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) Suppose that z=f(x,y)z=f(x,y) is defined implicitly by an equation of the form F(x,y,z)=0F(x,y,z)=0. Find formulas for the partial derivatives ∂f∂x∂f∂x and ∂f∂y∂f∂y in terms of F1,F2,F3F1,F2,F3. To enter your answer use F1, F2, F3 as the partial derviatives ...

An insect crawls on a piller 35m, it ascends 5m in the first minute but slips down 3m in the next minutes if it continous crawling in this way. what time it will take to reach at tha top of the pillar?

Calculus II: Shell Method for finding volumes
Question: What is the volume of the revolution bounded by the curves of y=4-x^2 , y=x, and x=0 and is revolved about the vertical axis. First, I had found the points of intersection to get the limits and I got -2.5616 and 1.5616. And then I plug it in the shell method formula ...

Pawleys total earnings after 3 years if the first year his salary was X dollars. The second year it was 5000.00 higher, and the third year it was twice as much as the second year?

the vertical displacement y of a boat that is rocking up and down a lake, with y measured relative to the bottom of the lake. It has a maximum displacement of 12 meters and a minimum of 8 meters, a period of 3 seconds and an initial displacement of 11 meter when measurements ...

Adeline and Mandy had some money in the ratio 3:7. After Adeline receive $92 and Mandy receive $40, both girls had an equal amount money. How much money did they have at first?

The perimeter of a triangle is 42 yards. The first side is 5 yards less than the second side, and the third side is 2 yards less than the first side. What is the length of each side?

An AP is given k,2k/3,k/3,0....calculate the sum of the first 30 terms

The first three terms of an arithmetic progression are 1/2, x, 25. The first three terms of a geometric progression are x+1/4, 32 1/2, and y, where x and y are positive numbers. Find the value of X and the value of Y.

Social Studies
I need help under standing this passage"...[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife...are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting that fences on said farm in good order and to keep them so and to do all ...

The ratio of Jims money to Peter's money was 4:7 at first. After Jim spent 1/2 of his money and peter spent $60, Peter had twice as much money as Jim. How much money did Jim have at first?

Math (Check answers, please.)
Hello. I am having some difficulty with this problem. Could you please check my answer? You start searching for a buried object by marking the center of a field as (0, 0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive, and ...

The perimeter of a triangle is 42 yards. The first side is 5 yards less than the second side, and the third side is 2 yards less than the first side. What is the length of each side?

Social Studies
Radical Republicans had two main goals. First, they wanted to break the power of wealthy planters who had long ruled the south. Second, they wanted to ensure that freedmen reveived the right to vote. They used legislative reforms, or changes in laws, to achieve their goals. - ...

In an arithmetical progression,the sum of the first five terms is 30,and the third term is equal to the sum of the first two.write down the first five terms of the progression.

A certain university has 7 vehicles available for use by faculty and staff. Five of these are vans and 2 are cars. On a particular day, only two requests for vehicles have been made. Suppose that the two vehicles to be assigned are chosen in a completely random fashion from ...

There are 3,000 people at a concert. You survey a random sample of 200 people and find that for 35 of them this is the first concert they have ever attenede. Estimate how many total people are attending their first concert that night

The ratio of Natalie’s markers to Susan’s markers was 5:3 at first. After Natalie gave 25 markers to Susan, they had an equal amount of markers each. How many markers did they have altogether?

Math Algebra
A drive took some hours to travel from Rome to Milan. His average speed for the whole journey was 80 km/hour. For the first half of the journey he traveled at an average speed of 50km/hour. Find his average speed for the second half of the journey. In this case half refers to ...

These question is about the story, "The Awakenening" By choosing to devote herself to her art Mademoiselle Reisz (5 points) • has gone against the expectations of Creole society for women. • has made herself an outcast of sorts. • has gained the admiration and respect of...

There are two numbers whose sum is 50. Three times the first is 5 more than twice the second. What are the numbers?

AP English Literature
What incidents reveal that Leonce is not a good match as a husband for Edna? - Leonce wakes Edna to care for their son, explaining that he has a fever. - Leonce controls her every action - Leonce's obsession with his business makes him unaware of Edna's feelings. - both the ...

AP English Literature
This question is for the story "The Awakening" By choosing to devote herself to her art Mademoiselle Reisz • has gone against the expectations of Creole society for women. • has made herself an outcast of sorts. • has gained the admiration and respect of the Creole ...

AP English Literature
This is for the story "The Awakening" Edna's father • was a Colonel in the army during the Civil War. • disapproves of Edna's marrying Leonce. • feels wives should be controlled by their husbands. • all of the above • none of the above I know the first is true, but ...

Geography (w/ geometry)
So I'm trying to calculate the latitude of where I am via a few factors. My lesson says I need to know the following: The date of my measurements: 4/3/17 the time: 12:30 my height: 5' 10" my shadows length: 4' 6" It then says first, compute the angle of the sun when the photo ...

Algebra 2
Claire has borrowed $\$5,\!000$. She plans to pay off the loan in full after two payments. She will make one payment in 3 years, then another payment in 6 years. The second payment will be exactly double the amount of the first payment. How much is the first payment if the ...

Algebra 2
Claire has borrowed $\$5,\!000$. She plans to pay off the loan in full after two payments. She will make one payment in 3 years, then another payment in 6 years. The second payment will be exactly double the amount of the first payment. How much is the first payment if the ...

Calculus II
I need to find if the summation of (n^4)/(n^10 + 1) is convergent or divergent from n=1 to infinity. I tried splitting it up into two sums, one being 1/n^6, which would be convergent because p=6>1, and then the other being n^4, but I'm not sure how to know if this is ...

social studies
1. Which modern, independent nation was founded through the leadership of a slave? *Belize *Mexico *Haiti****** *Cuba 2. What was the name of the criollo priest who helped begin Mexico's struggle for freedom in 1810? *Toussaint L'Ouverture *Simon Bolivar *Jose de San Martin *...

There were d passengers in the train. 15% of all of them went in the first car, 20% went in the second car. How many passengers were in the rest of the train? D - 0.15d + (0.15d*0.2) + ? 0.15 + 0.03 = 0.18 I don't know what to do next?

Corporate Finance
You have been asked to estimate the value of a 10-year bond with a coupon that will be low initially but it is expected to grow later in the bond’s life. The coupon is expected to be 5% of the face value of the bond (which is $ 1000) for the first 5 years, and will increase ...

Can someone link me sites where they have information on the two below? 1. In Act IV, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet cries, ''O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris . . . And I will do it without fear or doubt.'' Both Romeo and Juliet seek out Friar Lawrence for counsel ...

"First word (8 letters) 2nd word (4 letters) 3rd word (5 letters)" -First name (9 letters) last name (5 letters). Any ideas?

A school spends a quator of it's money on books and a third on salaries. If the school spends a fifth of the remainder on transport, the remainig amount was sh.40,000. How much money did the school have at first?

Explain the difference between Type 1 (T1DM) and Type 2 (T2DM) diabetes. What are the common risk factors associated with T2DM? (Use the abbreviations for Type 1 & 2 diabetes mellitus in your response; don’t forget to define them the first time you use them in your response...

Find the number of ways in which 3 of 10 real estate salesperson can be ranked first, second and third according to market knowledgebility.

Use the display of data to find the standard deviation. A bar graph titled Score with a horizontal axis labeled from 5 to 11 in increments of 1 and a vertical axis labeled Frequency from 0 to 12 in increments of 2 contains three vertical bars with labels and heights as follows...

a new product is to be promote in the market. The sales in the first week is estimated to be 5000 unit with an increase of 1500 each week during the product's lifespan. Find the formulas for the number of sales, S(unit), in the nth week.

You plan on borrowing $14000 at 16% APR for 5 years. Use Web Loan Calculator to find the monthly payment. Find the total interest paid on this loan for the first 20 months. Set up a spread sheet to answer. Here is an example of what it should look like. All cells in lower ...

lactic acid is the avid responsible for the sour test in spit milk. on the basis of combustion analysis, it's percentage composition by mass is 40.00% carbon, 6.71%hydrogen and x% oxygen. a. Calculate the empirical formula of lactic acid b. The molar mass of lactic acid is 90g...

First read this poem to answer 1-9 ROSE POGONIAS 1. A saturated meadow, 2. Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3. A circle scarcely wider 4. Than the tress around were tall 5. Where the winds were quite excluded 6. And the air was stifling sweet 7. With the breath of many flowers, 8. ...

physical cemistry
f 20.0mL of 0.122M NaOH are required to reach the first equivalent point of a solution of citric acid(tripotic acid H3C6H5O7).How many mL of NaOH in total are required to reach the second equivalence point?

method of teaching maths
1. Develop a unit of learning at the end of which learners should be able to: • reduce any angle in the first quadrant of a Cartesian plane to a difference of and an acute angle, • reduce any angle in the second quadrant of a Cartesian plane to a sum of and an acute angle...

American gov
But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order. . . . If there is any fixed star in our constitutional ...

Match the expressions with thier equivalent equations in the columns. List A: List B: 6x+12 6(1+x) 6+6x 6x-6 6(x-1) 6(x+2) Fill in the blank: The expression 6x+12 is equivalent to the expression __________ The expression 6+6x is equivalent to the expression __________ The ...

I help solving these out can someone work through them with me???? 19. WorkPad Note: In questions 19-21, remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work. ...

financial securities
Cat Bonds An insurance company has sold insurance to cover damage that arises from hurricanes in the South Texas area. If a hurricane occurs, the insurance company is faced with losses as it pays out claims. The magnitude of the losses will depend on many factors: the severity...

If f and g are functions of time, and at time t = 3, f equals 8 and is rising at a rate of 3 units per second, and g equals 5 and is rising at a rate of 8 units per second, then the product fg equals __ and is rising at a rate of __ units per second. I got 40 for the first ...

Let Θ1 and Θ2 be some unobserved Bernoulli random variables and let X be an observation. Conditional on X=x, the posterior joint PMF of Θ1 and Θ2 is given by pΘ1,Θ2∣X(θ1,θ2∣x)= 0.26, if θ1=0,θ2=0, 0.26, if θ1=0,θ2=1, 0.21, if θ1=1,θ2=0, 0.27, if θ1=1,θ2=1, ...

Determine the amount of work required for each of the following: a) to lower a 35kg sack of rice through a height of 3.5m b) to carry the 30kg sack of rice 10m along a corridor c)to crave the sack of rice 15m along the corridor at a constant velocity against a frictional force...

the half time of a radioisotope is found to be 4.55 minutes. if the decay follow first order kinetics. what percentage of isotope will remain after 2.00 hours?

write down the first four terms of the following expansion (1+x)^1/4 stating in each case, the values of x for which the expansions are valid

6th grade math (student)
Throughout the season, drew scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 10 in the first 6 games. How many did he score in the last 4 games? Write the equation and solve.

A bicycle tire has a stone stuck in it. The radius of the tire is 46cm. Every time the wheel turns, the stone hits the ground. a.) How far will the bicycle travel between the stone hitting the ground the first and second time? b.) How many times will the stone hit the ground ...

A small country consists of seven states; there are 189 seats in the legislature that need to be apportioned among the seven states; and the population of each state is shown, State A: 1283 State B: 2374 State C: 2725 State D: 2155 State E: 1592 State F: 2511 State G: 2017 ...

life orientation
why do learners stop their studies and fall in their first year of studies at college or universities?

World History
Choose four of the following questions to ask Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad:? Ok I choose the questions and I got the first and third one I just need help with the second and forth question •Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith? Moses: The book of my people is ...

8th Grade History
How did Jefferson Davis's failure as a leader illustrate a key weakness of the Confederacy? A. He failed to secure enough funds for the war, which illustrates the Confederacy's bureaucratic corruption. B. He failed to secure enough trained generals for the war, which ...

help with math!
Morwen bikes around his neighborhood for an hour. He averages 15 mph for the first 40 minutes, but then he tires and averages 10 mph for the last 20 minutes. What is is his average speed for the whole hour?

a bag of fruit contains 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 banana, and 4 pears. Gerald will randomly select 2 fruit at a time from the bag and not put them back. what is the probability that the first piece of fruit jared selects will be a banana and the second piece of fruit will be of ...

Morwen bikes around his neighborhood for an hour. He averages 15 mph for the first 40 minutes, but then he tires and averages 10 mph for the last 20 minutes. What is is his average speed for the whole hour?

A company is making detergent out of soap and water. They made one batch that has 30% soap and another batch which is 60% soap. If they mix 600 liters of the first batch with 300 liters of the second batch, what percent of soap will be in the detergent?

Determine when the Hamilton method gives an Alabama paradox and who lost the representative. Increase the committee size by one seat at a time, starting from an 8-member committee. Given: City A, City B, and City C are cooperating to build a community center catering to the ...

The first time the shuttle fires is at 7:44:35:16 on Friday morning and the next time it fires them is in the wee hours at 2:26:33:07 on Saturday morning. How much time has elapsed between one firing and the next? 7:44:35:16 means hours:minutes:seconds:hundredths of seconds

Following the recent​ census, State​ A, with a population of 13.5 ​million, was allocated 23 representatives. State​ B, with a population of 12.4 ​million, was given 16 representatives. Assume one more representative is to be assigned to one of these states. How do I...

Science Earths Evolution
Tell me what you think plz 1.The Reason why it was not a solid planet yet is because Rocks or asteroids were still being formed. All there was were Dust and Tiny Particles were forming the asteroids. This was probably in the Hadean Era Because it was long ago, That’s ...

Social Studies
1. In the Second Punic War, (1 point) Carthage attacked Rome.* most battles took place at sea. Carthage defeated Rome. Rome invaded Spain. 2. Who was Cincinnatus? (1 point) a dictator who served 16 days* a dictator in power until his death a plebeian a member of the Senate 3...

Math, Algebra
So I've tried for two days to figure out this problem. I tried to ask my friend to help me but she just won't. My parents don't know anything about math, they said so themselves. The first day I tried I cried I got so frustrated. The second day I just gave up. Today is my last...

Which of the following can be used to explain why fossils of the same kinds of organisms can be found in different regions of the world? biogeography adaptation continental drift dispersal** Which piece of children’s’ playground equipment could be used to model and explain...

1. Read the following paragraph from "Five Hours to Simla." After the cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forwards. For the moment there was a lull, ...

In a gp fifth is 4 times the 3rd term and sum of first two terms is -4. Find the terms of gp

I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THE WORK FOR THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the length of each side(triangle) first side-x second side-x+2 third side-x+3 Perimeter=35m "answer = 10m, 12m, 13m" ^^^^how do you get this???

Algebra 2
Describe an infinite geometric series with a beginning value of 2 that converges to 10. What are the first 4 terms of the series? Last question and my mind is fried, can someone please help me? Thanks

Algebra 2
On a cold winter night, Anna makes a cup of hot cocoa. When she takes the first sip, she realizes that the cocoa is too hot to drink. She drops a thermometer into the cup and discovers that the cocoa is 170° F. After 20 minutes, she tries again and the cocoa is still too hot ...

Two small balls are attached to a rigid rod of mass 2.2 kg that is 6.0 m in length. The first ball has a mass of 2.25 kg and the second ball has a mass of 4.95 kg. (c) What is the moment of inertia of the rod when it spins around its center of mass?

Language Arts
Question: Poets use imagery and words with different connotations and denotations. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of imagery, connotation, and denotation. Then, explain how poets use these elements to contribute to tone in a poem. Support your answer with ...

The party of kejriwal walks from gwalior to Bhuvneshwar. They first walk straight for 150km and then turn 45 ddegree towards Varansi and again go straight for 120km how for have they travelled from the initial place. Please show the method.

Billy Isastar, a famous basketball player, is not a very good free throw shooter. He manages to connect on 65% of his attempts. What is the probability that the first free throw Johnny hits in a game is on his fourth attempt? a. .015 b. .028 c. .179 d. .096

Mark put $3290 into a bank that offered 3% interest rate compounded monthly. Mark kept the money in this account for 9 years and then moved all this money to a new account that offered 6% interest rate compounded weekly. Do not round any numbers until you get to an answer. How...

calculate the first ten term of an Arithmetic progression whose 5th term is 24 and the difference the 7th and 10th term is 15

calculus review please help!
1) Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=arcsin (x/4), y = 0, and x = 4 obtained by integrating with respect to y. Your work must include the definite integral and the antiderivative. 2)Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral which gives the volume when the ...

You invested money into two funds. Last year,the first fund paid a dividend of 8% and the second a dividend of 5%, and you received a total of $1330. This year, the first fund paid a 12% dividend and the second only 2% and you received a total of $1500. How much did you invest...

physics/maths help damon or steve or scott
A body moves in a straight line,with initial velocity and uniform acceleration.find how far it travels in 12sec.,given that it travels 246m in the first 6 sec.,and 69m in the last 3sec.find the initial velocity. Please show step

the angles of of evolution of the top of a hill from the City centres of two towns on either side of the hill are observed to be 30° and 60° respectively. if the distance of hill of the top from the city centre of first is 9 kilometre find in kilometres the distance ...

Calc AB
I've been trying to solve this problem for the past 45 minutes and could really use some help. I'm given that water flows into a tank at a rate of (5t+4) gallons/min. Water flows out of the tank at a rate of 0.5(t^2) gallons/min. At t=0 min the tank contains 100 gallons. The ...

There were some people on the bus. At the first stop 19 people got off and 17 people got in. Now there are 63 people inside the bus. How many were there at the start? We have to find THREE ways I found Two : 1) 19-17 = 2 63 + 2 = 65 2). 63 - 17 = 46 46 + 19 = 65 I need help ...

Hi I did a quiz today it said I got A 5/9 but it did not show me the correct answers or the ones i missed so if it could be possible that someone could the answers so I could see which ones I need to fix please help me I just came here to see which ones are correct also I'm ...

The region in the first quadrant bounded by the x-axis, the line x = π, and the curve y = cos(cos(x)) is rotated about the x-axis. What is the volume of the generated solid? a. 1.921 b. 3.782 c. 6.040 d. 8.130

You have the numbers 1- 10 in a bag.You draw a slip at random and draw another without replacing the first. Find the probability that both numbers are odd.

social studies, WW1 times
10. Which of the following is the most likely reason why many Mexicans were opposed to American investment in their country? O Many Mexicans wanted to invest their own money in property and businesses in Mexico. O Most Mexicans remained poor while Americans invested in Mexico'...

Four men, Eddie Jake, Deon, and Fred are watchmen in a small factory in Lorain. Their job consists of two daily shifts of six hours each, interrupted by a rest of several hours. At any hour of the day or night there must always be two men on duty. However, no two men's shifts ...

Mental Health
Hello I am working on DSM questions and am having problems with selecting the correct response can you help. Here are the questions I am not sure about. Michael was recently diagnosed by his psychiatrist with bipolar disorder. He reports that his mother was diagnosed in her ...

math- factoring
The question is ax^2+bx+c=(2x-7)(x-3) for all values of x, What is the value of b? The teacher went over and said the answer is -13, but I am not sure how she got that. Can you please explain. Thank you! I did the first part (2x-7)(x-3) 2x^2-6x-7x+21 2x^2-13x+21 here x=-13 but...

In electrical engineering, a continuous function like f(t)=sin(t), where t is in seconds, is referred to as an analog signal. To digitize the signal, we sample f(t) every ∆t seconds to form the sequence Sn= f(n∆t). For example, sampling f every 1/10 second produces the ...

Find the point of the parabola z= x^2+y^2 which is closest to the point (3 -6 4) B_ find the centroid of the first quare the area bounded by parabola y=x^2 and the line y= x2bar Cadet ermine the centroid of the first quarter to area of the curve x=acos^3theta y=sine^3theta

Business studies
A machine was purchased with money borrowed from the bank at a cost of k50000.00 which is expected to last for 6 years and depreciated at 12.5% per 6,the depreciated value and the accumulated interest for year two (2)year (6) .The first calculation has been done for you. Year ...

Which of the following lines from a&p illustrates updikes use of conflict A. the whole store was like a pinball and I didn't know which one they'd come out of. B. you could see the, when Queenie's white shoulders dawned on then, kind of move, or hop, or hiccup but their eyes ...

Two shelves contain 55 books. If half of the books from the second shelf were relocated to the first shelf, then the first shelf would contain 4 times more books than the second one. How many books are there on each shelf?

Social studies
why was the americans attack on manila harbor in the philippines important for a quick american victory in the spanish american war? The United States relied on war supplies from Asia and securing the Philippines protected those.••• The United States was able to crush ...

1. Math is complex but useful. 2. Math is complicated but useful. (Are both okay? Which syllable is stressed in 'complex'? First syllable or second syllable? There seem to be two ways in the dictionary.)

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