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HS english 1
Please help i have tried a lot of other sites and they couldnt help me. Question (essay style): Read this excerpt from Little Brother and answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper grammar and punctuation: Marcus manages to flag down a vehicle and they ...

A 2.63 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 180.6 m high. While the ball is falling to Earth, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 13.0 N on the ball. How long does it take to hit the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . How far from the ...

A girl starts to walk to her school, which is 20 miles away, at 6:50 and at a rate of 3 miles per hour. After a while, her dad picks her up and drives her through the remainder of the way at 30 miles per hour. If they arrived at school at 9:00, how far did she walk?

For one month Siera calculated her home town’s average high temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. She wants to convert that temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius using the function . What does C(F) represent?

Math, Trig
A soccer player kicks a ball from the ground to a maximum height of 12 m. The high point in the trajectory of the ball occurs at a distance of 18 m from the kicker. On the downward path, another player heads the ball at a height of 2.2 m from the ground. Write a quadratic ...

Theories and Issues in Working with School-Age Chi
Which of the following youth groups began through the peaceful use of a guide for military activities?

Can someone please tell me what this quote means, I am having trouble understanding. “When Andrew Johnson took upon himself the duties of his high office he swore to obey the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That, indeed, is and has always ...

How did the author of the “Montgomery Boycott” memoir help with the Montgomery boycott? telling stories about rosa parks to school-age children answering the phone and delivering messages explaining the unfair laws to her neighbors driving her husband to and from church ...

Language Arts
Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out what genre The Trouble With Television is, I know it's non-fiction, but what else? Please help and explain why it's the genre you picked. And no, it's not for any school work I just want to know what it is for a writing I'm doing

Hi! ____ Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers As a new ninth grader at my high school, I was sitting in an assembly about volunteerism. The guest speaker was Ms. Francis Kemp. Today I had an experience worth writing about. I must admit that I did not have high hopes for the hour. I ...

Urgent! 6th Grade History School Help
Which is true about the Athenians? a) They grew poor as a result of the Pericles' battle strategies. b) They grew rich as a result of Pericles' battle strategies. c) They grew poor as a result of the Delian League. d) They are rich as a result of the Delian League. Please ...

Social Studies Help
Under the Articles, each state sent one delegate to Congress. Thus each state, no matter its size or population, had one vote. Congress did have the power to declare war. It could appoint military officers, coin money, and operate post offices. It was also responsible for ...

sama school
what does the animal look like

which of the following describe radio waves. Along wavelength with high frequency, b long wave length with short frequencies or low wave length with low frequencies

Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world. I am a bit confused about what they mean for the activities, do they want after school Spanish activities or what?

Hey guys, I would appreciate it if y'all took some time to answer this for me. Thanks ahead of time!! I am involved in many difficult High School courses, and I also am a team member of the school academic team, and I was wondering if any of you had any studying ideas that ...

CHECK AND CORRECT MY ANSWERS!! PLEASE!!:D:D Write the ratio in the simplest form. 45:15 9:3 3:1*** 1:3 4:1 Solve the following proportion. (solve p) p/3 = 8/12 2*** 8 12 24 A recipe calls for 3 cups of flour to make 3 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much ...

What is the heritage of many of the students at Miami High School? Explain why so many students of this heritage are at Miami High School.

1. He stood on the hill with his arms crossed. 2. She sleeps with one eye open. 3. Don't talk with your mouth full. 4. He is walking with a baseball in his hand. 5. He was reading a book with his wife knitting beside him. 6. She worked in the living room with her husband ...

Social studies
Which responsibilities do state governments have with respect to public education? Select all the apply A: running school boards B:providing funding C: setting standards D: hiring teachers I think a and c but I'm not sure

Math Posttest Connexus 09:Posttest 9:Solving Two-
Your school is planning a banquet. The cost of renting a function room is $240. The cost of food is $13 for each person attending. Write an expression for the total cost for p people. Then evaluate your expression for 58 people.

3. In “The Pigman & Me,” the author creates a mood of suspense by focusing most of the action around (1)a fight between two boys at school. (2)a tree cut almost to its heart. (3)Nonno Frankie’s advice to Paul. (4)concerns about how...

Discrete Mathematics
Students at Apollo Elementary School receive ribbons at the end of each year at a school-wide awards ceremony. This year 120 students receive gold stars for perfect attendance, 180 receive certificates for participating in the science fair, and 80 students receive blue ribbons...

1. Sydney is tossing a softball into the air with an underhand motion. The distance of the ball above her hand at any times given by the formula: h(t)=64t-16t^2.where h(t) is the height of the ball (in feet) and t is time (in seconds). a. At what times,t, is the ball in her ...

Please give feedback, im sorry this is so so long! Many parents struggle to decide on whether they should send their child to a brick and mortar school or online school. For high school students, brick and mortar school is a better option than online school because it includes...

Can I post my brick and mortar vs online school essay here?

I'm doing an essay on whether brick and mortar school or online school is better for high school students, but I seriously can't decide. I have gone to both, and I think public school is much better. I feel biased though because online school is great, IF you have a faster ...

Karen is applying for the nursing school at the University of Davis. Before applying, she received a breakdown of the tuition and fees from the university. Tuition: $611 per semester plus $250 per class Books: $82 per class Nursing School Fee: $19 per class Parking: $58 per ...

point) The pressure P (in pounds per square foot), in a pipe varies over time. Four times an hour, the pressure oscillates from a low of 40 to a high of 300 and then back to a low of 40. The pressure at time t = 0 is 40. Let the function P = f(t) denote the pressure in pipe at...

Bill wants to paint the ceiling and four walls of his bedroom. The room is 6.0 m long, 3.0 m wide and 2.4 m high. Paint comes in 4 L cans. One litre of paint covers 10 m2. What area does Bill need to paint? How many cans of paint does Bill need?

english, essay
Hello. I'm working on an essay on which is better?- online school or brick and mortar school. I'm having difficulties coming up with an introduction sentence, however I do have my thesis. Thesis: For high school students, brick and mortar school is a better option than online ...

What is the best definition of a friendship 1:a long term connection with someone 2:a special relationship between people who enjoy being together 3:a special relationship between people who are the same age 4:a special relationship between people in the same school and club I...

Uhhh More SS sorry work with me guys plz
Ghana is thriving more than other nations in the region partly because after Jerry Rawlings seized power in 1981, he nationalized the oil industry abolished the military imposed high tariffs on imported goods introduced economic reforms*** The invasion , division and ...

I just want all tutors here to know
I know this isn't school material but I feel all tutors should know (because y'all don't get told enough) Thank y'all so much for your help. Y'all have made my life so much easier in ways I couldn't even imagine. So Im am so grateful to have y'all especially like how am in a ...

A water tank is in the shape of a cubiod 2m high, 3m wide and 4m long. A similar tank is 1.2m high. Calculate the width and length of the smaller tank

After buying school supplies Hazel has $1.79 in change. She bought a notebook for $3.49 and a box of pens for $2.98. how much money did she originally have?

By 7:00P.M., 1/3 or the junior class has arrived at a school dance. By 8:09PM., 30 more juniors had arrived, raised attendance to 1/2 of the juniors class. How many people are in the juniors class? I don’t understand.. can someone help? A 30 B90 C120 D180 E240

In Columbia,________ A. childern are not required to go to school B. childern are required to go to school until they are about 9 C. childern are required to go to school until they are about 14***** D. childern childern are required to go to school until they are about 18...

Compared to the rest of the world, the children in Costa Rica___ A. are very literate*** B. Remain uneducated C. Are worldly, but illterate D. Have short school years Checking my work:)

Is Biennial a word for every two years? Biannual means twice a year, right? So, how can I say eliminating a subscription will save the school $5,000 every two years? Eliminating the subscription will save the school a biennial fee of $5,000. ^^does that work?

Math 7 A
Walter had 2/4 yard of string he used 1/2 of the string for a school project. How many yards of string did he use for his project?

Only seventh grade and eighth grade girls can play on the Milton Bradley Middle School volleyball team. The ratio of seventh grade girls to eighth grade girls on the team is ¾. There are 6 seventh grader girls on the team. What is the total number of girls on the team?

How can I make this sentence better, or is it OK? If students at Miriam Middle School weren’t excited about their upcoming gravity project, they were after school Friday.

7.62g of Fe are allowed to react with 8.67g of S to form brown black iron(III) sulphide at high temp. what is the limiting reagent?

Which policies or events since 1990 have sought to reduce the racial inequality in public school education, and with what effect? I can only think of No Child Left Behind, which had a limited effect. But I don't know why it had a limited effect and I can't think of any other ...

tourism and hospitality
Which describes the prices of products during the introduction stage of the life cycle? they are generally low because a company wants consumers to try its new product they are generally average because the company does not know if it is going to need to raise or lower the ...

tourism and hospitality
The in-between season is referred to as the ________________. peak season high season shoulder season declining season c?

Which of the following is an accurate comparison of Adams and Jackson? A. Adams supported efforts to promote the growth of businesses, while Jackson supported efforts to help the ordinary man. B. Jackson supported the idea of high tariffs to increase revenue, but Adams wanted ...

PLZ CHECK!(I Have More Comming and Some have Pictures, So Watch Out For Those...) 1. What was the purpose of Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation? (1 point) • He wanted to remain neutral when defining his policy toward trade with Spain. • He wanted to spell ...

48% of the students in the school are female and the probability of taking of physics is independent of the gender of the student, what is the probability that a student chosen at random is both a female and taking physics?

SS Check Part 4!
Use the image to answer the question. 16. In what way does this image relate to Tecumseh’s opinion about the relationship between Native Americans and white settlers? (1 point) • It shows the cultural exchange that Tecumseh supported. • It shows the dependence on whites...

SS Check Part 3!
When Adams became President, the war between the French and British was causing great difficulties for the United States on the high seas and intense partisanship [taking of sides] among contending factions within the Nation. His administration focused on France, where the ...

If the KCLO3 were not completely decomposed, would your calculated values for percent oxygen in KCLO3 be too high, too low or unaffected?

1. Choose the most logical answer for this question: ¿Dónde está el teclado? (1 point) El teclado está en el ratón. El teclado está debajo del ratón. El teclado está al lado del ratón. El teclado está encima del ratón. 2. Choose the most logical answer for this ...

If I _____ the principal, I'd start school later in the day so students could sleep in, Bernardo thought. Which of these correctly forms the subjunctive mood? A) was B) were C) had been D) would have been I think it might b or c.

Math help
Most states require students to pass an algebra course in order to graduate high school. Why do you think this is? Explain why you agree or disagree with this requirement

In a high speed chase, a policeman's car bumps a criminal's car directly from behind to get his attention. The policeman's car is moving at 40 m/s to the right and has a total mass of 1800 kg. The criminal's car is initially moving in the same direction at 38 m/s. His car has ...

Connections acadamy
Hello sorry if this is a long question. So can connections see what i'm doing? I'm not talking about jiskha im talking about my private stuff. Like when Im done with my school work and watch youtube or something? This is a violation of my privacy. Are they looking at what I do...

Please help check my answers 1. On a weather map, the center of the mid-latitude cyclone is labeled as an area (high/low) __________pressure. 2. On a weather map, a mid-latitude cyclone usually forms between these latitudes: A. 90 degrees and 180 degrees B. 0 degrees and 30 ...

Solve the Go.a ball was dropped from a height 80m above a concrete floor. It rebounded to the height 1\2 of its previous height at each rebound. After how many bounces is the ball 2.5 high

1. He is the student of our school. 2. He is the only student of our school. [Does #1 mean #2? Does #1 mean that there is only one student in our school?] 3. They are some students of our school. 4. They are students of our school. [Does #3 mean #4? Are both used commonly?]

A jet on a water feature shoots a column of water H = 80 ft high. The nozzle is located just above the surface of a reflecting pool and has a diameter of 1 in. A submersible pump with a 4 in dia outlet pipe and an 6 in. diameter inlet pipe located D = 2.5 ft below the surface ...

1. He is principal of our school. 2. He is the principal of our school. 3. He was appointed principal of our school. 4. He was appointed the principal of our school. [Which ones are right? Do we have to use 'the' or not'?]

You have 1kg of aluminum (E=69GPa) to make a cylindrical tube with a high Euler buckling load. The tube must have a length L of 0.5m. You can either make a solid tube, or a thin walled tube with a wall thickness, t=0.5cm. The density of aluminum is 2700kg/m3. The tubes are pin...

tourism and hospitality
If the demand for a product is high, the price _____________. goes down goes up stays the same none of these B?

Why wasn't information about the mass of isotopes sufficient for identifying the isotopes? Provide an example to explain the answer. Figure 2 shows 2.5 min averaged spectra of ambient aerosol at nominal m/z 208 obtained with the HR-AMS located at T0. Panel A compares V- and W-...

Could someone please check my answers? *Updated answers* 1. Your respiratory system is the system in your body that is responsible for breathing. True False 2. The lungs are made up of thick fibrous tissue. True False 3. Internal respiration takes place in the alveoli. True ...

A stones drops from the edge of the roof .it passes a window2.5m high in 0.1s.how far is the roof above the top of the window?

1. Your respiratory system is the system in your body that is responsible for breathing. True False 2. The lungs are made up of thick fibrous tissue. True False 3. Internal respiration takes place in the alveoli. True False 4. The alveoli are located at the end of the bronchi...

An autographed baseball rolls off of a 1.5m high desk and strikes the floor 0.60m away from the desk. How fast was it rolling on the desk before it fell? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81m/s^2. Answer in units of m/s

1 Which of these is a biomass fuel? A Oil B Natural Gas C Wood D Coal 2 The intense heat from the earths interior that warms the magma beneath earth's surface is called ------- Energy A Hydroelectric B Geothermal C Nuclear D Solar 3 Selective Cutting is different from clear ...

A toy car mass 0.05 kg ,on a ramp with no friction , begins at 0.7 meters high. At the bottom it collides inelastically with a toy truck mass 0.2 kg, at rest.  After the collision the car is at rest, what is the final velocity of the truck?

Algebra 1 A Unit 5 Test
OMG!!! Can someone really help me out because i have sit here for about an hour and a half trying to get help i have worked sum out and my answers that i think are right are at the bottom. Once again, will someone please help me with answering these questions!!!??? Maria ...

In Spanish, I have to write a 4 to 5 paragraph essay about going to a school event in Habana, Cuba. I need to include reflexive verbs, use ser and estar, and use possessive adjectives. PLEASE HELP, lmao

Social studies
Lesson 4: Jefferson’s Presidency social Studies 8 A unit 4: The Early Repubilc Missed a lot of school because I was sick and trying to catch up really would appreciate if I got some help

A boy in a wheelchair (total mass, 46.9kg) wins a race with a skateboarder. He has a speed of 1.30m/s at the crest of a slope 2.35m high and 12.6m long. At the bottom of the slope, his speed is 6.28m/s. If air resistance and rolling resistance can be modeled as a constant ...

High-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a golf club of mass 230g is traveling at 56.1m/s just before it strikes a 44.6g golf ball at rest on a tee. After the collision, the club head travels (in the same direction) at 41.4m/s. Calculate the speed of the golf ...

Language Arts 8 A
I don't want test answers or anything, I just want to double check something. Due to recent unfortunate events I have been completely behind in school and NEED to get my Language Arts grade up, by doing that I need to complete the 'Final Draft' for Unit 2 lesson 16.((I know, I...

High-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a golf club of mass 230g is traveling at 56.1m/s just before it strikes a 44.6g golf ball at rest on a tee. After the collision, the club head travels (in the same direction) at 41.4m/s. Calculate the speed of the golf ...

High-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a golf club of mass 230g is traveling at 56.1m/s just before it strikes a 44.6g golf ball at rest on a tee. After the collision, the club head travels (in the same direction) at 41.4m/s. Calculate the speed of the golf ...

A boy in a wheelchair (total mass, 46.9kg) wins a race with a skateboarder. He has a speed of 1.30m/s at the crest of a slope 2.35m high and 12.6m long. At the bottom of the slope, his speed is 6.28m/s. If air resistance and rolling resistance can be modeled as a constant ...

PORTFOLIO, also high school
High school graduation requirements in Indiana 15points, this is school related, I can't write a portfolio with out it, and the sites are not helping

1. He is a student of our school. 2. He is the student of our school. 3. He is the only student of our school. ................................ #1 is correct. What about #2? Does #2 mean #3? Does #2 mean there is only one student at our school?

social studies check my answers or give them plzz
1.What was the initial purpose of the Constitutional Convention? a.to write the Constitution b.to amend the Constitution c.to amend the Articles of Confederation d.to ratify the Constitution my answer b if u have the whole quiz god bless ur soul we all need help this crap our ...

1. They are the students of our school. 2. They are all the students of our school. [Is #1 the same as #2?] 3. They are students of our school. 4. They are some of the students of our school. [Is #3 the same as #4? In #3 'the' is missing. We can see 'the' in #1.] 5. They are ...

1. He is a doctor of this hospital. 2. He is the doctor of this hospital. 3. He is the only doctor of this hospital. [Does #2 mean #3? Is #2 logical? I think #1 is a common expression. Is that right?] 4. She is the principal of this school. 5. She is a principal of this school...

chem delta s
if delta s is high which means positive high entropy, then when a drug binds to a protein why is it negative delta s?

Research methods
In my research methods class we are talking about getting IRB approval. Part of my assignment is to list possible penalties for major and minor violations of an IRB-approved research study. I cannot find this information in the school handbook or online. Any ideas?

"How was the last day of school?" Jo's mom asked. "Fine," Jo sighed. "I remember being a lot happier when school let out," her mom teased. Jo shrugged. "Yippee," she said indifferently. She had been sulking since her mother told her she would have to spend the summer with her ...

A student with mass 50 kg jumps off a high diving board.Using 6.0×1024 kg for the mass of the earth, what is the acceleration of the earth toward her as she accelerates toward the earth with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 ? Assume that the net force on the earth is the force of ...

In a recent survey 56% of students at MacNab High School work a part time job during the school year. If there are 378 students in the school, is 125 , 200 or 560 a reasonable estimate for number of students who work part time during the school year? Explain your answer.

I need an answer quick - I have a research question to answer: "Why is it that children of older parents (more than 40 years old) are better adjusted, have closer ties with their parents, and are more socially skilled when they enter school than children of younger parents (...

1. He was late because he missed the bus. [In this sentence, what does 'the bus' mean? Does the bus mean the specific bus? The school bus which his schoool has, or the Number 12 bus which he usualy takes when he comes to school? Or is 'the bus in generic use?]

Physics! NEED HELP!
A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?

A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?

The school photography club charges $10 for each photo in its annual pet photo contest. The club wants to save $75 of its earnings for a pizza party. The club members also want to have at least $50 left over after the pizza party to pay for other club expenses. Write an ...

a junior basketball player has a goal of scoring at 1,000 points during his high-school career. his team plays twenty games per year, after two years he has 320 points. to be successful, how many points does he have to average per game over his last two years? Need to know how...

1. Of 350 males athletes at a high school, some play only basketball, some play only baseball, and some do both. if 250 of males play basketball, and 120 play both sports how many of the males play baseball? A. 100 B. 220** C. 130 D. 120 2. Suppose T = ( -8, -4, 0, 4, 8, 12, ...

I would appreciate it if someone could check my answers immediately please!!!!!!! I don't need answers, I just need someone to see if mine are correct. 1. Translate the following into Spanish: "Where is the door?" A-Dónde es la puerta? B-Dónde están la puerta? C-Dónde est...

A ball is battled straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s determine how high the ball went

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