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Sra. this week I had a review. Do my answers look correct? Part I Indique si las palabras en pares son sinónimos, antónimos, o no son relacionadas. 1. A ancho y apretado - antónimos B corto y flojo - no son relacionadas C vestirse y quitarse - antónimos D caro y barato - ...

Spanish 1
Hola Tia, Gracias por el dinero de mi cumpleaños. Compré pantalones y camisas en la tienda de descuentos. Cuestan $20 dólores. Pagué $2.50 dólores por los patalones verdes y $2.50 dólores por los jeans morados. Me gusta más los camisas grises. Cuestan $15 dólores. No ...

spanish literature
what literary movement was La noche boca arriba?

I need help proofreading my Spanish speech (short), just for grammars and see if it makes sense Prompt: La etiqueta en el modo des vestir. Qué se considera apropiado para un colegio? El vestir apropiado refleja la calidad del colegio y la imagen del estudiante. La apariencia ...

en el primer piso puedes encontrar

Spanish Work Check
Can someone check my work and tell me if they're grammatically correct and such? Instructions: Be creative and write a sentence for each of the following verbs using the future simple tense. 1.(ella) Venir Ella vendrá mañana a mi casa. 2. (nosotros) limpiar Nosotros ...

Spanish Help
Hola! Can you check my work and tell me if it's all right? State whether the command is formal ("Ud.") or informal ("tú"). 1. Come la sopa. Formal. 2. Hable más despacio. Informal. 3. No compres más ropa. Informal. 4. Beba m�s agua. Formal. 5. No vengas tarde. ...

Spanish Check
Can you tell me if any of my answers are wrong, and if so which/why? Instructions: Choose por or para to fill in the following phrases; 1. Compré las flores __________ mi novia. Compré las flores para mi novia. 2. Hice la tarea __________ la tarde. Hice la tarea para la ...

college intermediate
In a group of 200 high school students, 36 are taking biology, 52 are taking Spanish, and 126 are taking neither biology nor Spanish. If one of these 200 students is to be chosen at random, what is the probability that the student chosen is taking biology but not Spanish?

Sra. do these look correct? Part I Entonces, complete el diálogo telefónico en una manera lógica utilizando oraciones completas en español. 1. Dígame. Hola. ¿Puedo hablar con el señor Costa? 2. ¿De parte de quién? De parte de Anna. 3. Lo siento, pero el señor Costa ...

Social Studies
Why do you think the Spanish felt they had the right to force the indians to work for them?

1. When does the Spanish middle ages end?

Write four different questions for the following sentences 1. Mariana canta en el coro (choir) de la universidad 2. Carlos busca el libro de arte 3. La profesora Gutierrez ensena contabilidad 4.Ustedes necesitan hablar con el profesor de economia

Need help on this question..I think it is "a" but not sure. Spanish Friars most likely settled in the Georgia barrier island to: a. convert Native Americans to Christianity b. find gold and silver c. find free farm land d. establish a colony for freedom of religion.

Sra. are my answers correct? Thank you so much for your time. Part I El condicional. Llene el espacio con la forma condicional del infinitivo dado. ¡Cuidado! Los acentos son importantes. 1. Mi esposo y yo _______ contigo, pero no nos sentimos bien. (IR) iríamos 2. Nos ...

Urgent--Spanish help! :(
6. Which Spanish city is known for the fact that people of three different religions peacefully lived there together? Avila Madrid Segovia Toledo 7. How would you express your agreement with the following statement? No me gusta equiar. Pues, me gusta esquiar. A mí también. S...

Sra. would you look over my answers please? Part I. El subjuntivo con expresiones hipotéticas: Complete las frases siguientes utilizando EL SUBJUNTIVO. Ejemplo: No completaré la tarea hasta que... estudie los verbos. My answers are after the ... on each 1. Será una ocasión...

in a group of 60 children 31 speak French 23 speak Spanish 14 neither French nor Spanish find the number of student who speak: (a)both French and Spanish (b)French only (c)Spanish only draw a venn diagram please answer quickly

Spanish--check my answers please?
Casas de cultura are geared toward____. young children teens adults all ages *** "Sobremesa " is an important cultural practice in the Spanish-speaking world that can best be described as ____. (1 point) a dance from southern Spain an after-meal conversation *** an activity at...

1. Sam speaks not only Spanish but also Chinese. 2. Sam speaks not only Spanish but Chinese. (Are both grammatical? Is #2 used frequently?)

Would it be possible to have Sra double check my answers? She was such a huge help last semester. Part I ¿Subjuntivo o indicativo? Completa cada oración con la forma correcta del verbo indicado. ¡OJO! No todas requieren el subjuntivo. 1. Esperamos que el dependiente _____ ...

2.¿Quién le recomendó ese plato? (su tío) I have to answer this using the double object pronouns. these are the anwers I tried so far: Mi tío me lo recomendó. Su tío se lo recomendó. it is saying that the se lo recomendo is correct. I am missing some words after ...

Urgent Spanish Help
How are the I and E in Spanish similar, also how are they different to the I and E in English?

Urgent Spanish Check
La clase no es _____. Hay pocos alumnos. Grande? How would you express the following question in English?: ¿Cuántos libros hay? How many books are there? Hay muchos ____ diferentes en una escuela secundaria. cursos ¿Hay una clase de biología hoy? Sí, ______. lo hay There ...

Urgent Spanish Check
A) Read the following sentence and choose which word is not correct in the context of the sentence. 1) La examen es difícil. La? 2) El árbol es verdes. el? B) The following sentence is written in singular form. Read the sentence, then choose the correct plural form. 1) ...

Urgent Spanish Check
Hay (There are) ________ gatos en la casa. Las?

Urgent Spanish Check
_________ postres son deliciosos. El, La, or Las? La?

spanish two
directions: answer the questions using the double object pronouns. example quien te compro esos zapatos? mi tio is the person buys. this is for my question.

quien le recomendo ese plato? su tio Su tio se lo recomendo. is the answer i first did. Mi tio me lo recomendo was the second. i am on the last allowed attempt and i am not sure what else to do.

One goal the French and Spanish colonists had in common in the New World was Answer developing the fur trade. establishing stable governments. converting the Native Americans. searching for gold and other precious metals.

Spanish help
In spanish why are the present-tense verbs for yo complete considered to be stem-changing verbs? 1.Because in some of them, when the e is stressed, it is changed to ie 2.Because in some of them, when the o is stressed, it is changed to we 3. Because in some of them, when the e...

what is 530.000

15-20. Put the following events in chronological order, with A for the first to occur and G for the last to occur. g The “Pilgrims” land at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts F Defeat of the Spanish Armada D Jacques Cartier leads the first French effort to colonize the New World...

The Treaty of San Lorenzo allowed Americans living west of the Appalachian Mountains to __________. A.build a military post in New Orleans to protect American travelers B.have the right of deposit while using the port of New Orleans to trade C.trade with American Indians ...

English Grade 9 Essay Check/SUggestions For improv
Hi, so my name is Katherine, and I am in grade 9. Hello Ms.Fowlks. The three classes I am taking are spanish, english, and oklahoma history. Sorry, I have to give a bit of information so my teacher knows I wrote this and it is not plagiarized. :D Anyways, can you give any ...

15-20. Put the following events in chronological order, with A for the first to occur and G for the last to occur. g The “Pilgrims” land at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts F Defeat of the Spanish Armada D Jacques Cartier leads the first French effort to colonize the New World...

Urgent History, Check Answers Please
The first significant trading post was __________. Poste de Arkansea The reputation of the Spanish was diminished after the Battle of __________. The Twin Villages The Twin Villages were located in Montague County, Texas, and __________ County, Oklahoma. Jefferson Which of the...

1) is real-life one word? My teacher considered it to be. 2) then would Spanish-Americans be one word?

Social Studies
Spanish explorers first arrived in the Americas A. In the ninetenth century B. In the late 1400s C. In the late 1500s*** D. In the seventeenth century Is the answer C?

Urgent Spanish Check
Nando es ____________________ alumno muy ambicioso. Un

Urgent: Spanish, Check Answers Please
6)Claudia y María ____________________ de México. Choices: Somos, Eres, Son, Es The answer is NOT Son or Somos My Answer: Es 9) Nosotros ____________________ mexicanos. Choices: Soy, Eres, es, Somos, Son The answer is NOT SOn, Soy, Somos My Answer: Eres

Spanish 2
Please answer the following question positively, Se ponen sombreros los turistas cuando van a la playa?

Spanish: Check my Answers Please, Thank you!!
The question Answer choices what i know is incorrect what my answer is 1) ____________________ muchachas colombianas son bonitas. El, La, Los, Las Not La or El Los? 2) Ella ____________________ una alumna en el Colegio Martí. Soy, Eres, Es, Somos, Son Not Somos Am not sure, ...

Hi, spanish help available?
Hi, so I need some help in spanish, but I need it soon because I am about to have to go. Anyways, if there isn't someone who can help with spanish available, I can try and find another site, no harm done. Well, if you can thanks, and if you can't, thanks then too.

7th grade LA
Identify the infinitive phrase. 1. While the train was stopped at the station, Bugsy attempted to climb to the top of one of the freight cars. Ans: to climb to the top of one of the freight cars? 2. During the Great Depression, audiences wanted to laugh when they went to the ...

Which of the following is not something that Spanish missionaries wanted to change about American Indians? A.their food crops(MY ANSWER) B.the practice of men having more than one wife C.the practice of revenge D.some of their dances and celebrations

un ____ es una escuela secundaria

spanish 3
what can you put as an intro for an autobiography about yourself?

US History
The question of land ownership was a source of conflict as European settlers moved into North America. A. Explain each group’s perspective on land ownership: -Native Americans- -Spanish settlers- -English settlers- B.Explain how these perspectives led to conflict between the...

Can you say Como Le va to mean what's going on with you the formal way?

Good screen names in Spanish for a girl?

us history
I have settled in the Caribbean in search of gold and riches to bring back for my country. Which of the following best describes me? (5 points)Spanish conquistador French fur trader British indentured servant Dutch fur trader

spanish 1
all you need to know about remedies, when it was invented their value etc.

English 11
I put a * next to my answers. 1. The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting (1 point) a. maize. b. cotton. *c. tobacco. d. wheat. 2. “Our capital town is advanced to about 150 very tolerable (satisfactory) houses for wooden ones; they are chiefly on both the ...

What is a good nickname In Spanish?

spanish please check!
Yo fue al dentista la semana pasada Pablo corrio el perro y su por parque ellos leyo periodicos tres cada dia Dona Rita supo la historia de nunca la verdad

complete sentences using the information provided. Use the preterite tense of the verb. 1. ir / al / semana / pasada / yo / dentista / la 2. parque / Pablo / y / correr / perro / su / por / el día / leer / ellos / periódicos / tres / cada 4. nunca / la historia / Dona Rita...

Write the correct form of "have" in the following sentences: Nosotros _______ bebido agua. Carlos y Marcos _______ comprado todas las galletas. Tengo celos. Yo no _______ comido ninguna galleta. Tú no _______ visto la película “Piratas del caribe” ¿Alguna vez _______ ...

what does "evoca a una època passada." mean?

Spanish 102, P,P&F Tense Essay
Please look over my short Essay. Past Present and Future tenses must all be used; topic is on activities of a week/ days surrounding I need to score well. Any corrections or advice is very much appreciated.

Spanish use of Imperfect Verbs
Can someone please check if I've used the Imperfect correctly? Thank You :) ¡Ola mis amigos y familias, me llamo Nick y soy en Miravida Soho en Buenos Aires, la ciudad mayor de Argentina! Mis compañeros de viajes y yo pasamos un buen rato hoy. En la mañana, íbamos en un ...

Spanish 3
Si ______ a una estrella del cine, le ______ su autógrafo y lo ______ en la pared de mi cuarto. a) conocería, pidiera, pusiera b) pediría, conociera, poneria c) pidiera, conocería, puesto d) conociera, pediría, pondría

Spanish 3
______ terminado todos los quehaceres de la casa si nuestra madre no ______ regresado tan pronto. a) Hubiéramos, habría b) Habríamos, hubiera c) Habría, hubiéramos d) Hubiéra, habría My answer: C, because its saying "I would have" and then "our mother" but I am not sure...

Can someone please just proof-read this? Especially the use of the imperfect and por/para. And don't worry about punctuation :) ¡Ola mis amigos y familias, me llamo Nick y soy en el hotel primero de Buenos Aires, la ciudad mayor de Argentina! Mis compañeros de viajes y yo ...

Que _____ cuando tienes hambre? -como fruta.

En el verano me gusta llevar blusas sin ______ porque hace calor.

Anita ____ (beber) mucha agua.

El ____ del dia es tortilla espanola.

Spanish 1
Cual es tu apellido? (Smith)

Spanish 1
Venden Uds. frutas? No, aqui nosotros ____ ropa.

Spanish 1
mis amigos ______ muy ocupados hoy.

The instructions are to choose the best answer for the statements. I'd like to know if I answered correctly or if I should change my answer. 1. Esta mochila es demasiado pesada. ¿Está muy lejos el ________? A. fósforo B. palito C. valle D. campamento I said D 2. ¿Cómo ...

Spanish help
1. ¡Qué sabrosa está la paella! Le voy a pedir _______ a mi amiga. A. la mostaza B. la receta C. el cocinero D. la masa I said B 2. Tengo que llevar un plato a la fiesta de Marta, pero no sé cocinar muy bien. ¿Qué debo hacer? Sugiero que _____ una ensalada de frutas. A. ...

Each of the Spanish sentences below is incorrect in either grammar or meaning. Rewrite each sentence correctly. 1. El rey que canta está tocando el tambor. The king that used to sing is playing the drum. 2. Él y ella está tomando jugo. He and she are drinking juice. 3. La ...

The instructions are to choose the best answer for the statements. I'd like to know if I answered correctly or if I should change my answer. 1. Perdone, señor. ¿Puede decirme dónde puedo cambiar cheques de viajero? Ud. Puede cambiarlos en _________. A. la casa de cambio B. ...

Spanish help
The instructions are to choose the best answer for the statements. I'd like to know if I answered correctly or if I should change my answer. 1. ¿A qué se dedica tu padre? Es ______ de computadoras. A. mecánico B. obrero C. escritor D. técnico I said D 2. ¿Qué pasará en ...

Hey, i just wanted to know if i got the questions right? Thanks Choose the sentence in which the verb, shown in quotation marks, is grammatically correct. A. El principe no "está" en casa. ➭B. ¿Dónde "es" Maria? C. Ella "está" de México. Choose the correct English ...

Our spanish class has been given a 1-minute speech to write up over the holidays, but our teacher hasn't provided us with any extra material we can use. I was wondering if you could give me sentence starters etc. to help me work on it. Here is the scenario: (my chosen country ...

american history
Under the _______ system, Spanish conquistadores were rewarded with local villages and control over the local labor force.

Discuss your opinions and ideas about three different popular political issues. Include how you think things should be and what you wish certain people would do about it. Articulate your ideas on paper (one-page, typed) using the subjunctive.

Cattle ranching
Who introduced the skills of cattle ranching to the Americas? J. The Spanish K. The English L. The French M. The Dutch My answer- M

How do you ask..."have you been studying your driver's manual?" in Spanish

Which of the following statements best describes proactive interference? A. Having majored in French history in the 1960's, Ken finds it difficult to grasp new discoveries about Marie Antoinette B. While learning Italian, Lucy realizes she is losing her ability to speak ...

Are my answers correct? Use el adverbio TAN o una forma del adjetivo TANTO para formar frases de comparación en cada instante. 10. China es un país con mucha gente (1.300.000.000 personas). Aunque es más grande, Los Estados Unidos sólo tiene 280.000.000 personas. (1)Answer...

Usa ORACIONES COMPLETAS para completar estas actividades. (9) 1. ¿Tiene buena pinta? Escriba un párrafo de 4-5 oraciones para describir la foto encima de esta pregunta. Use una variedad de vocabulario y verbos. (5) Answer 2. ¿Te gusta la idea de comer tapas? ¿Por qué? (2...

I'm suppose to translate the English sentences into Spanish sentences. Have i done the grammar,meaning, and spelling right? 1.) El rey que usado canta está jugando el tambor. The king that used to sing is playing the drum. 2.) Él y ella está bebiendo jugo. He and she are ...

Spanish Preterite/Imperfect Sentences
Hello, I have more sentences that I need proofread... Thanks in advance! 1 Nací en Singapur hace dieciséis años. 2 Yo vivía en un apartamento alto. 3 Cuando era niña, me gustaba visitar la biblioteca grande en mi camino a casa desde la escuela. 4 ¡La biblioteca tenía un...

Spanish Grammar
I need help with my grammar -- could someone proofread these sentences? 1. Cuando me despierto, me acuesto en mi cama durante cinco minutos. 2. Después de cinco minutos, me levanto de la cama. 3. Entonces, voy al baño y me ducho. 4. Salgo de la ducha y me seco. 5. Me lavo ...

I'm doing my work but i don't get these three questions at all. Could you explain them as well? ★Which part of this sentence is not correct? Esta muchacha tan bonito es alta. A. Esta B. bonito ✔C. muchacha ★Choose the correct verb for tastes in the following...

Country A has always focused on producing cotton. Country B is a producer of coffee, grain, and textiles. Based only on this information, which statement is true about these two countries? (1 point) Country A exports more than Country B. Country A has a more diversified ...

American History
Following the Spanish-American War, and especially in regard to American occupation of the Philippines, most anti-imperialists argued that A. the occupation would lead to unhealthy racial mixing. B. installing tyranny abroad would encourage tyranny at home. C. cheap, imported...

Sra. do my answers look correct? Part I Los mandatos en contexto. Escoge el mandato apropiado. Pon atención al contexto para determinar si es un mandato formal o informal. 1. Sé que Ud. tiene hambre pero, ¡no _______________! A. lo come B. lo coma C. cómelo D. cómalo My ...

Spanish / Language
Carlos lives in Segovia in an apartment on the bottom floor of a beautiful old building. What do you call this floor in Spanish? Be sure and use the article, "el" or "la" with it. (1 point) Fill-in-the-Blank 2. Roberto lives two floors above Carlos. What would you call his ...

Hi, I would like some tips on what to say when you're talking to a friend about what you're packing & need to buy to go on a trip. This is a conversational piece where it is required that we speak out of context as well (talking about the weekend, activities planned in the ...

Hola Sra. Do these look ok? Part I ¿Conoces esta foto? 1. Es una vista del interior de la Mezquita de Córdoba. Tomando en cuenta la información en las secciones de Cultura en contexto (semanas 2 y 11) y los textos culturales Sevilla monumental y La Mezquita de Córdoba, ...

Help Mrs.Sue LA
Courage to Speak “Any volunteers?” Ms. Chavez scanned the class. Ming slouched farther down in her seat. “Come on now, you’ll all have to interview someone sometime this year. No one wants to go first? Okay, I’ll just have to choose someone.” I am an ant, she won...

Spanish Help Me Plz!!^__^ _________ 1. La Marcha _________ 2. La Cruz de Guía _________ 3. La Bulla _________ 4. Los Nazarenos _________ 5. El Paso del Cristo _________ 6. Los Penitentes _________ 7. El Paso Palio a. crowds of people b. the members of the fraternity, who ...

Spanish 2
Can someone help me with these two? Thanks! :) Directions: Re-write the sentences in Spanish. The sentences are in all tenses. 1.) Include a direct or indirect object pronoun in the re-write: He used to buy books for the students. 2.) We have eaten breakfast. My answers: 1.)...

language arts check
In the sentence "How could anyone get Elbures out of that orchestra of sound?" what does the orchestra refer to? ------------ a musical group played at Immigration the Spanish pronunciation of Alvarez the name Elbures the American pronunciation of Alvarez***

Social Studies
1. In a typical rural village in Mexico, you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by a. growing their own. b. buying what they need at large supermarkets. c. buying what they need at small supermarkets. d. gathering nuts and wild berries. 2. ...

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