1. math
    identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. For questions 1-3, what is the solution of the systems? Use subsitution. 1. y = x + 6 y = 2x
  2. Math
    A business finds that it has to increase its staff by 5% each year due to growth. After how many years would the size of their staff double?
  3. math
    After leaving a platform, the velocity with which a diver enters the water is directly proportional to the square root of the height of the platform. When a diver jumps off a 10-meter platform, they will strike the water at 46 feet per second. In Acapulco, Mexico cliff divers ...
  4. Math
    a)A man swims northeast at 5mph. Give a vector representing his velocity b)He now swims a river the same velocity relative to still water; the river's current flows north at 1.2 mph. What is the velocity relative to the riverbed?
  5. math
    Blossom’s Flowers purchases roses for sale for Valentine’s Day. The roses are purchased for $10 a dozen and are sold for $20 a dozen. Any roses not sold on Valentine’s Day can be sold for $5 per dozen. The owner will purchase 1 of 3 amounts of roses for Valentine’s Day...
  6. Math
    Assume you own a sporting goods business. Find the selling price for a tent costing $387, based on a 25% markup on selling price. $387/75% = $516 can anyone tell me if this is correct?
  7. Math
    Which of the following vectors are parallel? u=2i+4j-2k, v=i-j+3k w=-i-2j+k, p=i+j+k q=4i-4j+12k, r=i-j+k
  8. Math
    A property management company furnishes skilled help to maintain apartment complexes. If employees are paid $16 per hour and the company wishes to maintain a 30% markup based on the employees’ hourly pay, what hourly rate should it bill property owners? a. $11.20 b. $12.30 c...
  9. Math
    A grocer bought 300 pounds of bananas at 30 cents per pound. Experience at this store indicates that, as a result of aging, 30% of the bananas are sold at 80% of cost and another 10% are discarded. At what price per pound must the top-quality bananas be sold so that the total ...
  10. Math
    Javier has a worm business in which he buys night crawlers from younger kids for 4 cents each and sells them for $1.25 per dozen. What is the percent markup on cost, to the nearest tenth of a percent? a. 160.4% b. 61.6% c. 96.8% d. 3.025%
  11. Math
    Can someone help me with a formula for this? A container ship left the Azores and traveled north. An aircraft carrier left two hours later traveling 5 km/h faster in an effort to catch up to it. After eight hours the aircraft carrier finally caught up. What was the container ...
  12. Math
    A car traveling from town A to town B at an average speed of 80 km/h took 54 minutes. Another car took 40 minutes to travel the same distance. What was the difference in their speed in km/h?
  13. Math
    Solve the equation and show the check of the potential answer(s). If any answers are excluded values, state this on your answer sheet. a2 + 4a - 5/a2 + 2a - a + 3/a + 2 =1/a2 + 2a Can someone please show me how to do this problem with checks? I have submitted it to my homework...
  14. Math
    The force on an object is F =−21j . For the vector v =4i −j , find: a) The component of F parallel to v : (b) The component of F perpendicular to v : The work, W, done by force F through displacement v :
  15. Math
    Find all vectors v in 2 dimensions having ||v ||=5 where the i -component of v is 3i vectors:
  16. Math
    A printer takes 50 minutes to print a total of 1200 identical black-and-white posters and 500 identical coloured posters. The same printer takes 1 hour to print 2400 such black-and-white posters. How many such coloured posters can the same printer print in 1 hour?
  17. Math
    Compute the angle between the vectors i −j +k and −i −j −k . angle=
  18. Math
    Yep, another math question! The slope of a line passing through H ( -2, 5) is -3/4, which ordered pair represents a point on the line? A: (6, -1) B:(2, 8) C: (-5, 1) D:(1, 1) No graph was with the question btw. I tried making a coordinate plane myself and making lines to see ...
  19. Math
    Danielle will use the instructions in the box below to make a cleaning solution "Add 13 cups of water to every 2 cups of concentrated cleaner" Which of the following proportions can be used to find W, the number of cups of water Danielle will add to 5 cups of concentrated ...
  20. MAth
    solve equation by factoring 3m^2-8m=35 I need to show full work as well please help
  21. Math
    So i have to find the first 5 terms of each sequence; 2^x-1. Would I start at 0? I mean is 0 a natural number
  22. Math
    For the sequence 0,3,8,15,24; Write the general term (an equation) for the nth term of this sequence I got tn=n^2-1. Is this correct??
  23. Math
    t) Let a , b , c and y be the three dimensional vectors a =4j +2k ,b =−3i +4j +4k ,c =3i −j ,y =8i −7j Perform the following operations on these vectors: (a) c⋅a +a⋅y = (b) (a ⋅b )a = (c) ((c⋅c)a )⋅a =
  24. Math
    Find a unit vector u in the direction opposite of ⟨−3,−9,−9⟩.
  25. Math
    Sports Haven keeps an inventory of FITBIT Wearable Technology. Assume an inventory of 35 FitBits at the beginning of the year at a cost of $44.32 each. Additional FitBits were purchased as follows: 15 at $45.50 each on March 22, 30 at $45.80 each on May 2, 10 at $46.20 each on...
  26. math
    (width:20, length:22, height:1) If the height of the tabletop was 2 inches instead of 1 inch, the surface area would increase by _____. 44 84 40 880
  27. Math
    jameel receive a salary of 3600 he saved 1\4 of it gave his mother 1\5 of it and used up1\10 of it on entertainment calculate how much money jameel still has left
  28. Math
    M varies directly as the square of N. If N increases by 10%, find the percentage change in M
  29. math
    In a restaurant, a service charge of 10% is added to the price of a meal. What is the service charge on a meal costing £28.50?
  30. Math
    Can lotto be win mathematically? If yes what is the formula to produce genuine Numbers
  31. Math
    Drawing at least one queen when you draw a card from a standard deck 5 times​ (replacing the card each time you​ draw, so there are always 52 cards in the​ deck)
  32. math
    By what percent will a fraction change if its numerator is decreased by 10% and its denominator is decreased by 50%?
  33. Math
    For what value(s) of t does the equality ⟨t^3−12t,0.25t^2+4⟩=⟨0,7⟩ hold true? t=
  34. Math
    Suppose A=(1,3,−6) and AB=⟨7,5,11⟩. Then B=
  35. Math
    Find the vector in ℝ^3 from point A=(x,y,z) to B=(−8,2,5).
  36. Math
    Find the value(s) of a making v =6ai−3j parallel to w =a^2i+9j . a=
  37. Math
    1. Simplify the radical Sqr of 3c² over the sqr of 27 √ ̅3c² --------- √ ̅27 2. Simplify the radical √27 ∙ √3 3. Simplify the radical √ ̅75 - 4√ ̅75 4. Simplify the radical (√3 + √2)²
  38. Math
    Is anyone from connexus academy who took the Unit 6 Lesson 7 Polynomials and Properties of Exponents 8th Grade Unit Test?? I need help on the first question
  39. math
    Solve the following for x: 13x^2 - 16x = 4
  40. math
    Romy invested $5,000 into an account that pays 5% compound semi-annually. He intended to keep the account untouched for five years. However, after three years he had to withdraw $3,000. Find the amount left in the account five years from the time he made his investment.
  41. math
    Solve the equation. 2x – 3 = 15
  42. math
    A debt of $3,000 will mature in three years’ time. Find a)The present value of this debt b)The value of this debt at the end of the first year c)The value of this debt at the end of four years Assuming money is worth 14% compounded semi-annually.
  43. Business math
    A man leaves an estate of $50,000 which is invested at 9% compounded monthly. At the time of his death, he has two children aged 13 and 18. Each child is to receive an equal amount from the estate when they reach age 21. How much does each child get?
  44. math
    Suzan deposited $1,000 in a savings account at 3% compounded monthly. Find the number of months required if she wanted the amount in the account to become $1,498.54
  45. Business math
    Find the future value of $1000 which was invested for: a) 250 days at 10% compounded daily Should I use 365 or 360 days to compound daily? Thanks in advance
  46. Math
    Adnan bought 96 eggs at the rate of RS.40 per dozen and sold at the rate of RS.4 per egg.find the percentage of profit if 3 eggs were rotten
  47. math
    The result of an exam score for a given class is normally distributed. If the mean score is 85 points and the standard devotion is equal to 20points find the cutoff passing grade such that 83. 4% of those taking the test will pass
  48. Finance Math
    Maggie Vitteta, single, works 40 hours per week at $13 an hour. How much is taken out for federal income tax with one withholding exemption? (Assume the overtime for each employee is a time-and-a-half rate after 40 hours.) (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  49. Finance Math
    Rhonda Brennan found her first job after graduating from college through the classifieds of the Miami Herald. She was delighted when the offer came through at $22.00 per hour. She completed her W-4 stating that she is married with a child and claims an allowance of 3. Her ...
  50. Math
    Diane asked her dad to buy 18 bottles of soft drink. Each bottle contained 5/4 litres. The glasses they had for the party could hold 1/5 of a litre. How many glasses could be filled from the 18 bottles of soft drink?
  51. math algebra 1
    just need a little help Task 2 John, Rick, and Molli paint a room together. a. Pick a reasonable amount of time in which the three friends can paint the room together. Also pick a reasonable amount of time in which John can paint the room alone and a reasonable amount of time ...
  52. Math
    7. Find the mean, median, and mode of the data set. Explain which measure of central tendency best describes the data. pages of homework: 2 2 2 5 3 9 7 3 5 2 8. You are training for a marathon. On the first three days of training, you run for 2, 4, and 5 miles. How many miles ...
  53. math
    In the first quarter of a year, a company’s records showed that 68% of its sales employees missed no work and 76% of its sales employees made their sales quota for the quarter. Of the sales employees who missed no work, 87% made their sales quota for the quarter. What is the...
  54. math:^]
    Which of the following are also representations of (2.5, 135 degrees)? Select all that apply. [2 answers] a. (2.5, -225 degrees) b. (-2.5, -225 degrees) c. (-2.5, 45 degrees) d. (-2.5, -45 degrees) e. (-2.5, 315 degrees)
  55. math
    Solve the inequality. d - 6> -4
  56. math
    1. Point M(4, 3) is translated according to the rule (x, y) (x+2,y-5). What are the coordinates of of M? (1 point) A.(2,-2) B.(6,8) C.(2,8) D.(6,-2) 2. Point A is translated left 3 units and up 2 units. What rule describes this translations? (1 Point) A.(x,y)--(x+3,y+2) B.(x,y...
  57. math
    Data and Graphs Unit Test The list below shows the number of magazines a bookstore sold each day during one week. 5, 6, 8, 9, 6, 10, 7 What is the median number of magazines sold during the week? (1 point) 6 7 9 10
  58. math
    How long will it take $500 to accumulate to $850 at 12% compounded monthly? I got 4.4 Pls do check whether I got it right. Btw is the answer in years or months....I'm confused. Thanks in advance
  59. math
    Jolie pedometer that shows she has walked 1 428 350 paces so far this year. Her average pace length is 0.84 metres. How many kilometres has Joliet walked so far this year?
  60. Math
    I am reposting a problem, I wrote it wrong A rectangular prism has a volume of 6.84m 3 cubed and a height of 1.2m . What is the area of the base of the prism? Do I divide 6.84 by 1.2? If so 5.7 the correct answer Or am I doing wrong????
  61. math
    The average mass of a man in an office is 85 kg with standard deviation 12 kg. The average mass of a woman in the office is 68 kg with standard deviation 8 kg. The empty lift has a mass of 500 kg. What is the expectation and standard deviation of the total mass of the lift ...
  62. Math
    A woman borrows $1,000 on 1 January 2002 at 16% per annum simple interest. She pays $350 on 12 April 2002, $200 on 10 August 2002 and $400 on 3 October 2002. What is the balance due on 1 January 2003?
  63. Math
    A loan of $1,000 is due in 1 year with simple interest at 14 ½% per annum. The debtor pays $200 in 3 months and $400 in 7 months. Find the balance due in 1 year to repay the loan.
  64. math
    A debt of $3,000 due six months ago and another $5,000 due in 18 months are to be settled by two equal payments, one at the end of four months and the other at the end of ten months. Find the size of the payments using a) the present as the focal date, b) the end of 18 months ...
  65. Business math
    Debts of $500 due two months ago and $900 due in nine months are to be settled by two equal payments, one at the end of three months and another at the end of six months. Find the size of the payment using a) the present as the focal date, b) the end of six months as the focal...
  66. Business math
    A man borrowed $1,000 on May 1,1999 and agreed to repay the money plus 8% interest in six months. Two months after the money was borrowed, the creditor agreed to settle the debt by discounting it at the simple interest rate of 9%. How much did the creditor receive when he ...
  67. math
    Rozilan needs $6,000 in three years’ time. Now, he saves $3,000 in an account that pay 7% per annum simple interest. Find the amount that he must save two years from now so that he can accumulate the $6,000.
  68. math
    If the lengths of an object are measured in feet, then the area of the object will be measured in which of the following units of measurement?
  69. Math
    A rectangular prism has a volume of 6.84m cubed and a height of 1.2 m. What is the area of the base of the prism? Is my answer 5.7 or am I wrong
  70. Math
    A rectangular prism has a volume of 9 inches 3 cubed. The area of the base is 4 inches to 2 cubed. What is the height of the prism? Please show the steps to get the answer
  71. Math
    A rectangular prism has a volume of 7.875 m to 3 cube and a height of 3.5m . What is the area of the base of the prism? Please show me each step to get this. Please
  72. math
    Jessica has 1 2/3 yards of fabric. She uses 2/5 of the fabric to make a pillow. how much fabric did it take to make the pillow? write a number sequence for the following problem
  73. Math
    For the vectors 4i +aj+6k and ai +(a-1)j +3k a.Is there any value of a for which these to vectors will be parallel? b)Cant these two vectors ever be parallel?
  74. Math
    A women launches a boat from one shore of a straight river and wants to land at the point directly on the opposite shore. IF the speed of the boat is 10 mi/h and the river is flowing east at the rate of 5 mi/h, in what direction should she head the boat in order to arrive at ...
  75. math
    The camera shop wants to use the measure of central tendency that expresses how successful they are selling cameras. Which measure of central tendency should they choose? PLZ HELP ME I REALLY NEED TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  76. Math
    Kim’s herb garden is 2 feet by 4 feet. He wants to double the length and the width of the garden. How will the area of the herb garden change?
  77. math
    Jamie is 5 years older than Ella. Jamie's age is 11 years less than three times Ella's age. The system below models the relationship between Jamie's age (j) and Ella's age (e): j = e + 5 j = 3e – 11 Which of the following methods is correct to find Jamie's and Ella's age? (4...
  78. Math
    I need help with this problem. I tried to solve but I failed each time Question: bx+3/5=-6
  79. Math
    Sheila bought a new computer for $2000 and has agreed to finance it at 12% interest with a $100 payments each month. When she makes her first payment next month, how much will she pay for interest alone?
  80. Math Help!
    Look at the given triangles. Large triangle left side says 4x+2 top says 7x+7 bottom days 5x-4. Small triangle left side says x+3 top says 2x-5 and bottom says X+7. a. Write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. b. Write another expression in ...
  81. Math
    In a week, the Robinson family drink 9/2 bottles of orange juiced the Chan family drink 3 and 4/5 bottles. How much more bottles of orange juice do the Robinson family drink then the Chan family?
  82. Math
    On 2 November 2006, Romy saved RM 1,200 in an account that pay 8.6% per annum simple interest. Three years later, he added another RM 500 into the account. Find the amount in his account on 2 November 2012.
  83. math algebra 1
    Please help I've been stuck on this for hours 10. Write an inverse variation to model the situation and answer the question. Two rectangular fields have the same area. One measures 75 yd by 60 yd. If the other has a length of 72 yd, what is its width?.
  84. math
    Eight more than the product of two and a number x xxx.
  85. math
    Any figure that has line symmetry must also have rotational symmetry. true or false TRUE?
  86. math
    A catering fi rm charges a fi xed cost for overheads and a price per person. It is known that a party for 20 people costs $557, whereas a party for 35 people costs $909.50. What is the fixed cost and the cost per person charged by the company?
  87. Math
    A person leaves her home and walks 6 miles due east and then 4 miles southeast?How far away from home is she?What is her net displacement(determine the magnitude and direction of the displacement vector)?
  88. math
    This was our question of the week. Not sure i did it right. In 6th grade there are 56 girls and 64 boys. 80% don't wear glasses. How many do? What are the steps for the answer and what is the answer. I came up with 24. Am I correct?
  89. Math
    Ben has 4 unit cubes how many rectangular prisms can he make using all 4 unit cubes
  90. Math
    Use the list below to find the lower quartile 27 511 13108 14187 answer a is 7 B is 7.5 C is 8 and D is 8.5 my answer is C8 please verify
  91. Math
    How do you find the product of 15 × 3 1/5 using distributive property?
  92. Math
    A lunch box has a volume of 221 inches 3. The height is 4 in. And the width is 6 1/2 in. What is the length
  93. Math
    To train for a marathon, Colleen plans to run four miles the first week and 150% the number of miles next week. How many miles will colleen run the next week?
  94. math
    What is the formula for volume.
  95. Math
    Determine the missing coordinate in the ordered pair (?,5/2) so that it will satisfy the given equation. 5x-5y=19
  96. math
    which of the following types of information is not suited for display on a double line graph A: the change in rainfall based on the change in temperature B: the number of and different colors of car in parking lot C: the increase in value of jewelry for each year owned D: the ...
  97. math
    the frequent table below shows the hourly wages of 22 factory workers how many are paid 10.50 per hour or more
  98. Math
  99. Math
    A card is chosen from a pack of playing cards then returned to the pack.A second card is chosen.what is the probability that both cards are black ?
  100. Math
    For school, joey wants to make spirit ribbons that each 6 3/4 inches in length he has piece of ribbon that is 97 inches in length what is the greatest number of spirit ribbons joey can make from piece of ribbon
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