High School

Help me! a food manufactorer donates moneys to schools based on the number of its product labels the school collects. The students at one school collected 2,100 product labels in 3 months. the number of labels collected in the first 2 months was 3 times the number of labells ...

veggie patties are sold in packages of 5. burn are sold in packages of 8. you need about 125 veggie burgers for a school Barbecue. you do not want any patties or burn left over. how many packages of each should you buy?

Allie plant has a height of 6 metres.rajon plant grows 3/10 metre higher. How high does rajon plant grow ?

a man of height 2 meter walk at a uniform speed of 5km/hr away from a lamp post which is 6 meter high find the rate at which length of his shadow increase

What impact did World War I have on Russia? a.Russia’s territorial losses in the Baltic region led it to sign the Versailles Treaty to end its involvement. b.Russia’s high casualty rate led Czar Nicholas II to abandon the war effort to save civilian lives. c.Russia’s ...

Which of the following best applies to religion in the High Middle Ages? 1. Pilgrimages to holy shrines declined as the practice of indulgences increased 2. The Bible was translated and widely read in the vernacular (every day, spoken) languages 3. The popular interest in ...

Sitting in a chairlift, Rebecca has a gravitational potential energy of 5,997.6 J. If Rebecca has a mass of 51 kg, how high off the ground is the lift?

You are writing to a teacher or an administrator at Edwards school. The context of your letter should state the reason why it is important to teach the Holocaust. Today, you are to write your first paragraph stating your main reason. Please do not simply state that Holocaust ...

a model of a rocket is 1.77 m high.This height is 1.6% of the actual height of the rocket. what is the usual height of the rocket?

"...A charge of snuff the wily virgin threw;/The gnomes direct, to every atom just./The pungent grains of titillating dust./Sudden with starting with tears each eye O'erflows./And the high dome re-echoes to his nose." This account of the conflict between Belinda and the Baron ...

"Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is stubborn and proud "...

A tool shed 250cm high and 100 cm deep is built against a wall. Calculate the shortest ladder that can reach from the ground, over the shed, to the wall behind. How can I solve this?

Will someone look at these again please? There are 2 wrong but can't figure out which 2 1.During which stage of cellular respiration is most ATP made? C  A. Glycolysis  B. Chemiosmosis  C. Electron Transport Chain  D. Citric acid Cycle  2. The anticodon is part of a(n) ...

1.During which stage of cellular respiration is most ATP made? C A. Glycolysis B. Chemiosmosis C. Electron Transport Chain D. Citric acid Cycle 2. The anticodon is part of a(n) ____ molecule and the codon is part of a(n) ___ molecule? B A. tRNA...rRNA B. tRNA...mRNA c. mRNA......

The readings on a high resistance voltmeter, when a cell is connected across it, is 2.2 V . When the terminals of cell are also connected to a resistance of 5 ohm the voltmeter reading drops the 1.8 V. Calculate the internal resistance of cell

A boy jumps from a wall 3m high. What is an estimate of the change in momentum of the boy when he lands without rebounding? the answer is 5x10^2kg/ms, but how?

the mass of an airplane is 1.81x10^5 kg. if the gravitational potential energy is 3.78 x 10^7 J, how high did it fly?

Personal Finance
1. The term educational attainment means a. you have earned a degree b. you are in school to earn a degree c. whatever education you have gotten d. you have earned highest degree possible in your field b?

Police modern School
Pastrol economy communities in Asia and explain

Airplane Engine Problem: One reason commercial airplanes have more than one engine is to reduce the consequences should an engine fail during flight (Figure 9-7c). Under certain circumstances, some counterintuitive things happen when the number of engines is increased. Assume ...

Middle school digital art and design question
Hi! So, I need to check just a few MS digital art and design questions (If thats Ok) 1) Which of the following is true of Vincent van gogh A) He was a wealthy artist*** B) Very few people study his work today C) He choose very traditional methods of painting D) His work was ...

one day shadiow went to high skool and mjwrt a very ppretty sexie hawt girl who wasn't mews and dey mader out and nobodty stippped them beucaud shadow wuz so hawt buit then sonic walked in and wux lije "i thpought u lovd mne" and shadiow wuz lke "no, i lovez dis gurk" and den ...

Gallium melts just above room temperature and is liquid over a very wide temperature range (30-2204 °C), which means it would be a suitable fluid for a high-temperature barometer. Given its density, daa = 6.0 g/cm, what would be the height of the column if gallium is used as ...

physics problem
Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, had a mass of 83.6 kg and travelled at 7574 m/s. The radius of the earth is 6371 km and its mass is 5.972 * 10^24 kg. How high was Sputnik above the ground in meters during its orbit? I think I should use the formula...

Alice spends 1/3 of her allowance on snacks and 1/2 on school supplies. What fraction of her money did she save?


Social studies lesson 8 unit 5 Canada test
Someone please help i need the answers to this connexus test. I am stuck on it and this is my last chance to stay in online schooling, I don't want to go back to public school I am half way to failing and this is my last chance to stay in connexus. I have anxiety and cannot ...

A squirrel sees a BIG acorn being thrown from a tree by a chipmunk and attempts to snatch it. The acorn is thrown from a 10.0 m high branch and with a horizontal velocity of 1.1 m/s. The squirrel on the ground is 5.0 m from the base of the tree. What is the of the squirrel’s...

1. Which event did your school hold? 2. Our school held a fund-rasing event for poor children. [Is 'for poor children' an adjective phrase in this case?] 3. Why did your school hold a fund-raising event? 4. Our school held a fund-raising event for poor children. [Is 'for poor ...

A squirrel sees a BIG acorn being thrown from a tree by a chipmunk and attempts to snatch it. The acorn is thrown from a 10.0 m high branch and with a horizontal velocity of 1.1 m/s. The squirrel on the ground is 5.0 m from the base of the tree. What is the of the squirrel’s...

7th Grade
1. Twelve months ago, Donnie bought shares of stock in a Biotechnology Company for $25 per share. If the shares are now selling for $30 per share, what is the percent of the increase in the value of the stock? 2. Last month, Curtis bought a new mountain bike for $250. In a ...

Would it be Sports are an essential part to every high school or would it be Sports is?

Why did they remove my question about youtube? That's what i'm learning in school

1. In grade seven, I became the captain of my school and held fund-raising events for people in need. ---------------------------------- What is the part of speech of 'for people in need'? Is it an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase? 2. They will hold a party for their ...

Indentify the choice that best describes the scentences. When I arrived at the office, I found that the principle was out; apparently, he had contracted the same sickness as half the school. A- simple B- compound C- complex D- compound complex* I'm pretty sure the answer is d...

Bats chirp at high frequencies that humans cannot hear. They use the echoes to detect small objects, such as insects, as small as one wavelength. If a bat emits a chirp at a frequency of 60.0 kHz and the speed of sound waves in air is 340 m/s, whar is the size in millimeters ...

it cost 660 dollars to put on the school play. how many tickets must be sold at 6 dollars piece in order to make a profit?

it cost 660 to put on the school play. how many tickets must be sold at 6 piece in order to make a profit?

jkr school , physics
a stone drops from the edge of a roof. it passes a window 2 mtr high in 0.01 sec . how far is the roof above the top of the window?

An object 2cm high is placed 20cm in the front of convex mirror of focal length of 10cm.So,that it is perpendicular to the principal axis.Find the poition and the size of the image.

choose the word painting format that would go best with the following lyrical line, "The higher I go, the more power i'll have." crescendo with ascending pitches forte with descending pitches allegro with crescendos and decrescendos pianissimo with high pitches Can someone ...

A rectangular water tank is5m.high 3m.long and 2m. Wide.how many meters of water can it hold ?

A rubber ball is dropped from the top of a building, which is 40 ft. above the ground. Each time the ball hits the sidewalk, it rebounds 77% of its previous height. How high will the ball rebound after its sixth bounce? Round your answer to the nearest 10th. 8.3 ft. 10.5 ft. ...

I'm unsure how to scan these stanzas and mark the accented (/) and unaccented (u) syllables. Could someone help by copying and pasting the stanzas in their reply and marking the syllables above their lines. These stanzas are from different poems. Any help would be greatly ...

Which of the following is a possible application of a centrifuge? (More than one answer may be correct.) Test astronaut’s tolerance for high accelerations Produce even mixtures of particles of different densities Separate human blood cells Speed sedimentation of dirt ...

Lauguge arts
IM from connexus and I'm reading a novel called The Cay if anyone knows what I'm talking about please help me out with this question. 1.Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A. I was not frightened, just terribly excited. B. The fort looks ...

Does Connections or any other school know about
Does connections or any other school know about this website???

At room temperature and pressure RbI crystallizes with the NaCl-type structure. (a) Use ionic radii to predict the length of the cubic unit cell edge. (b) Use this value to estimate the density. (c) At high pressure the structure transforms to one with a CsCl-type structure. (...

AP Human
How did population distribution and density affect the damage caused by the Red River floods of 2009 and 2010 A) hundreds of thousands died B) loss of life was limited C) casualties were very high*** D) it played no role

A boy whose mass is 40kg runs up a flight of 30 steps,each 150mm high,in 6secs.find the average power developed.(take g=10m/s^2.

AP Statistics
I was sick and when I came back to school I received this question as homework and I don't understand it... Jenny is a 60 percent free-throw shooter She gets to shoot a second free throw if and only if she makes her first shot. She can score 0 points( if she misses her first ...

Social Studies
1.For what reason are Serhiy and his friends most likely to leave there village after High School? A.They cannot afford to afford to continue their education B.They are forced to join the military after they graduate from High School C.They want to look for work and other new ...

Social Studies MS. SUE
The monumental cities of the Incas demonstrated their: A intensive trade networks, B High levels of organization, C interest in astronomy, Or D dependence on farming.

I am doing a collage about Fahrenheit 451 and basically we have to make a collage with chunks of writing about quotes that relates back to our proposal. Would It be okay if someone looked at it? Proposal: I am interested in how the government doesn’t want people  in the ...

Use synthetic division to find the zeroes of the function f(x) = x^3 + x^2 +4x+4 Need help on this we have a test when i go back to school please help this was an example given and i dont understand it.

What is a thesis? And how do I write one? Select a topic for an argumentative essay and write a thesis (claim) statement. I already have my topic *Are school uniforms a bad idea?*

write an inequality to model the situation the number n of people who ate hot lunch as school was at most 107

High school students are still reading A Separate Peace more than forty years after its publication. Compose an essay describing what you think the book's enduring relevance is. What do the characters and the conflict say to people today? Do you imagine the book will retain ...

How high is a tree that casts a 22 from shadow at the same time that a 4 ft fence post casts a 4 ft shadow the trees height is

Four members of a school first eleven football team are also members of the first fourteen rugby team. How many boys play for at least one of the two teams

A school fair ticket costs $8 per adult and $1 per child. On a certain day, the total number of adults (a) and children (c) who went to the fair was 30, and the total money collected was $100. Which of the following options represents the number of children and the number of ...

While walking from her house to school, Miriam walks at a pace of 5 km/h. When she walks in the hallways at school, she slows down to 3 ½ km/h. If she spent 2 ½ hours walking to and from school and ¾ of an hour walking in the hallways, what was her average walking speed?

Jake sold 39 tickets to the school fair, and Jeanne sold 12 tickets. What is the ratio, in simplest form, of the number of tickets Jeanne sold to the number of tickets Jake sold? A. 13/4 B. 39/12 C. 12/39* D. 4.13 Is it C?

Hi,i'm an ESL student right now in High School,so i got stuck in writing sentence in present and past tense,i want to say this "After a long research for a perfect profession,I have chosen of *becoming or being (which one do i use ?)* accountant.

The books for Mathematics, Geography and Science in a school are in the ratio 5:7:8. There is a proposal to increase these books by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of the increased books? #Please anyone who can help me out with the clearly solution#

an arrow is shot at a 30 degree angle with the horizontal. it has a velocity of 49 m/s how high will the arrow go? what horizontal distance will the arrow travel? and how long will the arrow be in the air?

Social Studies
Alexander Hamilton favored a strong federal government because he believed it would benefit the economy. As a result of this belief, he also supported-- A. the abolishment of all tariffs B. the establishment of a national bank C. Increasing the agricultural activitiy D. ...

1. This drawing was made using what natural resource? A. Clay B. Wax based colored pencils c. graphite pencils* d. watercolors. Heres the link so you can see the image: (put a com after the dot) //imgur./a/dQ7OZ 2. The clay for pottery is usually acquired by A. Harvesting the ...

While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. Doing poorly in schools is one ...

1. Write the fraction 8/9 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. A. 88.89% B. 1.13% C. 44.44% D. 66.67% 2. Write 0.063 as a percent. A. 0.63% B. 6.3% C. 63% D. 630% 3. A study in your town found that 54 in 1,762 people have a post office box...

Fender Company had the following data for four months. Total Cost Production Units January $50,000 1,000 February$53,750 1,150 March $61,250 1,450 April $65,250 1,610 Use the “high-low” method to calculate the estimated variable cost per unit. A. $25 per unit B. $44.19 per...

Let me introduce Javier Solas, who is running for president of the student council. As than Liu, last year's president, said " I can't imagine voting for anyone but Javier. He's clearly the best-qualified candidate. Nearly every other member of last year's student council has ...

Iodide and diamond crystals both contain covalent bonds and yet the physical properties of their crystals are very different. Their melting points are 387K and 3827K respectively. State this type of structure present in each case and explain why the melting point of diamond is...

Do you think that there is a high correlation between proficiency in mathematics and proficiency in chemistry? Explain why or why not. Use details about the components of each field to support your answer.

A middle school is made up of grades 6, 7, and 8, and has about the same number of male and female students in each grade. Explain how to use a simulation to find the experimental probability that the first 50 students who arrive at school are male and 7th graders.

Math please help !!!!!!
How many blocks 1 inch on each edge would it take to fill a shoe box that is 12 inches long , 6inches wide , and 5 inches high ?

A student breaks a thermometer and spills most of the mercury (Hg) onto the floor of the laboratory that measure 15.2 m long, 6.6 m wide and 2.4 m high. a) (1 mark) Calculate the volume of the room in m3 and L. b) (2 marks) If the vapour pressure of mercury at 293.15 K is 1.7...

just writing
So, this isn't for school or anything- but I want to know if just by this first page if you would read this book. It's got facts about history and helping you plan for the future. Let me know what you think! Written on the Wall Life is rarely fair. That’s why people work ...

Culutral Anthro
I left my book at school and now trying to search everywhere to find some of these answers. I've complete more than half of my questions but have 4 that I cant figure out to include this one: Which of the following is NOT valid? 1 Outside forces have lead to the extinction of ...

English comp
I need suggestions on how I could rephrase these without being repetitive and that the point comes across. Thank you (: 1. Alcohol is a dangerous recreational substance that many Americans very much abuse to what their body could take. 2. The reason why people start consuming ...

Middle school digital art and design questions
So, I need to check these, thx guys!!! When a artist receives royalty It Is A fee for the use of the art*** The right to create your own art Permission to use someone else's art The cost associated with making a product I think A, But that may be wrong, Idk For literature, a ...

Here are yesterday's high temperatures (in Fahrenheit) in 13 U.S. cities. 50 , 56 , 56 , 58 , 60 , 61 , 63 , 66 , 67 , 71 , 71 , 80 , 83 Notice that the temperatures are ordered from least to greatest. Give the five-number summary and the interquartile range for the data set.

A collector has 120 movie posters and 80 band posters. She wants to sell 24 movie posters but still have her poster collection maintain the same ratio of 120:80. If she sells 24 movie posters, how many band posters should she sell? Complete the explanation to find out how many...

a hang glider flying in the air is 56 meter from an observation point on the ground. if it is 50 meter along level ground from the observation to a point directly under the glider, how high is the glider?

Dahnay Travels On A Bus To School.He Gets On The Onthe Bus Which Then Accelerates From Rest To 18m/s In 20secnds.The Bus Travelr At This Velocity For 60seconds.Tge Bus Slows Down And Comesto Rest In 15seconds.Itis Stationary For 30seconds While People Get Onthe Bus.The Bus ...

A school has bought 20 desks and 4o chairs at a total cost of 2400. The cost of one desk was equal to the cost of three chairs. How much did a desk and a chair cost respectively?

Please check my answers. 1. Population growth is an issue because A. sociologists cannot track all the social groups that arise. B. infrastructure within cities is insufficient. C. it goes hand in hand with lowered life expectancy. D. natural resources are limited.* 2. Renee ...

What tone does Henry Gilbert create in lines 8-11 of the excerpt of King Arthur’s Knights? horror and alarm excitement and anticipation peace and joy resignation and defeat C? Text Then, when the queen came unto King Arthur, there was great feasting and joustings and merry ...

A 58.7-kg lead ball is dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower is 55.0 m high. A) How far does the ball fall in the first 3.08 seconds of flight? = 46.5 m B) What is the speed of the ball after it has traveled 2.10 m downward? = 6.42 m/s C) What is the speed of the ...

Identify the sentence with a verb usage error. (A) Everyone on the baseball team has drank all of the water bottles by the end of the game. (B)That is the silliest thing I have ever seen. (C)Their school choir had sung with gusto for each competition. (D)He did not know his ...

In an aviation test lab, pilots are subjected to vertical oscillations on a shaking rig to see how well they can recognize objects in times of severe airplane vibration. The frequency can be varied from 0.0240 to 39.1 Hz and the amplitude can be set as high as 1.87 m for low ...

Maria plots the locations of 4 places on a coordinate grid as given below Her house is at (−4, 9). Her school is at (−4, 3). The community center is at (1, 3). The grocery store is at (−4, −8). Part A: Use absolute values to calculate the distance in units from Maria's...

Keyboarding and Applications
You are researching the Holocaust for a school paper and have located several Web sites for information. In three to five sentences, describe the method you would use to determine whether each Web site is a suitable source of information for your paper.

SS helppp
The World Bank is an organization that strives to reduce poverty, especially in "Third World," or developing, nations. Which continent has the greatest need for assistance from the World Bank due to drought, political corruption and instability, and a high rate of HIV/AIDS? A...

character education
Why should you consider your society's hierarchy of values when ranking your own? conformity should always be a high value society is always right about their values the cost of violating a societal value often outweighs its benefits C? Who acts according to his or her code of...

A high school purchases a printing machine that can put lettering on clothing for $6000. The school plans to print T-shirts with the school logo and sell them. Each T-shirt costs the school $4 and will sell for 412. hOW MANY t-SHIRTS MUST THE SCHOOL SELL BEFORE BREAKING EVEN? ...

In an aviation test lab, pilots are subjected to vertical oscillations on a shaking rig to see how well they can recognize objects in times of severe airplane vibration. The frequency can be varied from 0.0240 to 39.1 Hz and the amplitude can be set as high as 1.87 m for low ...

pleaseee im begging you
connections 7th graders unit 7 lesson 11 7th grade math help hello my grandmother is in the hospital suffering from leukemia and my mom is really out of it right now and my dad works a lot so the house is a mess right now my mom gets better for a moment when she sees I got ...

In an aviation test lab, pilots are subjected to vertical oscillations on a shaking rig to see how well they can recognize objects in times of severe airplane vibration. The frequency can be varied from 0.0190 to 38.3 Hz and the amplitude can be set as high as 2.08 m for low ...

A hormone is under negative feedback regulation. This hormone stimulates water retention by the body. Which of the following will happen if water levels in the body get too high? 1) hormone levels will increase 2) hormone levels will decrease 3) antibodies will form 4) the ...

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