First Aid

Why does Squeaky not know at first who had won the race in "Raymond's Run". A. Raymond has climbed a fence.* B. The May Pole gets in the way. C. The finish is very close. D. Mr. Pearson talks too softly. I think it's either A or C

The first day of a water polo tournament the total value of tickets sold was $680. One-day passes sold for $5 and tournament passes sold for $10. The number of tournament passes sold was 32 more than the number of day passes sold. How many day passes and tournament passes were...

Physics - Collisions and conservation of momentum
A baseball and a ball of clay are approaching each other. The mass of the baseball is 145 g and it is moving due west 5 m/s at 180 degrees. The ball of clay is 290 g and it is moving northwest at 135 degrees at 4 m/s. What is the magnitude of their combined velocity after they...

Particle moving under influence of a constant force is given by V =√|4-2X| where X is magnitude of displacement of the particle At t=0 initially the particle is noticed to be moving towards east.The distance travelled by the particle in first 5seconds is? The ratio of ...

micro economics
A) Assume that during a particular hour the following 37 bids (demand = load) were observed in the NordPool (first entry is Load in 1000 MWh (= Q), and second entry is €/MWh (= P)). datainitial={{24,30.7},{23.5,36},{22.6,3​0},{22.5,30},{22,30},{21.5,31},{21.5,40.​...

A runner is jogging at a steady 3.9 km/hr. When the runner is 7.4 km from the finish line, a bird begins flying from the runner to the finish line at 19.5 km/hr (5 times as fast as the runner). When the bird reaches the finish line, it turns around and flies back to the runner...

Classrooms on one side of the drama building are all numbered with consecutive even integers. If the first room, the room with the smallest classroom number, on this side of the building is numbered x, write an expression in x for the sum of the first five classroom numbers in...

A bag of marbles contains 5 red, 3 blue, 2 green, and 2 yellow marbles. What is the probability that you choose a blue marble and then another blue marble, assuming you replace the first marble?

Write a mathematical expression to represent this situation. Then find the value of the expression to solve the problem. You play a game where your score -6 points on the first turns and one each of the next 3 turns. What is your score after those 4 turns?

Is the value of the second 5in 450,852,137 one-tenth the value of the first 5? Explain

Social Studies
1. Which statement best describes nations? A. must follow the laws set by the United Nations. B. Nations have less political power than do regional organizations. C. Nations interact almost exclusively with other nations in their region, D. Nations have political power over a ...

Art help Fast PLEASE!!
(Go to google and type in city street by herman merli It is the first image(black and white buildings) Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings? color shape space perspective*** 2. (Go to google and type the willows of marissel by jean baptiste) ...

A board, 39 cm long is cut into three pieces such that the second piece is twice as long as the first and the third is 4 cm longer than the second.

In The expression 7^3-4x3+8 , the first operation is? A.An exponent B.Subtraction C. Multiplication D.Addition

I need ansewer asap There are a famous irrational nummber calld euler's number,often symbolized with an e. Like pie it never seems to end. The first few digits of e are 2.7182818284. Bettween which two square roots of integers could you find this number? Between which two ...

Focus on the Caregiver
The first step in performing caregiving tasks is A. planning your daily schedule. B. determining what a child needs at any given time. C. assessing each child with his or her parents. D. choosing an age-specific curriculum. my answer is b.

MATH plz help
what is the first step to evaluate this expression? 7^3 - 4 * 3 + 8 A. Exponent B. Subtraction C. Multiplication D. Addition

you set up a bulletin board site on the internet. For the first six days , the number of hits or people who visit your site are given below. Make a conjecture on how many hits your site will get on day 7 and 8

1.) Grendel easily killed thirty warriors during his first attack because his victims were A.weak B.asleep C.distracted D.afraid I need help with the majority of this test if anyone has seen this question before or knows please help

Ed Tech
To edit the text in a smartart graphic, what must be done first ?

The ratio of Jim's money to Peters money was 4:7 at first. After peter gave 3/14 of his money to jim, they have equal amounts of money. How much money did jim have at first?

The product of three consecutive term of a g.p is _64 and the first term is four times the third. find the term.

Does anyone have the answers to Unit 2 Lesson 8 Unit test on Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities. There are a total of 19 questions. I did this wrong the first time i dont want to get it wrong the second time. Please i need this turned in before the day is out today. This...

Social Studies
For their part, native Americans introduced Europeans, Africans, and agent to new foods, customs, and ideas. After 1492, elements of native American ways of life gradually spread around the world. Sadly, disease also spread from the Americans to Europe and other parts of the ...

Physics - pendulum negative work
A 2.20 kg pendulum starts from a height of 5.00m. It swings back and forth through one whole oscillation but only returns to a maximum height of 4.75m. After a long time the pendulum eventually winds down and comes to a stop. How much total negative work was done on the ...

If the hendersons drive for 9 hours per day , how many miles will they travel in a day ? The first day they drove 300 miles. They plan to drive an average speed of 60 miles per hour for the rest of the trip so that the trip will be completed in less than a week. Please help ...

would 36 be a good first move in the factor game? why or why not?

Physics - pendulum negative work
A 2.20 kg pendulum starts from a height of 5.00m. It swings back and forth through one whole oscillation but only returns to a maximum height of 4.75m. After a long time the pendulum eventually winds down and comes to a stop. How much total negative work was done on the ...

To Bobpursley
Thank you very much for your response. I'm a bit concerened about my career as mour local universities don't conduct Nuclear Engineering courses.So even if I want to study beyond Bachelor's Level,I woyld have to study abroad,should find Finacial Aid and all.And of course ir ...

AP Physics 1: Pendulums
A 2.20 kg pendulum starts from a height of 5.00m. It swings back and forth through one whole oscillation but only returns to a maximum height of 4.75m. How much negative work was done on the pendulum during the first entire oscillation?

1. How can I move money from my bank account to his? 2. He has moved to Harvard. 3. He took the streetcar and moved to the bus. 4. How can I move transfer from my bank account to his? 5. He has transferred to Harvard. 6. He took the streetcar and transferred to the bus...

What is the relationship between 1.0 and 0.1? A) 0.1 is 10 times as much as 1.0 B) 1.0 is 1/10 of 0.1 C) 0.1 is 1/10 of 1.0 D) 1.0 is equal to 0.1 My first elimination are c and d and I know that 0.1 is 10 times as much as 1.0. Now choice b is also true. Plz help me why should...

social studies
Can some one tell me why is the first covenant between God and Abraham important to Judaism?

Of three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. If the average of three numbers is 44, find the largest.

Marlye posted a story on her blog. On the first day there were 80 responses and on the second day there were 180 responses. What percent is the increase, 100, of the original number of responses, 80?

The sixth term of an appointment is 37 and the sum of the first sixth term is147 find the first term,find the sum of the first fifteen terms.

World History
Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages? A The first medieval merchants were higher in the social hierarchy, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were members of the lower social class. B The first medieval ...

1. There are two Renoirs on the wall. 2. This/That Renoir looks great. 3. Look at the Renoir on the table. 4. A Renoir is hanging on the wall. ------------------------------------ 1. In each sentence does 'Renoir' mean Renoir's painting? Are they all grammatical? 2. Do we have...

A particle of mass m kinetic energy K momentum p collides head on elastically with another particle of mass 2m at rest A) Momentum of first particle ? B) momentum of second particle? C) kinetic energy of first particle? D) kinetic energy of second particle?

Ed Tech plz helppppp
What does it mean to troubleshoot your computer? identify problems with your computer and attempt to fix them*** to open your computer to see what's missing from the hard drive to switch the mouse and keyboard plugs to download and print an new computer manual 2. If your ...

math helllppppp
Which best describes box and whisker plots? A. they are divided into sections using quartiles and extremes B. they are created by first writing a data set in order from least to greatest C. they show how data are spread out D. all of the above***

Find three consecutive natural numbers such that the sum of the first and the second is 39 more than the third number.

AP Global History
How did rum represent the triumph and oppression of the first era of globalization?

A body of mass 5kg moving with a speed of 3m/s collides head on with a body of mass 3kg moving in the opposite direction at speed of 2m/s The first body stops after the collision The final velocity of the second body is Ans:3m/s

5th grade LA
Can you check my homework? Which of these are compound sentences? 1. My cat licked my face when I came home from school. NO (simple) 2. I am worried, because my cat is missing. No (complex) 3. Sarah did her homework, and then she went to the party. YES 4. Kevin went to the ...

Write down the first 10 multiples of the following 3

1. Which of the following is an example of an -ar verb in Spanish? (1 point) a. leer b. dibujar c. escribir d. ir 2. Which city is next to the Tajo River? (1 point) a. Avila b. Madrid c. Toledo d. Segovia 3. What is a popular Sunday activity for families in Mexico City? (1 ...

Plz the first and last term of an AP are 79 and -5 if the sum is 814. Find A. The number of terms B. Common difference.

Due to evaporation, the water level in Wesley's aquarium dropped 2 cm a week during the first three weeks in July. What integer represents the change in water level during the three-week period? -2 cm. -3 cm. -6 cm.**** -9 cm

Art plz help fast!
(On all of these you need to be on internet explorer) 1. Picture: a peasant family cook over a campfire by Bartolomeo Pinelli, it is the first image on web/images The image pictured her is conveying what message to you as the viewer? The family is close but may not have a ...

Tell whether the first number is a multiple of the second.13;179 17;3,587

Tell whether the first number is a factor of the second. 9;522 10. 8;508 11. 13;179 12. 17;3,587

US History, History, Social Studies
Can anyone please help me with my US history writing? I am currently writing a paper related to the US policy in the Middle East. I have to write three policy recommendation to the US. My first idea is "The US step back from the Middle East"... But I'm not sure what to write ...

Act sps
the ratio of the sum to terms p and q terms of an a.p. is psquare:qsquare. prove that the common difference of the a.p. is twice the first term

Add or subtract. 1. (–183) + 289 = (1 point) –472 –106 106 472 2. (–10) – 1 = (1 point) –11 –9 9 11 3. 7 – (–8) = (1 point) –15 –1 1 15 4. At noon, the temperature was 12º. It rose 8º during the afternoon, and then dropped 28º by midnight. What was ...

I am practicing my reported speech. The first is in direct speech and the second part I have changed to reported. I would like someone can check Thanks How do you deal when the people said corruption in Africa is a black hole and you are putting money in this country? We have ...

Language Can someone help me plz????
1. Zippers ate rounr everywhere today, they can be seen on pants, shoes, handbags, suitcases and many other items. The history of the zipper is a long one, In fact, in the modern- day zipper was developed aver a period of 80 years, by several different people 2. In 1851,Elias ...

Precalculus 11
When subtracting 1 rational expression from another, when I'm multiplying the top & bottom of the first term by the denominator in the second term is that number automatically negative because the whole term is being subtracted? ex: (8a-3b)/7a - (2a+5b)/4b is the 4b negative ...

Who was Anne Hutchinson? The first woman sent to prison for speaking out against the government The first female minister and a devoted supporter of religious freedom for all A founding member of the Quaker community and wife of leader, William A supporter of women's rights ...

The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression (g.p) are 1 and 8 respectively. Find the common ratio,first term, and the eight term.

Malia is observing the velocity of a cyclist at different times. After two hours, the velocity of the cyclist is 15 km/h. After five hours, the velocity of the cyclist is 12 km/h. Part A: Write an equation in two variables in the standard form that can be used to describe the ...

world history
what type of evidence would give a historian the best first hand account of what occurred in the past A.written C.artwork D.tombstone etchings

Science I reallllllyyy need help!!!!
which of the following describes scientific inquiry? (1 point) a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen in an experiment facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observation the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world a well-...

On a 60 km track,a train travels the first 30 km at a uniform speed of 30 km per hour. How fast the train travels the next 30km so as to have an average of 40 km per hour for the entire trip

ann finished reading a book in 14 hours. it took ben 855 minutes to read the same book. carly read the book in 50,000 seconds. who finished the book first. explain your answer. Aren't they all around 14 hours?

Language Arts (Help ASAP)
Choose the option that best completes the multi-draft reading process First Read: Read to unlock the basic meaning of the poem Second Read: Focus on analyzing key ideas and details and the craft and the structure Third Read: Determine what conflict drives the main event ...

For my english project I am asked to do the following, "write a research project that is 850 words long in MLA format. My teacher asks the following, in part 2, summarize the findings of your articles and provide commentary and analysis of the information from the source. What...

In the first act of a play, all the actors were on stage. The second act opened with 1/2 the actors on stage, and then 5 actors left. After that, 1/2 remaining actors left, and 4 actors remained on stage. How many actors were on stage in the first act?

(I need help finding the remaining reasons for each statement in the column proof, I already know the first two) Finish the two-column Proof: If AB = 5x, BC = 2x –4, and AC = 52, then x = 8. (two column proof) AB= 5x, BC = 2x -4, AC = 52 (Given) 52 = 5x + 2x -4 (Substitute) ...

If you search analyzing a political cartoon by Gary Bookins, it's should be the first link (a PDF) It's an analyzing a political cartoon it's page 60 on the website!! 31. Who or what does the lifeguard represent? 33. Who or what helped identify the lifeguard? I really don't ...

Geometric progression
Find the number of terms in G.Pgiven thatits first&last term are 5 1/3k&243k/256 respectively&that its common ratiois3/4

a bouncy ball rebounds to 90% of the height of the preceding bounce. jason drops a bouncy ball from initial height of 25 feet (a) write out the sequence of the height of the first 4 bounces. (b) derive an explicit formula for the rebound height of a bouncy ball dropped from an...

pre algebra 1
Sasha finished mowing lawns at 4:15 PM. It took 1^3/4 h to mow the first lawn. The second and third lawns she mowed each took 1^1/5 h. She took one 45-min break. When did Sasha begin mowing the first lawn? A. 10.05 A.M. B. 11:05 A.M. C. 11:21 A.M. D. 12:21 P.M. thinking the ...

Which of the following would be the best approach to answering an essay question? Select one: a. Type the question into Google and use websites on the first page of results as the basis of your answer. b. Search the library catalogue, find a range of books and decide your own ...

Dover's current population is 5,074 residents, which is 14% smaller than at the time of its founding. What was the population of Dover back then? I'm sorry, there's another question on IXL I need some help on, I'm just wondering if I'm right, am I? First I subtracted 100% from...

two particles moving along x-axis in the same direction with uniform velocity is 8 metre per second and 4 metre per second initially the first particle is 21 m to the left of the origin and the second one is 7 m to the right of the origin to particle meets from the origin at a...

Economics - Finance
Your first baby was born yesterday and is healthy and strong. To guard against your premature death, you want to purchase a life insurance policy that will replace $58,000 of your annual income until your child is 20 years old. How much life insurance should you purchase, if ...

Hi, I am trying to find a closed form for the power series from n=2 to infinity of x^n/(n-1)n. I'm not really sure how to do this- I found the first and second derivatives which were x^(n-1)/(n-1) and x^n-2. However, this didnt really seem to help much. Any help is appreciated!

Terese manages a grocery store warehouse that encourages volume shopping on the part of customers. Therese has discovered that on any given weekday, 70% of the customers' sales amount to more than $100. that is, any given sale on such a day has a probability of 0.70 of being ...

probabilities in statistics
let two cards be dealt sucessively, without replacement, from a standard 52-card deck. find the probability of each event. a) club dealt second, given a diamond dealt first. b) the first card is the ace of hearts and the second is black

math (sinusoidal functions
The height of the rider on a Ferris Wheel can be modeled by a cosine function. At time t = 0, a rider boards the Ferris Wheel at its minimum height of 3 m. The maximum height of the Ferris Wheel is 39 m. During the 8 minute ride, the rider reaches the minimum height 5 times (...

Hello. This is kind of long, but I would truly appreciate it if someone could help me validate my solutions for the three questions listed below. Thank you in advance. A firm is considering acquiring a new segment to add to its product line. The estimated sales growth rate is ...

Social Studies (Grade 8)
What should be your first task when you begin a new lesson? A. Read the section in the online textbook B Start to fill out the Vocabulary knowledge rating chart C Take the lesson assessment D Copy the comprehension questions into the Lesson Nate taking organizer

if a particle starting with certain initial velocity and uniform accelration covers a distance 12m in first 3 seconds and a distance of 30m in next 3 seconds.then find its inital velocity

Natasha had 2356 beads, Lydia had 1176 beads and Munah hadn 1708 beads at first.After they each used an equal number of beads, Natasha had 3 times as many beads left as Lydia. How many beads did each of them use?

First Inc. is facing a liquidity problem and needs to issue a perpetual bond that is callable only at the end of year 2. The call price is $1,000 (face value) plus an additional coupon payment. The current interest rate is 8% per year. At the end of each year, interest rate ...

To @Writeacher
Yes,I used my phone to access this site from the very first day because I'm far from home due to my studies and usually I use my phone to get help with my studies.And it wasn't until yesterday this happened. So will I have to post it as a new question,every time I want to ask ...

Math- Tax
The income tax in a certain state is figured at 2% of the first 1,000, 3% of the first next 2,000, 4% of the next 3,000, and 5% thereafter. Find the tax on an income of $25,000

math 106
Two balls are drawn in succession, without replacement, out of a box containing 2 red and 5 white balls. What is the probability that the first ball drawn is red and the second ball drawn is also red?

(x^2-x-20)/(x^2-25) My teacher said that the first step is to factor everything. I know that x^2-25 is factored as (x-5) (x+5), but still need help with factoring x^2-x-20.

a wheel starts from rest on application of torque which gives it an angular acceleration @=2t^2-t^2 for first two seconds after which @= 0 then find angular velocity of wheel after 4 seconds.

58. The muffins were fresh. When discussing tenses, the subject of the previous sentence can be called the A: first person plural. B: second person plural. C: third person plural. D: first person singular. Answer: C

When he arrived at the café, Zach started preparing the scones, cookies, and muffins. While bread for sandwiches was purchased from a nearby bakery, he made these himself. Anybody looking for a stale pastry would have to try the Starbucks next door. Quality was important to ...

Mark give 20% of his marbles to john and three eighths of the remainder to harry. if he had 40 remain, how many marbles he had a first?

0 Tutors Online Right Now Math 20-1 Help What is this? What is tutors online right now mean? I need help What are points? See all FAQ Aron is training for a 10 km marathon swim in 19 weeks. Each week, his training plan includes a long distance swim. In week six, Aron swam a ...

Theory of machine
A winding drum raises a cage through a height of 120 m. the cage has, at first, an accelerationof 1.5 m/s^2 until the velocity of 9 m/s is reached, after which the velocity is constant until the cage nears the top, when the final retardation is 6 m/s^2. find the time taken for...

A reatil outlet is having a clearance sale on all the shoes in its inventory over a period of four days. On the first day it sells 1/4 of its inventory, on the second day it sells 1/2 of the remaining inventory , and on the third day it sells 1/6 of the remainder. What ...

A ball is dropped from a cliff and 2 seconds later, a second ball is thrown vertically downward. What must be the initial velocity of the second ball if it overtakes the first ball as it passes 400m ?

One bicycle is east of an intersection , and it is travelling towards the intersection of 9 miles per hour. at the same time a second bicycle is south of the intersection , and it is travelling away from the intersection at the rate of 10 miles per hour. Is the distance ...

In this exercise Use the word given in capital to some word that fits in the gap in the same line. DECISION - When I first met Steve, our senior manager, he seemed to me rather impatient and somewhat (indecisive) especially when it was necessary to take some serious decisions ...

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