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1. The _____ is something that should be tested according to the comfort level of the golfer. A. Grip** B. Putting green C. Sand trap D. Tee Check my answer?

in general , do young adults enjoy greater financial independence than adolescents do or less financial independence

Mental Health Diagnosis and assessment
Hello I am not sure about my answers. Can someone help me? Jose is a Latino client who presents with occupational difficulties. He was laid off from a construction job 8 months ago and has been unable to find work. Ever since he lost his job, he has been drinking alcohol ...

Health safety and nutrition
Describe the steps to a healthy menu for infants, toddlers, and children.

which was a factor that contributed to the baby boom? A. The popularity of the suburbs. B.improvements in health care and nutrition C. Increased leisure time for families. D. The production and of sale of more goods. My answer:A

Health and physcal ed.
kidney stones can be very painful. what prevention methods could you used to keep from developing them? A)Drink a lot of milk wich is full of calcium. B)Drink plenty of water, wich flushes out your system. c)eat plenty of pretien rich foods like fish and/or chicken**** D)take ...

Teens who use alcohol have a higher risk of having problems with alcohol later in life true or false jiskha True*** False Please help

As a matter of fairness, should individuals be required to pay for health services on the basis of their actuarial risk of illness or, alternatively, on the basis of their ability to pay? help?

The health Continuum is a representation of where your current health status Falls somewhere between illness and wellness identify the health status that might cause a decline in health and move you toward the state of illness

What are the fundamental values of each of these health systems: The system In Mexico, the system in Canada, the system in the United Kingdom, and the system in the United States? I think it has to do with comparison of the healthcare systems in Canada and the United States is...

3. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of (Select all that apply.) (2 points) A) carbohydrates. B) fats. C) proteins. D) fiber

Health Science
"What is diabetes mellitus? What are the complications of the disease if left untreated?" I need an A+ worth answer. 150 Words. I would really appreciate if I could get some help. Thanks.

Jacob is writing a report about the benefits of running. He is looking for sources to support his opinion that running has health benefits. Which choice would be LEAST LIKELY to provide him with information to support his opinion? A) a health magazine B) a website called ...

Payroll accounting
Julie Whiteweiler made $930 this week. Only social security (fully taxable) and federal income taxes attach to her pay. Whiteweiler contributes $100 each week to her company's 401(k) plan and has $25 put into her health savings account (nonqualified) each week. Her employer ...

1.why is it necessary to make a pressure bandage for a bleeding injury a)to cover the wound so id does not get contaminated b)to create a barrier so the blood does not infect the rescuer

Health and physical education
I really need help on the connexus academy health and physical education grade 6 semester b unit 6 lesson 6 human body systems test. Please someone help me! If I don't finish this test today I will be in a lot of trouble and I don't have time to study!

What information would you have difficulty finding on a prescription bottle? a) how many times a day to take it b) the strength of the medicine c) The name of your doctor who prescribed the medicine *** d) the reason you're taking the medicine

what are nuts

Is there an ethical right to health care? If so, what are the practical consequences of concluding that this ethical right exists? I believe so but not too sure

Please Help me !! Sentence 9: They emphasized the importance of good maternal and child health care, including the administering of vaccines? 1- replace They with it 2- change emphasized to emphasize 3- change the spelling of importance to importants 4- insert a comma after ...

Physical Health Education
Facts and fallacies about female participation in sports

Mental Health
Can you help determine what would be the best approach to answer the following question? I selected E but the wording NOT has me unsure about whether to select D. Which of the following are NOT representative of psychological causal factors of abnormal behavior? A. Inadequate ...

Mental Health
Can you help determine what would be the best approach to answering the following question? I selected E but the wording NOT has me unsure about whether to select D. Which of the following are NOT representative of psychological causal factors of abnormal behavior? A. ...

Mental Health
Hello I am working on DSM questions and am having problems with selecting the correct response can you help. Here are the questions I am not sure about. Michael was recently diagnosed by his psychiatrist with bipolar disorder. He reports that his mother was diagnosed in her ...

science, Health
RATE of diffusion must be expressed as number of particles moved per unit time. Write this as a word. Can you please teach me this?

U.S History
Hi I took a test that I am not too confident in so if someone could help me out I would love it. Here are the questions and my answers to them. ______________________________________ In the text, you read about the healthcare issue during Bill Clinton's presidency. In 1994, ...

health class
smoke exhaled from a smoker's lungs is called mainstream smoke id this true or false

Health and Physical Education
The Nose, The Diagram and lungs are apart of which system ?

Based on data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database (A-5), an estimate of the percentage of adults who have at some point in their life been told they have hypertension is 23.53 percent. If we ...

You work for president Lula's government. You most likely support? Tax cut for corporations. Privatization of Industry. Redirection of oil wealth to provide social services. budget cuts to education and health care

A person who has a physical craving or strong emotional need to use alcohol is showing signs of: A)Reverse Tolerance B)Tolerance C)Rehabilitation D)Addiction***

Health and Physical Education
Kindey stones are very painful what prevention method can you use from developing them?

Health and Physical Education
what is the function of the small intestines?

what type of muscle is only found in one place of the body?

Extra Credit Opportunity Health and PE Project: Body Systems 10 Extra Credit Points! (5 points for the project, 5 points for presenting during LL) What: Choose a Body System from Unit 6 and Create a PowerPoint Slide or a Poster! Why: Teach us about the body system you ...

how can towns effect teens health

I need help brainstorming ideas for the following below: our assignment is that : "You have been asked by the college union to research a way that will make the lives of its students easier. You should consider ONE facet of a students’ life that you would like to help with (...

this is a sentence from Another Evening at the Club The spectres of the eucalyptus trees ranged along the garden fence rocked before her gaze, with white egrets slumbering on their high branches like huge white flowers among the thin leaves The author most likely compares the ...

In the past, the United Stated Public Health Service and state and local health departments dominate the fields. What correction should be made to this sentence? 1) insert comma after Service 2) change state and local to State and Local 3) insert comma after departments 4) ...

British Rule in India impact on health

When you are full grown in emotional sense, you will reach. A-a midlife crisis B-emotional intimacy C-Emotional maturity(my answer) D-your physical peak.

1- what effect does a baby have on a teenage couple? A- brings the couple closer together B-school and education is unefected C-Mother drops out of school(my answer) D-physical maturity gets stronger

1-HIV positive people receive treatments to keep. A-their viral load as high as possible B-their viral load as low as possible(my answer) C- their viral load as equal to their t-cell count D-their t-cell count as low as possible

1-Which f these methods are ineffective in protecting you from hiv? A-avoiding contact with blood B-Practicing abstinence C-sharing needles(my answer) D-avoiding alcohol 2-Samuel has engaged in high risk sexual behavior, but he feels fine. He thinks it's unnecessary to get ...

what type of advertising should you be careful of accepting the truth A: an ad stating a product contains "special" or "secret" ingredients. B: an ad that states the product has publish consumers-tested results C: an ad for medicine that states it has gone through government ...

what type of advertising should you be careful of accepting the truth A: an ad stating a product contains "special" or "secret" ingredients. B: an ad that states the product has publish consumers-tested results C: an ad for medicine that states it has gone through government ...

So I am answering some questions regarding the motifs of Macbeth. I was wondering if the quotes I have chosen are the right choices for each motif. I'm supposed to find quotes from the closing lines of Malcolm after killing Macbeth 1. Fair is foul and foul is fair (Not really ...

(health) Thx for helping
the hair on your body is able to help you keep healthy in many ways. Your hair(1) protect your scalp from sunlight and provides insulation from the cold. (2) hair from nostrils,ears, and ___ prevents debris from entering the body. A.eyebrows B.eyelashes C. hands D. mustache my...

I just took an Ed Tech assessment and so could someone check my answers before I turn it in? Thanks!! 1.) What did the STRICT study generally find about the effect of Internet use on sleep? A. Teens who use the Internet and phone after bedtime have a variety of sleep problems...

Health & Physical Education
Hello, I REALLLYYY need help with my Health and physical ed quiz. I have ONE question that i need help answering. please and thank you. 1) Your doctor tells you that you and your twin sister have the same basal metabolism rate (BMR). You live independent lives and do your own ...

Explain why a doctor would prescribe medicine to someone who is in good health? A. your cousin got her wisdom teeth removed and has been in alot of pain. B. Your grandmother is not getting enough iron in her food and she feels tired all the time. C. (Your mother needs special ...

Science, Health
Are calories the only difference between eating 100g of chips and skittles vs. eating 100 g of fresh fruit? What are some other things that you think should be considered?

explain how using tolerance can help prevent a conflict

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS? A recent study found that, of the 1771 participants aged 12 to 19 in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 19.5% had some hearing loss (defined as a loss of 15 decibels in at least one ear). This is a dramatic increase from a ...

Health i thin ! PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!
Which of the following is not a type of fat? fat B.trans fat C.saturated fat D.unsaturated fat

The goal of health/safety education is...

Explain why a doctor would prescribe medicine to someone who is in good health. 1) your cousin had her wisdom teeth removed and is in pain. 2) your grandmother is not getting enough iron in her food and she feels tired. 3) your mother needs special vitamins to keep the ...

What are some ways to stay awake during studying for tests at night?

health help mrs.sue pls
alcohol is categorized as drug stimulant depressant carcinogen only 2

health PLS HELP 35% OF GRADE
alcohol is categorized as a drug a stimulant a depressant a carcinogen pick 2 only

Discuss ways in which the environmental health hazard can impact negatively on human health

That Old Straw Sojourner David Matherne An old patched hat, which was almond with trim-red, Watched as it sat on an old, thin head. And what it saw, and what it knew, Was more than more of you Might even ever construe 5 From just a patched, old hat. It’d seen a child die—...

Supportive Learning Environment
Which of the following statements is true about stress in young children? A. Children who experience high stress in the early childhood years develop coping skills that result in a higher threshold to stress in later years. B. Stress isn't as harmful in very young children ...

Check answers please: Health
1. When reading a recipe's ingredients, which substance makes the recipe an unhealthy choice if it is present in a high amount? A. Fiber B. Protein C. Trans fat*** D. Unsaturated fat 2. Of the five food groups, which one should be consumed in the smallest amount? A. Dairy*** B...

Health Insurance
1. The patient is seen by his family physician for follow-up treatment of recently diagnosed asthmatic bronchitis. The physician’s fee is $75. The patient’s copayment is $20. The patient’s insurance plan covers 80% of the fee schedule amount of $60. No deductible is ...

1.The second stage of birth is a)labor b)postpartum period c)delivery of baby d) delivery of afterbirth 2.True or False: It is safe for a pregnant women to use over-the-counter medications without consulting a doctor a)true b)false 3.For parental care,it is encouraged that the...

Why do we sneeze?

Do you really believe ethical theories are useful in assisting health care professionals and organizations and systems in doing the "right"? I believe there is isn't a right or wrong answer for when it comes to ethical theory...? Help?

American government
1) If angels were to govern men. neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessarywhich of the following supports Madison's belief that internal and external controls on government are necessary?A) the black lives matter movement encourages protests ...

P.E (Physical Education
what would be a good way to improve your own health and the health of others within the school community?

financial literacy
A college professor's compensation package includes the total cost of a $350-per-month health insurance plan, the total cost of a $45-per-month life insurance plan, and a salary of $65,000 per year. What is the yearly value of the compensation package?

Social Studies
You work for President Lula's government. You are most likely to support A) tax cuts for corporations.**** B) privatization of industry C) redirection of oil wealth to provide social services. D) budget cuts to education and health care

Mental Health
If the correlation between one’s interest in statistics and being a “fun date” was –0.70, it would mean that: a. The higher someone’s interest was in statistics, the more likely it would be that he or she is a fun date b. The higher someone’s interest was in ...

behavior health
According to classical test theory, if the observed variance of a test is 50 and the true variance is 40, what is the estimated reliability of the test? a. 0.40 b. 0.50 c. 0.80 d. 0.90 I selected C for my answer 40/50 is the .80 If the correlation between one’s interest in ...

Shingles affects 1 out of 3 people in the United States. affect or affects answer: affects

Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions a broad topic, makes...

Leo is late to practice again, so his soccer coach reprimands him and makes him run extra laps. When he gets home, Leo bullies his little sister until she cries. Identify which defense mechanism this is and explain how it works.

The hair on your body is able to help keep you healthy in many different ways.Your hair (1) protects your scalp from sunlight and provides insulation from the cold. (2) hair from nostrils, ears, and ______ prevents debris from entering the body. 1-eyebrows 2-eyelashes 3-hand 4...

Which of the following is a multiple-meaning word? A) GREED B) TURTLE C) MONITOR D) HEALTH I think C Thanks in advance for your guidance

28. Referrals for mental health services should be made when A. the problems have persisted for several weeks to months. B. the situation is steadily improving. C. support and interventions are showing definite signs of helping. D. there's insufficient time to provide support ...

health and physical education
Using the excitement of violence to keep video games users to playing their games is an example of which risk factor? A. poverty B. family violence C. media violence D. availability of weapons

physiology and health
a relationship is a bond between people?

What are 3 Resources youth can go to for help with mental health issues?

According to your text, early childhood educators should plan and implement the health component of their programs to respond to the A. necessities of providing low-cost care. B. convenience of parents. C. need to work to find cures for communicable diseases. D. predictable ...

1. To eat more healthful and decrease your calorie intake, MyPlate recommends that you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between meals. eliminate starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and lima beans that are high in carbohydrates. drink fruit juice for extra...

Health and Physical Education
1. When you wake up and a large pimple greets you when you look into the mirror, this endocrine gland is to blame. thymus gland reproductive gland (my answer) thyroid gland pancreas

Why do schools not teach childeren about sexual abuse. If i was taught that no one is alowed to touch my private parts when I was in kindergarten then i would have been able to tell that my father was raping me.

In a one-page paper, define each concept below and compose a sentence or two that describes how the concept is used and relates to Health Information Management (HIM). Be sure to use your own words. Discovery Spoliation Stare decisis Tort law Jurisdiction Statutes E-discovery ...

American Government
Please check my answers 1. Which kind of policy was the troubled asset relief program (TARP)? A. It was a fiscal policy and I could buy the federal government to prevent inflation B. It was a monetary policy enacted by the federal government to expand the economy C. It was a ...

A Daily value of 10% means that? A:10% of your calories should come from a particular nutrient. B:a food consist of 10% of a particular nutrient. C:a food package can bear the nutrient claim "light." D:one serving provides 10% of the daily amount for a particular nutrient.

health and P.E.
Which type of fat is not naturally found in foods and should be used very little in your diet? A: monounsaturated fat B: saturated fat C: trans fat D: unsaturated fat I THINK ANS IS C

health and P.E.
Why is fiber necessary for proper functioning of the digestive system? A:It creates cell membranes, nerve tissue, and substances that aid in the digestion of fat. B:It helps proper functioning of the digestive system and prevents constipation. C:It is important for ...

Amino acids get absorbed into the bloodstream after eating which nutrient? A: Carbohydrates B: Fats C: Fiber D: Protein I think D

Trans fats can best be limited in the diet by? A: drinking low-fat milk B: eating chicken instead of beef C: eliminating milk D: limiting baked goods I think B

In some cultures, people choose not to eat any type of animal products. How might they people get the protein they need? A; fruits that have, avocados ,apricots , peaches B: lots of leafy green vegetables C: nuts, dried peas , lentils D; root vegetables, carrots, ...

of the 5 food groups, which should be consumed in smallest amount? A: Dairy B: Fruits C: Grains D: Protein I think A

PLEASE check my answer this is my last test and i d not want to mess up PLEASE 1. Which sentence contains an opinion? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson authored the ...

1. Read this excerpt from the textbook about state legislators. " The rate of turnover and legislative seats is fairly high although it tends to vary from state to state and time to time. In a given year some 20% of all lawmakers around the country are serving their first term...

According to MyPlate, which two food groups should you consume in the largest amounts? (1 point) fruits and grains grains and protein protein and vegetables vegetables and grains 2. Which food group is the only group that does not contain foods that originate from plants? (1 ...

Paid employees' salaries, 20,000. Employees' payroll deductions are made at the end of every month. the employees' payroll for July 31 is shown Gross Pay 24,000 Deductions: Withholding Tax 2,500 SSS Contributions 1,000 Health Contribution 500 4,000 Net Pay: 20,000 Where should...

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