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The government of japan has responded to its aging population by A)Encouraging immigration*** B) reduced marriage rates in underdeveloped countries C)Savings in health care cost of more than twice the investment D) A 50 percent reduction the crude birth rate

True or false: Life changes, whether they are positive or negative, can caude stress.

Anabolic steroids can cause growth of facial hair for men. True False* Overdosing when using steroids can lead to death. True * False

Health and PE
_____ is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? 1) physical needs 2)safety 3)esteem 4)self-actualization I think #4 but all are important. Thanks

A - G requirements
I mest up real bad my freshmen year, I took general sciene which doesn't help me get into university. Now I'm a sophomore and I just started taking Biology, how embarassing. Any advice on how I could catch up? Also, does anyone know if health counts for the A-G? I took health ...

Dori and Malory are tracking their steps taken as a health goal. Dori leaves her house at 12:00 p.m. and walks at 50 steps per minute. Malory leaves her house at 12:20 p.m. and walks at 90 steps per minute. At what time will Malory's steps catch up to Dori's steps?

Health care management
Which of the following statements about leaders is false? A. It's not important for the leader to have knowledge of the health care environment. B. Good leadership correlates with less employee turnover and more productivity and stability. C. Leaders often exemplify ...

" An ATTEMPT to healthy living can cause misery. How true is this" Are these arguments good/fair enough ?? against : a) attempting to live a healthy lifestyle means involvement in sports and outdoor activities, yoga classes, gym bla bla bla. these help one remain fit and also ...

_______is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food 1. Epiglottis 2. Enzyme 3. Gallbladder 4. Peristalsis plz help

A(n) ________ is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food. A. Epiglottis B. Enzyme C. Gallbladder D. Peristalsis

how to achieve a nutrition?

Science check my answers please
1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m (my answer) 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a spot that does not ...

Health care management
_______ is the process of checking performance against standards. A. Appraising B. Planning C. Controlling D. Organizing B

Health care management
Ideally, control should be a/an _______ function. A. retrospective B. anticipatory C. corrective D. reactive D

Health and PE
Which of the following plays a role in determining a persons weight? select all that apply A:heredity. B:activity level. C:body mass index (BMI). D:body composition. I think the answers are B, C, and D. Thank you.

Health care Management
Which of the following is one reason why some managers are reluctant to delegate authority? A. They fear being held responsible for employees' mistakes. B. They see no reward for the additional responsibility of delegation. C. They fear loss of status or control. D. They feel ...

world history A
Which best describes how the Agricultural Revolution has affected modern society? (Select all that apply.) food wholesalers invented frozen foods to increase a foods shelf life the food industry invented refrigerators to enable farther transport of food genetically modified ...

Social studies
who advocated for the solution of medicine and health in the progressive era?

Health caremanagement
The human resources department is involved in all aspects of hiring a new employee except for which of the following? A. Retrieving candidates' references B. Relevant testing of the candidate C. Conducting peer interviews D. Recruiting the candidate I chose B

The essay below is an expository essay and was written in 15 minutes. Please give me some feedback on my essay ( a score of 1 being the lowest and a score of 5 being the highest). Prompt: Explore how obesity affects a nation's productivity and economy. My essay: Americans are ...

Health management
_______ can kill a brainstorming session, and lead to fewer alternative solutions being presented. A. The Internet B. Scientific data C. Too many participants D. Criticism C?

help with my science test 7th grade connection
11. Several studies link cigarette smoke to health problems have resulted in the banning of smoking in many public places.this is an example of A.ways scientific theories become scientific laws. B.ways a scientists communicate results C.ways science influences society. D.ways ...

Do you have to know how be receptionist before you can go into health care management? Or its not always relative?

Which of the following could lead you to wellness? A.Having a negative attitude about life. B.Having a positive attitude about life.** C.Having a prolonged illness D.Having a low-energy level

An article in a Health Magazine suggested getting a dog to encourage more regular walking. A researcher for the article found that the distribution of time spent walking dogs is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 38 minutes per day. However he also found that 13...

Which details help you more fully understand Yoni's character and intentions? Evaluate the line, “No prep, no plotting, natural as can be…” Lines with answer: "It was genius, Yoni was sure. And, if not, at least it was cheap. All he needed was a door to knock on and a ...

Give one cost and one benefit of exercising?

when a consumer file a complaint it is important to identify the problem, decide on your goal, _______ and identify the person in charge quizlet

_____________ is a type of health fraud that deals with individuals who sells useless medical treatments.

Financial Mgt
How is estimates, benchmarking, and variance analysis used in financial management for health care mgrs? how is it compared in finical management?

Health P.E. (Check answers)
1. The average heart beats about 100,000 times a day. Is it True? 2. The heart is located inside the ribcage and just to the right of the breast bone. Is it False? 3. The heart has four chambers and is divided into a right and left side by a muscular wall called the septum. Is...

how is iodine bad for human health

Health and public communications
Do you think that health care delivery in the US has been a success or a failure? I think its not true

Which side of the health triangle corresponds to having loving relationships with others and giving and accepting help?

Is it correct to say "A deterioration in my grandfather's health and memory has just begun"?. Or is it began?

Health care
The annual list of the OIG's planned projects for sampling billing in various settings (such as hospitals, doctor's offices, and long-term care facilities) to check for potential fraud is called the A. triggered review. B. OIG Work Plan. C. Deficit Reduction Act. D. corporate ...

Health care
of the following is the coding system that was set up to describe specific products, supplies, and equipment that are used in medical practices, but that aren't listed in CPT? A. The ABC Code Set B. The National Drug Code C. CDT-4 D. HCPCS D

Health Care
The agency of the federal government that combats fraud and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery is the A. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) B. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). C. Health Care Fraud and Abuse Program. D. Department of Justice...

1.A large electronics company wants to estimate the proportion of all households that own GPS machines. What sample size is required that would give the maximum error of 2.0% for a 95% confidence interval? An unscientific survey had an initial result of 30%. 2. The design ...

Physical Education (P.E)
Slide 2:Setting and Achieving Goals A woman doctor is using a stethoscope as she performs a checkup on a young girl. A teddy bear is buckled up in the seat of a car. There are three steps you can take to help you reach your personal health goals gain awareness, gain knowledge...

Help scott biostats
The value of mammography as a screening test for breast cancer has been controversial, particularly among young women. A study was recently performed looking at the rate of false positives for repeated screening mammograms among approximately 10,000 women who were members of ...

Health P.E. (Check answers)
True or False 1. Health related factors refer to coordination, agility, power, speed, balance, and reaction time. 2. There are some aspects of fitness that we have little or no control over. 3. Good aerobic endurance means good cardiovascular efficiency. 4. Muscular endurance ...

Physical Education
physical health, refers to how well your body is functioning as a result of several factors, including proper diet, exercise, sleep, and medical/dental care. The second side, your social health, refers to how well you interact and communicate with others. The third side ...

In a study, 35% of adults questioned reported that their health was excellent. A researcher wishes to study health of people living close to a nuclear power plant. Among 14 adults randomly selected from this area, only 3 reported that their health was excellent. Find the ...

Americans spend almost _______ percent of their food budget on foods prepared away from home. A. 20 B. 30 C. 40 D. 50 Thinking it would be B.

In a study, 35% of adults questioned reported that their health was excellent. A researcher wishes to study health of people living close to a nuclear power plant. Among 14 adults randomly selected from this area, only 3 reported that their health was excellent. Find the ...

Health Care System
Medicaid will cover LTC payment in which situation? a.the individual has turned 65 b.the individual is disabled. c.the individual qualifies for LTC and meets Medicaid's income test. d.the individual did not qualify for LTC insurance.

Health Care System
Minitoring is ____ a.the study of the history of a disease b.determining if there is more or less of a disease than in the past c.the study of skin diseases and disorders d.the continuous search for and documentation of disease

In a survey to determine the opinions of Americans on health insurers, 400 baby boomers and 600 pre-boomers were asked this question: Do you believe that insurers are very responsible for high health costs? Of the baby boomers, 232 answered in the affirmative, whereas 192 of ...

Health Care Statistics
A census is defined as which of the following? A. A collection of data B. A survey conducted with a small group C. A bureau of research specialists D. A count of a particular population B. I did my studying and it sows survey but I am hesitant of the choice since its saying ...

Health Care Statistics
A hospital that is allowed to use its beds for either acute care or skilled care is referred to as a _____. A. Swing bed hospital B. Tertiary care hospital C. District hospital D. Long term care hospital E. None of the above, it should be

Health Care Statistics
Computers are great for performing statistical calculations, but they must be programmed accurately to calculate correctly. When is statistical data considered “garbage” and how do you correct it? help?

Confidentiality in Allied Health
Yolanda is reviewing a medical record for a patient who is receiving psychotherapy. As a part of her training in medical record confidentiality, she is aware that there are special guidelines regarding psychotherapy notes. Which of the following statements is true of these ...

world history
1. Imagine you work in a steel mill in a large industrial city in England in the late 1800s. You live in a neighborhood with other factory workers, and share the same living and working conditions they do. Write a letter to your representative in Parliament expressing your ...

Which of the following would be part of the Democratic Party platform? Cutting taxes for the wealthiest citizens Providing for public health care Decreasing the size of government Cutting funding for educational programs

There is a public debate between the three candidates for the U.S. Senate. During the debate, the topics of oil and energy are addressed. Each candidate expressed their view on the issue: Edgar Eisenhower: "We need to cut our dependence on foreign oil. Instead, let's use the ...

Health and PE (alcohol)
Hi, I'm completing a review test my teacher made. I'm struggling on a few of the questions. Others I'm unsure about. Key: Unsure = IDK [Answer] = I am mostly sure [Answer]? = I am unsure, but I have a guess Here they are: The skills you need to say no to alcohol are called ...

The shifting and close votes in Congress in 2009 on health care reform that responded to positions staked out by industry, labor, and professional interest groups are a good example of: A. control of the debate by power elites. B. the dynamics of pluralism in action. C. the ...

Based on the outcome of the 2008 elections, one might expect which of the following to have been true? A. Vigorous opposition by the Republican majority in the Senate will defeat many of President Obama’s initiatives. B. House Democrats will follow a moderate policy agenda. ...

Business Statistics
The growth in bad-debt expense for ABC Company over the last 20 years is given , year growth in debt expense 1997 0.11 1998 0.09 1999 0.08 2000 0.08 2001 0.1 2002 0.11 2003 0.12 2004 0.1 2005 0.07 2006 0.09 2007 0.08 2008 0.05 2009 0.04 2010 0.08 2011 0.5 2012 0.01 2013 0.4 ...

Which would you most likely find a smaller amount of in a government budget than in a personal or household budget? A. The percent of total income that goes towards national defense and health care B. The percentage of people affected by the budget who are responsible for ...

Social Studies
3 questions that need revising :) "Communism is over in Russia. Democracy will always prevail in the end." How does this statement most reflect a particular bias? A. It shows prejudice against Communism. B. It shows support for democratic ideals {my answer} C. It makes a ...

Health (Ms. Sue Check Please)
1.Kori's doctor says her muscular strength and endurance are excellent, but he worries about Kori's cardiovascular health. Kori enjoys weightlifting, softball, basketball, and bowling. Increasing the frequency of which activity will best improve Kori's cardiovascular endurance...

need help with P.E :-)? 1. What steps can you take to ensure a safe workout program? 2. What is DOMS? What causes it and how should it be treated? 3. Explain the treatment plan known as R.I.C.E. 4. What is the difference between a muscle sprain and a strain? 5. What is the ...

15. Strong social bonds and a good support system can block the negative effects of stress in your life. Which factor can be a poor choice for blocking the negative influences? (1 point) A.associating with peers who are drug free B.having friends who are supportive and ...

Health (Check)
1. Lucille has been told she needs to improve her heart health, and she is ready to get started. There are many activities she is considering for her new routine, but she knows she must first calculate her target heart rate zone. When is the best time for her to begin ...

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
This is the length of time it takes for a fetus to become fully developed. A) 24 months B) 9 months C) 12 months D) 2 months

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
The item below has been reviewed and is scheduled to be updated. All students will receive full credit for any response to the following. Please select two answer options to receive full credit for this question. (2 points) which nutrients provide energy for the human body? ...

Health And Social Care
can someone tell me what biological influences are and how they may present on an individual. Would these characteristics be the same for both sexes? and I need an example of how these characteristics can affect the development of an individual at various life stages. been ...

The average per capita spending on health care in the United Statesis $5274. If the standard deviation is $600 and the distribution of health care spending is approximatelynormal, what is the probability that a randomly selected person spends more than $6000? Find the limits ...

Social Studies
What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care******* B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong leaders in communist governments D) support for military alliance with the ...

Health Plz check
. True or False: It is better for you to avoid intense feelings of grief. True False 2. Which of the following is not a stage of grief? Denial Bargaining coping acceptance 3.Which of the following would make dealing with a personal loss even harder? Talking to family and ...

which nutrients provide energy for the human body? Choose all that apply. 1. carbohydrates 2. calcium 3. vitamins 4. iron would the answer be 1 and 3 ?

what factor can influence obesity? A. genetics B. hormones C. environment D. all of the above my best answer is D is that correct

Which statement is true about stage 3 of alcoholism? Malnutrition and liver and brain damage often occur. Teenagers go through this stage very slowly. The drinker becomes totally dependent on the drug. The drinker begins trying to escape the everyday stressors.

Social Studies
In what way is Stalin's rule still most felt in Russia today? A) Industries cover much of Siberia. B) Industrialization has lead to excessive pollution. C) Industrialization has lead to health problems. D) All of the above. ** My answer is D.

When the television networks stress the issue of environmental pollution rather than universal health care, they are performing the media function of

health and P.E.
Because alcohol is a depressant, which drug would be the most harmful when used with it? A:barbiturates B:chewing tobacco C:marijuana D:tar I think the answer is c. thank you

nutrition health
Which of the following should be avoided when treating chicken pox in infants and children

Writing skills
In the past,the United States Public Health service and state local health departments dominate the field.

They emphasized the importance of good maternal and child health care, including the administering of vaccines.

Social Studies Check Answers Please
What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong leaders in communist governments D) support for military alliance with the United ...

1. When performing rescue breathing, be sure to always ________ the head before performing breaths. (1 point) level tilt push twist

1. When performing rescue breathing, be sure to always ________ the head before performing breaths. (1 point) level tilt push twist

health, science
How can I explain Lung cancer to children? I don't know how to explain in easy words. "Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the lungs. If not treated, lung cancer may spread to the surrounding tissues and other parts of the body."

Social Studies
What are two ways Louisiana provides health care?

Mental Health Diagnosis and assessment
Greetings, I am having doubts about the following answers I selected. Can anyone help me? Certain behaviors, such as gambling, are often described as compulsive. Such behaviors differ from the compulsions associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder; because, the person ...

Which statement is true about stage 3 of alcoholism? 1)malnutrition and liver and brain damage often occur 2)Teenagers go through this stage very slowly 3)The drinker becomes totally dependent on the drug 4)The drinker begins trying to escape the everyday stressors. I think #1...

Medical coding II
A 66-year-old patient is seen as an outpatient in the community mental health center and participates in multiple-family group psychotherapy for 45 minutes. Diagnosis: Agoraphobia with panic attacks. List diagnosis and CPT codes

Health pe
The peripheral nervous system (select all that apply) . Is made up of the brain and spinal cord. . Links the body to the brain and spinal cord *** .is made up of sensory and motor neurons **** . Is responsible for thought and reason

When you wake up the next morning smelling of liquor, and you don't remember why, you most likely experienced an? A: Blackout B: Blood Alcohol Concentration C: Hangover D Intoxication

health and P.E.
You are in a restaurant and smell tobacco products, but notice that smoking is not allowed. What tobacco product is being used if there is no smoke? A:cigar B:pipe C:snuff D:water pipe I think the answer is c. Thank you

2. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve your family's health and can help to bring you closer together. True False 3. Most people that participate in physical fitness do not enjoy encouraging their family members to get involved with them. True False 4. ...

Anger is a normal emotion that all humans feel at some time. It is important to express this emotion in a healthy way. Which of these ways of dealing with anger might affect your health in a negative way? A.) Accept your feelings B.) Ignore your triggers C.) Talk about the ...

American Government
All state legislators possess which broadly defined power that allows them to protect and promote the health and safety of citizens? a. police power*** b. nonlegislative power c. veto power d. judicial power

Social 2
Psychologist Kenneth Kaye finds that, while parent-child interaction may be crucial for emotional development, most of it is irreverent to congnitive developement. "A child comes equipped with an innate timetable for mental growth, and all the jiggles and coos have little ...

Ethics in health care
Why does the Philippines encourage the migration of nurses and other health care professionals? Why does Cuba send many of its health care professionals to other countries? Are the reasons in those two countries similar or different? Help

A proper way to take care of your skin would be to... A:pop pimples before they get to big B:use quality products to tan safely C:moisturize daily with Vaseline D:check for irregular dark spots on your body. I chose D

corporate finance
National Health Corporation (NHC) has a cumulative preferred stock issue outstanding, which has a stated annual dividend of $9 per share. The company has been losing money and has not paid preferred dividends for the last five years. There are 360,000 shares of preferred stock...

4. When a player steps into his/her backswing, where should the weight of his/her body be placed? A. Left hip B. Right hip** C. Back foot D. Front foot

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