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Math (calculus) (mean values)
A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold Ss given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t) = 155(7-(9/(2+t))) a) Find he average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. I got the answer to be 1395/28 b) During what month of ...

F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward using the projection of ...

1. For a particular year, a company has gross annual income of $780,000, annual expenses of $270,000, and allowed depreciation of $60,000. The company is located in a state where the first $200,000 corporate income is tax-free, and any income above that is taxed at a State ...

Can you please help me with this problem: The x-intercept of a line has a value of -7/6 and a y-intercept of 7. Another line has a slope that is twice the slope of the first line an a y-intercept that is 15 more than the first lines' y-intercept. What is the product of the ...

Business Math ( Future ordinary Annuities)
Howard has deposited RM1000 at the end of each month into a retirement savings plan for the last 10 years in his working life. His deposits earned an interest rate of 2.5% per month for the first 4 years and 3% per month for the rest of the years. What is the accumulated value...

language arts
Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? A. Yesterday, Sarah experienced rock climbing for the first B. Sarah seemed nervous at first. C. She climbed very well for a beginner. D. I think Sarah wants to go ...

alg 2 first final study guide
f (x) =2X^3 + 2x^2 - 3x + 2 please help me set up to find all the real number zeros of the function

There are ten children standing in the line, not all of whom have the same number of cakes with them. If the first child distributes his cakes to the remaining six children such that he doubles their respective number of cakes, then he will be left with four cakes. Instead, if...

Read the following passage. Then answer the questions that follow. THE OLYMPIC SWIMMER Who will be the winner bold? Athletes from both far and near Train and Strain to be the best. But who will win the medal gold? Swimmers swivel, splash, and kick Back and forth in a clear, ...

Plan A no initial fee and $75 per month Plan b $50 per Month for the first 12 months and 125 per month for each additional month after that, what is the equation?

n harmonic means have been inserted between 1 and 4 such that first meant:last mean=1:3,find n.

Life Management
The Lemon Law is used to protect first time home buyers. a. True b. False

Life Management
The following are available for assistance with the Lemon Law: a. consumer advocate groups b. departments of your State Attorney General's office c. legal aid d. all of the above*** This Act requires institutions disclose what credit will actually cost the consumer. a. Truth ...

Problem Page First, rewrite 3/10 and 7/25 so that they have a common denominator.

Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7
1: Why is urbanization associated with the Industrial Revolution? A:The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture. B:The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities. C: Settlers expanded the frontier West of the Mississippi river. D: ...

Language Arts
1.Read the sentence below: Biologists have created an immortal frog. They removed its vocal chords and now it cannot croak. Which of the following correctly explains the pun in this sentence and the word or words on which it is built? A. Biologists-these scientists can both ...

Chameleons catch insects with their tongues, which they can extend to great lengths at great speeds. A chameleon is aiming for an insect at a distance of 22 cm. The insect will sense the attack and move away 60 ms after it begins. In the first 60 ms, the chameleon’s tongue ...

How much heat does a freezer need to remove from 1kg of water at 40°C to make ice at 0°C? (You will need to use the specific heat of water to drop the temperature first, before trying to make the phase change!) Show your work. Please help! Also, this site isn't about giving ...

the least vaue of 'n' for which the sum of the first n-odd natural numbers exceeds 5000 is?

Apple Company has releases its new i-phone in the market with a suggested retail price of Php 35, 500. Many consumers are waiting for this model because of its unique and more advanced features. You are working as a marketing manager of the i-store, one of its dealer stores. ...

an arithmetic series is such that the ninth term is zero and the sum of first 25 terms is 50.the first term of the series?

1.In Social Studies, i learned about the famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 2. One of wright's best-known works is his house, fallingwater, in bear run, Pennsylvania. 3."Yes, wright still may be the best-known american architect," Mrs. Lee said. 4. Louis sullivan (1856-1924...

Find the first 4 terms of the recursively defined sequence. a subscript 1 =9​, a subscript 2 =9​, a Subscript n+1=a Subscript n +a Subscript n-1 Are the first four terms A)9,9,18,18 B)9,9,9,27 C)9,9,81,729 D)9,9,18,27

What are examples of first, second and third level consumers in the Chesapeake Bay?

1.What event led to the U.S. purchase of the Louisiana Territory? A)The burning of a U.S. Navy ship in the First Barbary War B)The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Marbury vs. Madison C)The successful Haitian slave revolt **D)Napoleon losing money in his European wars 2.Why ...

Affine ciphers, modular inverse
So using the inverse of 17 modulo 26 I have -3(y-4)(mod 26) first am I correct? (I originally started with -3(y+22)(mod 26)) And im now trying to decipher a simple message. Which I will plug the numbers of the letters into the equation instead of y. Again am I doing this ...

Psychology Final Exam 2
Check my answers? 17. A _________ is the functional unit of the nervous system. (1 point) Neuron******* Dendrite Head Cell body 18. The Central Nervous System consists of the __________ and __________. (1 point) heart and blood vessels muscles and tendons axons and dendrites ...

8.  Which characteristic ultimately​led to General McClellan’s replac​ement as Commander of the Union army? his organizational ability his cautious nature on the battlefi​eld his reckless nature on the battlefi​eld* his ...

he boy got bed Byron was up in his top bunk and Kenny was down in the bottom Kenny was so exited that he was talking a mile a minute although he realized that he was probably just talking to himself. Byron was still upset about the trip so he refused to answer. There was a ...

Cal 3
Find critical points for f(x,y)= x^3+y^3-15x^2-6xy+18y^2+39x+138y I know you first take the partial derivative of x and y, but I am not sure where to go from there.

Langugae Arts
11. Read the following sentence from “The Balek Scales.” My grandfather was the first person bold enough to test the justice of the Baleks, the family who lived in the chateau and drove two carriages, who always maintained one boy from the village while he studied theology...

The second term of a g.p. Is 27 and 7th term is 1/9. Find the first term and the common ratio.

Find three even consecutive integers such that the sum of the first two exceeds the third by 16.

two numbers sum to 37 twice the first subtracted from the second is 4 find the numbers

What is the total pressure on the gas after the 760 mm Hg has been added? FIRST PHASE atmospheric pressure= 760 torr gas volume= 60 mL (760 mm Hg added to 2nd phase) SECOND PHASE atmospheric pressure= 760 torr Gas volume= 30 mL **image looks like a J. in the 2nd phase, there ...

U.S History
Case Study: General Andrew Jackson: Andrew Jackson's military career spanned several wars including the American Revolution, the Creek War, the War of 1812, and the First Seminole War. After the Creek War, Jackson and the Creek Indians signed the Treaty of Fort Jackson in ...

There are 12 marbles in a bag, and the marbles are either yellow or green. Two marbles will be randomly picked from the bag, without replacing the first one picked. The probability that both marbles will be yellow is 5 33 . How many YELLOW marbles are in the bag?

A car which cost #1.8 million when New Depreciates by about 12% in the first 6 months.find the value after 6 months to 2 significant figures

Passage: from “Life Without Gravity” by Robert Zimmerman Worse, weightlessness can sometimes be downright unpleasant. Your body gets upset and confused. Your face puffs up, your nose gets stuffy, your back hurts, your stomach gets upset, and you throw up. If astronauts are...

If the line 3x-4y=0 is tangent in the first quadrant to the curve y=x^3+k, then k is? I got 1/4 is this correct?

Which of the following sentences contains an action verb? (1 point) This apple tastes funny. It seemed OK at first. I spit it out in the trash.**** It might be rotten.

U.s History
1.Which statement best describes an effect of William Penn's actions on colonial America? A)Cash-crop agriculture became more profitable in the Southern colonies. B)Many immigrants came to the Middle colonies seeking religious freedom.*** C)Several northern colonies decided to...

American Government
Please I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. What type of power does the Constitution grant to the Supreme Court? (1 point) executive power federal power judicial power legislative power 2. Which are examples of judicial restraint in the Supreme Court? Select all that apply. (3 ...

Tom deposits $800 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 2℅ per year. How much interest will he be paid in the first 2 years

What is the seperation energy ineV for Be3+ in the first excited state in eV?

Arithmetic progression
A person buys national savings certificate of values exceeing of the last years purchase by Rs. 100. after 12years he finds that the total value of certificate purchased by him is Rs. 7,200 find the value of the certificate purchased by him (1) in the first year and (2) in the...

The ratio of the number of goats in farm x to the number of goats in farm y was 9:4. After 35 goats were transferred from farm x to farm y,there was an equal number of goats in each farm. how many goats were there in each farm at first?

Thank you...I forgot to add the other part of the question.. The sum of two number equal 25 The second number is 4 times larger than the first number. Write the two equations AND what are the two numbers. I have x+4x =25 but not sure what the two equations would be? Please ...

The sum of two numbers equal 25. The second number is 4 times larger than the first number. What are the two numbers

Chapter 2 of the scarlet letter What does this tell you about the puritan people? "there appeared, in the first place, like a black shadow emerging into the sunshine, the grim and grisly presence of the town-beadle, with a sword by his side and his staff of office in his hand...

Eldon received 72 on his first calculus test. The marks were normally distributed with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 8. He received 80 on the next test, which was normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 6. Which was the better mark, ...

what city goes below sea level first miami or new orleans?

The taxi fare in a city is such that rs.50 is the fixed amount for the first two kilometers and rs.10 for the subsequent kilometers is charged.Taking the distance covered as " x"km and total fare as rs ." Y" ,write a linear equation in "x" and "y" .Represent it graphically

A rational function is defined as this: $$ f(X) = \frac{a_0 + a_1X + a_2x^2 + \cdots a_n X^n } {b_0 + b_1X + b_2 X^2 + \cdots + b_mX^M} $$ Which allowing complex numbers can be factored to this: $$ f(X) = \frac{a (X - \alpha_1)^{e_1} (X - \alpha_2)^{e_2} \cdots (X - \alpha_r...

Two debts ---- the first of $800 due six months ago and the second of $1400 borrowed one year ago for a term of three years at 6.5% compounded annually ---- are to be replaced by a single payment one year from now. Determine the size of the replacement payment if interest is 7...

A construction worker bought 21 7/8 Pounds of nails when those nails were all used she bought 2 1/2 times as many nails as she had bought the first time how many pounds of nails did she buy the second time

8th Grade Journalism
Can somebody please confirm that I'm correct with the other answers? **Can somebody help me with the 2nd question please? Passive Voice to Active Voice Passive Voice---A college entrance exam was taken by nearly 100 students on Saturday. Results from the exam were received by ...

Fe2+ is oxidized to Fe3+ and CrO4is reduced to Cr3+ using an unknown sample containing Fe2+ and 0.04322M K2CrO4 solution in a redox titration. I first need to balance the formula, but I don't know what to do with the potassium.

A man takes commission at the rate of 2% on first 50,000, 7% on next 50,000 and 0.5% on remaining price. Find bis commission on the car that has been silf for 2,38,000.

Maya's school held an aluminum collection program in which they collected aluminum and brought it to be recycled. In the first week, Maya collected 4/20 lb of aluminum and her friend Abigail collected 7/8 lb. a. which girl collected more aluminum? b. how much aluminum did the ...

Language Arts
Good evening. I have a problem in English Language Arts. I have to write a poem. The instructions are as follows: Write a short poem that reflects the mood you interpret of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). Follow the requirements listed below: 1. The poem must be 8 ...

Math - Calculus
The region in the first quadrant bounded by y=6x^2 , 2x+y=8, and the y-axis is rotated about the line x=-1. The volume of the resulting solid is: Please help me set up the integral for this one, I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried ∫[-4/3,1] pi (8-2x-1)^2-(6x^2-1)^2 dx, ...

The region in the first quadrant bounded by y=6x^2 , 2x+y=8, and the y-axis is rotated about the line x=-1. The volume of the resulting solid is:

The region R is in the first quadrant and bounded by the x-axis, the y axis, and y= 3+2x-x^2. Find the volume of the solid that results when R is revolving about y+1= 0

Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region in the first quadrant that is above the parabola y= 4x^2 and below the parabola y= 45-x^2 about the y-axis I just need help setting up the integral. V=∫[0,3]2pix(45-x^2)dx What am I doing wrong?

Find the area of the region in the first quadrant between the curves y=x^8, and y=2x^2-x^4

American Government HELP
Recall the scenario for this lesson’s discussion: You are the CEO of a powerful and politically connected corporation in your area. You have lunch once a month at your club with other business leaders of influential conglomerates to see where your interests might intersect. ...

linear programming problem
Consider the linear programming problem: Maximize P=60x+50y. x+y≤80 5x+10y≤560 50x+20y≤1600 x≥0 y≥0 Use the simplex method to solve the problem. Use s, t, and u as your slack variables for the first, second, and third inequalities respectively. Use the final simplex ...

Two sizes of concrete blocks are being used to build a raised garden bed for strawberries the first kind of block is 8 inches long and the second is 12 inches long a row of the shorter block is laid on the top of row of the longer blocks using only whole blocks what is the ...

A basketball team averages 98 points in its first three games.How many points must it score in the next game in order to have 100 point average overall?

Integral Calculus
We can use this power series to approximate the constant pi: arctan(x) = (summation from n = 1 to infinity) of ((-1)^n * x^(2n+1))/(2n+1) a) First evaluate arctan(1) without the given series. (I know this is pi/4) b) Use your answer from part (a) and the power series to find a...

Social Studies
Could you help me with these questions? 1. Which statement best explains the significance of the signing of the Mayflower Compact? * 2. What was a major reason for the colonization of the Americas by Europeans? * 3. Which reason led to the establishment of colonies in both ...

At first the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a Mathematics Club was I : 2 when 5 more boys joined the club , the ratio became 3 : 4 How many members were there in the club at first?

Sarah bought 2 boxes of pencils. There were 58 pencils in each box. In the first box, 23 of the pencils were red, 18 were blue, and the rest were yellow.

Light of wavelength 469 nm passes through a slit, creating a diffraction pattern on a screen. The angular separation between the first diffraction minima on either side of the central maximum is 6.0∘ . Determine the width of the slit. I used this equation to solve for the ...

Math - Aglebra One (Ratios)
my grandfather has a huge coin collection of silver dollars and 50-cent pieces. He promised to give one fourth if his collection to the first of his grandchildren who can figure put the total value of his coins. The only cares he will give are these: There are 133 more silver ...

Find the initial amount given an exponential function. Given the equation y = 24(0.77)^t, what is the initial amount? To find the initial amount, I need to replace t with 0. When I do that, I get y = 24(0.77)^0 which is y = 24(1), so y = 24 In doing other problems, that first ...

Calculus MATH
Problem statement a) Suppose f(x) is defined on 0 ≤ x ≤ 1 by the following rule: f(x) is the first digit in the decimal expansion for x. For example, f(1/2) = 5 and f(0.719) = 7. Sketch the graph of y = f(x) on the unit interval with appropriate scales for x and for y. Use...

The sum of two numbers is 3.What is the maximum value of the product of the first and the square of the second?

additional mathematics
if the 2nd term and the 4th term of an arithmetic progression are 15 and 23 respectively, find the first term and the common difference

Any help is appreciated! A grandfather clock is based on the period of oscillation of a pendulum. The clock keeps perfect time on the first floor of the Sears tower but when carefully moved to the top floor h=436 m above the surface of the earth, the clock is found to be slow...

Let y=e^(cos^-1x) for modx<1. Show that (1-x^2)(d2y/dx2)=x(dy/dx) + y. By further differentiation, show that e(cos^-1x) ≈ e^a(1 - x + 0.5x^2 - bx^3) where a and b are real constants to be determined. I managed to show the first part but I don't get how to do the second ...

Ok so in class this is what our teacher had us do.... 1.Pick a number to represent the number of times you would like to have chocolate in a week (more than once, but less than 10 times). 2.Double this amount (just to be bold). 3.Add 5. 4.Multiply the result by 50. 5.If you ...

Why does Hawthorne begin the story with a reflection about the need for a cemetery and a prison? I read the chapter 1 and dont know why the author begin the story like that. The book is called the scarlet letter and question pertains to the first chapter.

1 3 3 6 6 10 10 15 How do you get from the first number to the next?

A store is having a 20%-off sale. It gives an additional 10% off if the item is still above $100 after the first discount. A jacket costs $149.99. Will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars will you save in total? yes;$42.00 yes;$14.49*** no yes;$30.00

Check It, Math
A car dealership pays you 6% commission on your first $5,000 on car sales and 8% commission on the sale amount over $5,000. If you sold a $10,000 car, how much is your commission? $600** $700 $800 $500

1.Pick a number to represent the number of times you would like to have chocolate in a week (more than once, but less than 10 times). 2.Double this amount (just to be bold). 3.Add 5. 4.Multiply the result by 50. 5.If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1766. If ...

Chemistry (Molarity) Help
So there's this prelab assignment we're supposed to complete where we would fill out this table with [FeSCN^2+] in each of the test tubes. I'm not completely sure on how to do this? For example, on the first tube calculate the molarity of [FeSCN^2+] with the data given: -...

You have two boxes of colored pens. The first box contains a red pen, a blue pen, and a green pen. The second box contains a yellow pen, a red pen, and a black pen. What is the set that represents all the pens? (1 point) {red pen, blue pen, green pen}{red pen}{red pen, red pen...

2 balloons A and B of volume 600 ml and 1000 ml are taken at temperature 400 K. Max capacity of balloon A and B are 800 and 1200 ml resp. When the temperature is raised which balloon will burst first ?

A particle is moving along the x-axis so that its position at t ≥ 0 is given by s(t)=(t)In(2t). Find the acceleration of the particle when the velocity is first zero. a)2e^2 b)2e c)e d)None of these Any help is greatly appreciated

Social Studies
Which characteristic ultimately led to General McClellan’s replacement as Commander of the Union army? his organizational ability his cautious nature on the battlefield his reckless nature on the battlefield (my answer) his failure at the first Battle of Bull Run

David is planning to travel alone by motorcycle from Singapore to China. The total distance to be travelled is 4900 km. In the first week, he can travel 1000 km. a) How many weeks does it take for David to reach his destination, if he reduces the distance travelled by 100 km ...

Which of the following would be the best first step when solving the following system using the substitution method? • x - y = -4 ; • x + 2y = 5 x = -4 - y x = -4 + y 2y = 5 - x 2y = 5 + x I have solved the equation but I am unsure which is the best first step. x-y=-4 x+2y...

Which of the following would be the best first step for solving the system of equations by elimination? • 6.3x + 7.2y = 5.4 • 5.6x + 6.4y = 4.8

MATH @Damon @ms. Sue
Sam is observing the velocity of a car at different times. After three hours, the velocity of the car is 53 km/h. After six hours, the velocity of the car is 62 km/h. Part A: Write an equation in two variables in the standard form that can be used to describe the velocity of ...

An arithmetic series is such that the 10th term is 40 and the sum of the first 10 terms is 265. Find the sum of the first 20 terms.

Consider an upper-tail test of hypothesis for the difference in two population means. The sample data from the first population is: n = 50, x-bar = 110, s = 10. The sample data from the second population is: n = 75, x-bar = unknown, s = 11. We conclude the alternative ...

Two shaded identical rectangular decorative tiles are first placed (one each) at the top and at the base of a door frame for a hobbit’s house, as shown in Figure 1. The distance from W to H is 45 inches. Then the same two tiles are rearranged at the top and at the base of ...

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