubes the ...
  62. Math
    The sample space for a roll of two number cubes is shown in the table. (1,1)|(1,2)|(1,3)|(1,4)|(1,5),(1,6) (2,1)|(2,2)|(2,3)|(2,4)|(2,5)|(2,6) (3,1)|(3,2)|(3,3)|(3,4)|(3,5)|(3,6) (4,1)|(4,2)|(4,3)|(4,4)|(4,5)|(4,6) (5,1)|(5,2)|(5,3)|(5,4)|(5,5)|(5,6) (6,1)|(6,2)|(6,3)|(6,5)|(6...
  63. math
    Find the sum of the first 15 terms of the geometric sequence. ∞ Σ 3n − 1 n = 1
  64. math
    Find the sum. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 5 Σ 200(1.09)^n n = 0
  65. math
    Find the sum of the infinite geometric series, if possible. 12 + 10 + 25/3 + 125/18 + ...
  66. math
    hello, im in 3rd grade and i need help on these 2 questions. 1) What is 3 as a percentage of 10? 2) The nth term rule for a sequence is 2n+3. Write the first 4 terms in this sequence. is question 1 30% thanks if you reply
  67. Math
    The flask consist of a cylindrical part and a frustum of a cone. The diameter of the base is 10 cm while that of neck is 2 cm. The vertical height of the flask is 12 cm. (a) the slant height of the frustum part; (b) the slant height of the smaller cone that was cut off to make...
  68. Math
    which one of the following gives the distance between the numbers 11 and -8? -19, -3, 19, 3 How do you figure out these problems??
  69. Math-Limits
    How do we evaluate limit of, lim x-> 0 [ln(x+1)/( (2^x) - 1)] I tried using the substitution x+1 = e^k , when x tends to 0 so does k, which gave out, lim k->0 [ k/((2^((e^k) - 1)) -1 ) ] which I simplified into( for the ease of use let e^k =a) lim k->0 [k/( ((2^a)/2...
  70. Math
    Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability of picking an M? a. 1/6 b. 1/7**** c. 6/1 d. 7/1
  71. Math
    The curve y=x^3-3x^2-8x+4 has tangent L at point P (-1,8). Given that the Line M is parallel to L and is also a tangent to Q show that the shortest distance between L and M is 16 root 2 Sorry This is the correct question
  72. Math
    The curve y=x^3-3x^2-8x+4 has tangent L at point P (1,-8). Given that the Line M is parallel to L and is also a tangent to Q show that the shortest distance between L and M is 16 root 2 Thanks
  73. Math
    Sulfuric acid is diluted in water to make new mixtures. In one container, 72 ml of a 14% acid solution and, in another container, 64 ml of a 31$ acid solution. The contents of the containers are mixed together? What's the percentage strength of the acid in the mixture?
  74. math
    Guys please i need your help i am not getting the answer over the following questions. 1) Maria banked sh. 95,000 in her bank account. If the bank gives a simple interest of 17% per year, how much will she get after 3 years? 2) If Mollel got sh. 230,000 after investing some ...
  75. Science
    solve the system of equations algebraically. show all your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone show me step by step on how to get the answer it's, there are answers like this that is going to be on my math test and I don'tget it.
  76. Math pre-Algebra please help
    1 Jamal writes the letters K-A-N-S-A-S on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability an N? 1/3 1/5 5/1**** 6/1 2 Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on a cards and then places the cards in a hat. what is probability of picking an N? 2/7 3/7 1/3 2/3...
  77. math
    How do I find the volume of an oblique cone?
  78. math-matrices
    You are given the 2x2 matrix M= (k 3) , where k is not 2. (0 2) i)Find the eigenvalues of M, and the corresponding eigenvectos. ii)Express M in the form UDU^(-1), where D is a diagonal matrix. iii)Hence find the matrix M^n.
  79. Math
    1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2. Design a fair race in which the two animals have an equal chance of winning if they race at their top speed. Here are a few ...
  80. math
    23 of all your books are fiction. 16 of those are historical fiction. What fraction of all your books are historical fiction? Options: 1/9, 1/18, 1/3, 1/2
  81. math
    Find the sequence of the first five partial sums S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5 of the geometric sequence by adding terms. 9, 12, 16, 64/3, 256/9,... S1 = S2 = S3 = S4 = S5 =
  82. math
    Find the indicated term of the geometric sequence. a1 = 7, a4 = 189/8 , 8th term
  83. math
    The marker costs 13 as much as the pen. The pen costs 13 as much as the book. The book costs 13 as much as the game. The price of the marker is what fraction of the price of the game?
  84. Algebra 1
    Please help me with this math problem: divide (20x^2-12x+8)/(2x+8) these are the choices: A. 10x-34+ 280/2x-8 B. 10x+34+ 280/2x-8 C. 10x+46+ 376/2x-8 D. 10x-46+ 376/2x+8 Thanks so much.
  85. Math
    You can use triangle congruence theorems to prove relationships among tangents and secants. Task 1 Four tangents are drawn from E to two concentric circles. A, B, C, and D are the points of tangency. Name as many pairs of congruent triangles as possible and tell how you can ...
  86. math
    if i had to make 24 oatmeal cookies with 2/3 cup of butter, how much butter would i need to make36 oatmeal cookies
  87. 6th Grade Math
    Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. You are driving 60 miles per hour. You must drive 480 miles total. If you have already driven 120 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? Use H to represent the number of hours it will take to ...
  88. Math
    A logarithmic function of the form f(x)= log_b x+c has an x-intercept at x= 1 and a vertical asymptote at y= 0. Also, f(x) intersects with the line y= 1 when x= 8. What is f(x)? Is it log_8 x+1?
  89. Math
    Solve for unknown quantity in each proportion K/3 = 3/9 A 1 B 3 C 9 D 27
  90. Math
    If 2y to the power of 10 =25,find -y to the power of 10
  91. Math
    You start a search for a buried object by marking the center of the field as (0,0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive, and the coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (-10,6), so you try a ...
  92. Math
    Use integer values of x from -3 to graph the equation. y = -|x| 1. pic with 2 lines forming a v coming down from the top and ending at the origin. Very wide line. 2. pic with that image just upside down 3. pic with 3. but a thinner line range 4. Pretty much 1 with a thinner ...
  93. Math
    Solve the equation. X/4+1=-5
  94. Math
    Pete is folding paper for different projects. He has two triangular pieces of paper that he wants to create the same project with, but they have to be similar figures for it to work. Will Pete be able to create the same project with both pieces of paper? does anyone have the ...
  95. Math
    If vector u = 20 m due North and vector v =10 m  at 30 degrees East of North, find u + v and u − v.
  96. Math
    Carson is visiting the zoo on a field trip! While at the zoo, he sees a 10 foot tall adult elephant standing next to a 15 foot tall statue that is casting a 18 foot shadow. Carson wants to know the length of the elephant’s shadow. if you have the answer please tell me ...
  97. Math
    There are 14 blue marbles 8 red marbles and 12 green marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to the number of red marbles? 1: 24:8**** 2: 34:8 3: 8:34 4: 8:24 Can someone check my answers?
  98. Math
    I need to justify how a base in a logarithmic function graph is a base. Here are the choices: The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must intersect with the line y= c+1 when x= 3. The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must intersect with the line y= c when x= 3. The graph of f(x)= log_3 x+c must...
  99. Math
    You own a thriving restaurant but want to change careers. Your brother offers to buy the business with the following monthly payments: $2,750 at the end of each month for 4 years, followed by $3,000 at the end of each month for 3 years. Assuming that you can earn 9% compounded...
  100. Math
    Rob Morrisey purchased a $1,000 bond that was quoted at 102.25 and paying 8 7/8% interest. How much did Rob pay for the bond? How much annual interest will be received?
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