Human Life Cycle

  1. life orentation
    Explain four types of risky behaviour amongst teenagers
  2. Life orientation
    Two factors that cause social issues in community
  3. english
    The Dying Christian to His Soul Ron Pope Vital spark of heav'nly flame! Quit, O quit this mortal frame: Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying, O the pain, the bliss of dying! Cease, fond Nature, cease thy strife, And let me languish into life. Hark! they whisper; ...
  4. english
    can you help me with passive voice misuse, and punctuation in compound and complex sentences. I was using a grammar checker website and it told me what was wrong. Mathematics resolves abstract problem situations of daily life, strengthens the mental calculation, having as the ...
  5. Life orientation
    Four impact of risk behaviour
  6. Language arts
    what is the verb in this phrase? Life is full of choices, so i must learn to make good ones. Is it learns because thats the action
  7. life orientation
    causes of crime
  8. Life Orientation
    Four things that could be considered to promote humane farming practice
  9. life orientation
    discuss the impact of environmental degradation on society
  10. chemistry
    The radioactive decay of carbon-14 is first-order and the half-life is 5800 years. While a plant or animal is living, it has a constant proportion of carbon-14 (relative to carbon-12) in its composition. When the organism dies, the proportion of carbon-14 decreases as a result...
  11. English
    Can you check for punctuation errors, and improper formatting in my essay? Thank you so much Mathematics resolves abstract problem situations of daily life, strengthens the mental calculation, having as the base a logical order that contributes to the study of numbers, figures...
  12. Life orientation
    Four types of risky behavior among teenagers by means of an example
  13. Life orientantion
    The impact of risk behavior
  14. english
    do not need answers,just some pointers for the reflection response on the speech. How does the exact date (not just general time period) impact an understanding of the speaker’s goal? How might it be different if the speech was given a few years before or a few years after? ...
  15. Life orientation
    How you address a drug promblem
  16. Chemistry
    The half – life for the disintegration of radium is 1590 years. Calculate the rate constant in seconds and also how many years will be taken for the disintegration of 80 percent of the material?
  17. life orientation
    what are the three effects of poverty as a contemporary social issue
  19. life orientation
    Define: 1.Environmental harmful substances 2.Harmful substances in farming 3.Inhumane farming methods 4.Environmental degradation
  20. psychology
    The placebo effect demonstrates the power of __________. the human mind modern medicine psychologists experiments C?
  21. Life science
    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossil found in the credle of humankind
  22. life orientation
    define environmental harmful substances
  23. Managerial finance
    Your company contemplates buying a computer based inventory management system for 200 000. It will depreciated on a straight line basis to zero over its 4 year life span, when it will be sold for 30 000. the system will save the firm 60 000 pre-tax (EBIT) per annum in ...
  24. History
    Which best describes how the Korean War shaped the attitudes of the American public? American involvement in the Korean action created organized opposition that laid the foundations of the 1960s protest movements. Public outrage over the human cost of the Korean conflict led ...
  25. English
    Time Management Everyday life can be filled with long list of things that need to be done. Without the necessity skills to meet these demands, it is easy to lose track of deadlines, forget appointments, or misplace important information. By consistently implementing the skills...
  26. biology
    what organs form the human respiratory systems
  27. life orientation
    Why a study on environmental issues that cause ill-health a necessity?
  28. Life orientation
    Why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it
  29. Life Orientation
    Give any seven factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food
  30. Maths literacy.geography,life science,history
    I have passed matric..Which career is suitable for me if am doing this subjects? maths literacy level 2#agricultural sciences level 3#geograpy level2#history level 3#life sciences level 2#lsixhosa level 6# English FAL level 3.. I really need help
  31. Life orientation
    Seven factors in which harmful substance could contaminate food
  32. History
    Which correctly describes the positive impact of European imperialism? Imperialist powers promoted their own interests over the well-being of indigenous peoples. Imperialist powers sought social change through self-government. Imperialist powers provided political unity and ...
  33. Algebra
    The half-life of radon-222 is 3.8 days. How much of a 300 gram sample is left after 14.8 days?
  34. life orientation
    seven factors in which harmful substance could contaminate food
  35. psychology
    What’s the difference between the scientific study of psychology and having a general interest in human behavior? Does it really matter?
  36. maths lit ... Geography science tourism
    so which career can I follow using this subjets
  37. life orientation
    identify and explain in five inhumane farming practices
  38. Reading
    Frida Kahlo Artist Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Mexico City. Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident in 1925. Today, she is considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists. Kahlo grew up in the home where she was born – later known as ...
  39. Maths literacy life science and geography
    Can i become a nurse if i studyed maths literacy life science and geography?
  40. Life orientation
    What is inhumane farming methods?
    Impact of risky behaviour Evaluate and discuss the negative impact of youth risk behaviour on your self and others your community or society at large refer to the four spheres of well being social,economic,physical and emotional
  42. life orientation
    Inhumane farming methods
  43. Science
    Which of the following is true about the single-celled paramecium? A. It is an example of a higher form of animal B. It has life functions similar to ours C. It lacks the ability to circulate D. It lacks life functions
  44. Math
    The half-life of radon-222 is 3.8 days. How much of a 300 gram sample is left after 14.8 days?
  45. history
    Which offers one reason for how industrialization led to imperialism? a British factories eliminated the need for inexpensive human labor. b British factories eliminated the need for overseas agricultural development. c British factories required the raw materials that could ...
  46. English
    Gambling appeals to basic human instincts: the desire for wealth, fascination with random events and beliefs in luck. in moderation, gambling can be simple escapist fun. A lottery, however, is a poor way to gamble. the best, ensure for any game of chance is its payout ratio; ...
  47. Maths literacy, Life sciences, agriculture & busin
    What courses & career can I do with these subjects?
  48. Reading
    ) Gambling appeals to basic human instincts: the desire for wealth, fascination with random events and beliefs in luck. in moderation , gambling can be simple escapist fun . A lottery , however isa poor way to gamble. the best ,easure for any game of chance is it payout ratio...
  49. life orientation
    inhuma farming methods
  50. english
    What is the meaning and importance of self discipline and self-control? ( Not just in school, but life)
  51. Life orientation
    Risk behaviour
  52. life orientation
    define inhumen farming methods
  53. Life orientation
    Give at least three examples of inhumane farming methods and motivate why you regard them as inhumane
  54. Physics/Fluids
    Hi! I'm having a hard time figuring out if flow rate decreases when water goes up a vertical pipe. I know that at some point when the water can't be pushed any higher due to P=pgh, the water stops flowing from the pipe. I also believe that due to continuity, all sections of ...
  55. Philosphy
    Epircurus believed that the main aim of human existence is pleasure. Do you agree with his theory?
  56. Life orientation grade 11
    Five mechanics to equip the community in dealing with the natural disaster emanating from floods
  57. life orientation
    identify and explain four type of risky behaviour among teenagers by means of an example
  58. life orientation
    7 factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food
  59. Life orientation
    Give any Seven factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food
  60. Mathematical Literacy,Business,Economics,Life Orientation
    What Jobs Do I Get From These Subjects Above
  61. Life orientation
    Give seven factors in which harmful substances could combinate food
  62. Maths literacy,geography, life science, agricultur
    Which career should I follow after grade 12
  63. Life orientation
    Seven factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food
  64. math lit,Life science,Business studies,economics
    Which career field i have to follow?
  65. Science
    A human body required 0.01 m activity of radioactive substance after 24 hours .Half li of radioactive substance is 6 hours .Then injection of maximum activity of radioactive substance that can be injected is : a). 0.08 b). 0.04 c). 0.16 d). 0.32
  66. Economics ,life science, agricultural science
    I can be paramadic with these subjects!???
  67. math
    Use the following information to answer the question: Cost of car: $26,000 Residual value: $6,000 Life: 5 years
  68. US History
    I am having a really hard time with this assignment. Can anyone cross check my answers? Thank you 1.The term participatory democracy applies most accurately to which of the following societies? A. Greece in the fourth century B.C. B. Modern China C. The United States since ...
  69. American History
    What disadvantages did Native Americans experience in their trading with Europeans? Native Americans became reliant on European technology. Native Americans could not trade effectively because they lacked economic leaders. Native Americans traded for items they could not use ...
  70. Chemistry
    Radioactive iodine-131 decays (beta emitter) to form Xenon-131. Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8.07 days. If a thyroid gland absorbed 20.0 microcuries of I-131 today, how many microcuries would remain after 30.0 days. Microcuries are disintegrations per second of isotope decay.
  71. Chemistry
    The half-life of the following first order reaction is 231 seconds. What percent of the original concentration of nitrite ion remains after 10.0 minutes? NH4+ + NO2- --> N2 + 2H2O
  72. Chemistry
    The following reactions is a first order reaction with respect to nitrite ion and its rate constant is 0.0030/s. In a solution that is 10.0 M NO2-, what is the half-life of the reaction? NH4+ + NO2- -->N2 + 2H2O
  73. English 10 ASAP
    Determining the author's purpose in a text relies on (10 points) biographical information research the author used evidence in the text<<<<< the title of the text 2. (LC) Which elements of a text are most helpful in determining the author's point of view about a...
  74. HR
    In personnel forecasting, an effective HR professional tries to A. determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources. B. predict the number and types of legal challenges the company is likely to face within the year. C. develop HR policies and practices ...
  75. HR
    The steps required to properly execute a workforce utilization review are A. essentially the same as those involved in job analysis. B. essentially the same as those involved in the strategic planning process. C. identical to the steps in the generic human resource planning ...
  76. HR
    The first step in the human resource planning process is A. program implementation. B. program evaluation. C. forecasting. D. goal setting. C
  77. Chemistry
    If a 300g sample of a substance has a half-life of 5 days, how much of the substance will decay after 22 days? A)293.4 g B)290.6 g C)285.8 g D)299.9 g
  78. Maths literacy Geography History Life Science
    I want to do nursing but i dont have physical science and mathematics What can i do to do nursing??
  79. English
    What is the implicit message of this text? In spite of what life has thrown at me, I have continued on my journey with determination. Not only have I lost 69 pounds in the past 3 years, I've also kicked cancer's butt along the way
  80. Science
    Two uses of chemicals in our everyday life
  81. stress managment
    1. How does chronic stress affect the reproductive system women? 2.      How might chronic stress affect the healing of a broken bone? 3.      In your own words, how might you describe chronic stress? 4.      Describe a chronic stressor in your life (past or ...
  82. History
    How did the Renaissance movement affect scientific innovations? (Select all that apply the Renaissance and humanism put human reasoning and gathered evidence at the center of scientific inquiry humanist philosophers during the renaissance accepted the Catholic church's ...
  83. History
    Which option explains why the United States was interested in the internal politics of countries such as Chile and Nicaragua from the 1970s to the 1980s? 1. The United States sought to support right wing factions or otherwise undermine socialist regime’s to increase its ...
  84. English
    1. Mom can solve this problem. 2. Mom can solve this math problem. ----------------------------------------​-------- What does #1 mean? Can #1 mean #2? Can #1 mean that she can solve a problem in life?
  85. Ethics
    What would Immanual Kant say about this situation? Your friend is in the hospital and the doctor informs you that your friend has a terminal illness and has only three months to live but with no pain or suffering. Since the doctor has not revealed this information to your ...
  86. Math
    Two helicopters flying at the same altitude are 2000m apart when they spot a life raft below. The raft is directly between the two helicopters. The angle of depression from one helicopter to the raft is 37° and the angle of depression from the other helicopter is 49°. Both ...
  87. Chemistry
    Which of the statements correctly describes the main reason why the long-term storage of high-level nuclear waste is considered to be high-risk? A. High-level nuclear waste generates a lot of heat and poses a threat to life while it remains at high temperatures. The long-term ...
  88. English
    100% - The Story of a Patriot Upton Sinclair 1 A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and so it happens that ...
  89. chemistry
    Some radioactive nuclides have very short half-lives, for example, I-31 has a half-life of approximately 8 days. Pu-234, by comparison has a half-life of 24,000 years. Explain why both of these examples are dangerous, even though their half-lives are very different. Be sure ...
  90. Psychology
    why does every human being seek eudaimonia?
  91. Chemistry
    Take a look at the following uses of the term entropy by several historical figures: Anton Chekhov considered by some as being one of the greatest short story writers said, "Only entropy comes easy." Vaclav Havel, playwright and the first president of the Czech Republic said...
  92. History
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could check my answers please. From :WorldWarII posters from the national museum of American history. According to the text the World War II poster was ideal agent for what? A. For promoting sales of bonds and stamps in order to increase ...
  93. anatomy
    1. An example of a repetitive motion disorder is a. fibromyalgia. b. muscular dystrophy. c. multiple sclerosis. d. carpel tunnel syndrome.*** 2. The role of human placental lactogen (hPL) is related to a. lactation. b. producing estrogen.*** c. excreting progesterone. d. ...
  94. math
    Complete the table for the radioactive isotope. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Isotope: 239Pu Half-life (years): 24,100 Initial Quantity: g Amount After 1000 Years: 0.6
  95. physics
    How close must two 1.0 C charged objects be for their mutual force to exceed 1.0 N? Compare that distance to something in your everyday life.
  96. US History
    I need someone to check my answers for my homework.. 2.) During the first half of the 1800s, on which of the following did the Southern economy rely? A factory system B new immigrants !!!!!C plantation system D extensive barter 3.)What did the temperance movement rally against...
  97. math
    Carbon 14 (14C) dating assumes that the carbon dioxide on Earth today has the same radioactive content as it did centuries ago. If this is true, the amount of 14C absorbed by a tree that grew several centuries ago should be the same as the amount of 14C absorbed by a tree ...
  98. English
    Would you check which club names are grammatical? 1. the history cultural experience club 2. the history culture experience club 3. the life prop club 4. the ceramic craft club 3 4-1. the ceramic crafts club 3 5. the ceramic arts club 3 6. the humanity entertainment sports ...
  99. social studies
    Describe four measures that can be taken to improve or develop human resources in ghana
  100. science
    how does the natural greenhouse effect supports life on Earth.
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