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by Samantha Singer

When the word scared is said other words such as phobia, fright, fear, or anxiety come to mind. The most common of them all being phobia, which is a Greek word meaning fear. There are many different types of phobia such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), xenophobia {fear of foreigners or strangers (xeno meaning foreign)}, and claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces). The list is endless. The most common fear is fear of the unknown. There is an endless list of phobias; at the top of the list is death, the fear of which is Negrophobia. Second, apparently, is the fear of failure, which is called kakorrhaphiophobia.

Fear is very personal; while one may be scared of spiders another may not be bothered by spiders or may even like them. So a fear is different for each person. Some people may have more than one fear, some fears stronger than others.

A fear is in your mind, though your body may react in different ways to the fear. Some people throw up while others cry; other people get sick because of bottling it up inside. Some people don't even show that they have a fear at all.

A monster is what you make it. Some monsters are created by fear. If a child is afraid of sleeping the fear creates the monster under the bed, or scared of going to the bathroom, the fear creates the toilet monster that flushes you down the toilet, when you aren't watching. So really, there is no monster, just fear taking the shape or form of one.

One way of looking at a monster is the king in the cartoon movie Shrek. The gingerbread man, called Lord Farquad a monster, because he broke off the gingerbread man's leg. That was a monstrous thing to do. People can do things that are described as monstrous, which means, Abnormally formed, of the nature of a monster; huge; outrageously wrong or absurd; atrocious; horrible or cruel.

When surveying a middle aged person about her beliefs on fear, she stated that there were many different types of fear and many different ways of being scared. She too believed that the main fear was fear of the unknown. She went on to state that the most common way of becoming scared was by watching a movie, which is designed to be scary, or by doing something for the first time on your own. She believes that a fear can greatly affect your life because you would be looking over your shoulder all the time, but would affect you more psychologically.

When thinking of a monster, horrible comes to mind. But just what is horrible is what was asked to this same woman. She believes that different things can be horrible in different ways. A child can be horrible, just like the weather can be horrible. Even a disease can be horrible. Someone else defined horrible as something that you find unseemly to look at or horrible by nature. Other things that came to mind when I asked her how she would distinguish a monster were by being big, ugly and out of shape. As well as scary, loud and most of all non-human like. She believes that a monster would be stronger than a human and possess more power. Some examples she gave to prove her point were Big foot and the Loch Ness Monster. Though she believes that monsters only exist in dreams and the imagination. A monster is different to everyone. It is just how vivid your imagination is. She also believes that a person can be a kind of a monster by doing bad things. The example she gave was a rapist. Another person said that a monster is not human, can be either gender and is more powerful than a human. It can be created by fear in the mind. The monster disappears when the fear is resolved.

One way of looking at fear could be a thing that is making you scared or nervous. It is something that you do not know or are unaware of. While interviewing an older man, he said that fear causes more harm psychologically than physically and the things that cause the most fear are sickness, heights, the unknown, enclosed spaces and scary movies. He believes that the thing that makes a human scared is anything out of the ordinary. A fear is created in the mind but can exist outside of the mind. He stated that fears are very personal and what frightens one may not frighten another. The thing that gets a person most scared is scary movies. When asked what features of the movie make it classified as scary, he answered the darkness, eerie music, shadows, dark clothes, weapons and a threatening nature. A fear he believes if provoked enough can lead to violence and sickness of the mind as well as other irrational acts. He has a personal phobia, claustrophobia, which is the fear of being in closed-in spaces. He finds the most frightening animal the snake because of it's tendency to kill and because it slithers.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a monster as Misshapen animal or plant; grossly malformed fetus etc. Imaginary animal compounded of absurd elements, e.g. centaur, sphinx, griffin. Inhumanly cruel or wicked person, inhuman example of cruelty. Animal or thing of huge size. The word "monster" comes from the Latin word "moneo" meaning "I warn". Thus, a monster posses a threat and people must be warned about it.

It defines fear as Be afraid; be afraid of or hesitate to do, shrink from doing; apprehend, have uneasy expectation of. Painful emotion cause by impending danger or evil, state of alarm; avoid the risk of. Dread and reverence; anxiety for the safety ofÉ

The original fear was the fear of knowledge. God was afraid of Adam and Eve eating a fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil because that would mean that they would have the knowledge of both good and evil and it could mean the destruction of the world that God created. So when Adam and Eve both ate from the tree of knowledge, they were banished from the Garden of Eden. They then regretted eating the forbidden fruit, which shows us that we should think first about the decisions we make because they could have a great affect on other people and the world as well as us. From the original sin, people now have the fear of knowledge as well as the fear of the unknown.

So when asked, What makes a human scared? The answer is very complex. The thing that makes a human most scared is not knowing something, fear of the unknown. Then there is a very extensive list of phobias, which are fears, things that make people scared, the top two being death and failure. A fear is personal and only scares that one person, another person may share the same fear but it will not affect them in exactly the same way. A child sees fear differently to a young adult, who sees it differently to a middle aged person, who sees it differently yet again to an elderly person. Fear is interpreted in many different ways. A fear establishes in the mind but over time can take over the whole body making one very sick and unsure. A fear is difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

What is a monster? A monster, like fear is different for every person. It is seen differently through different age groups. Some say it exists only in the mind, while others say that people can be monsters by doing monstrous things. A monster is not necessarily an alien, or big, scary, dark and evil. Monsters in movies are portrayed as both that and friendly and kind. How a monster acts and what it looks like all relies on how vivid the creator's imagination is. A monster can also be created by fear. If the fear is resolved, the monster disappears.

Fear is individual. A monster is what you make it.

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