1. History
    1-- This website wont let me put in a picture. The fort labeled with the number 3 on the map above is __________. A. New Orleans B. Poste de Arkansea C. Fort St. Jean Baptiste D. Fort Louis de la Mobile 2-- Evidence of trade between the French and Wichita was found at ...
  2. Spanish
    Need help with FOUR Spanish questions @snra Escribe este verbo en el pasado: Hoy yo voy a la escuela. Ayer yo _______ a la escuela My Answer: fui Escribe este verbo en el pasado: Cada domingo, yo doy un paseo. Cada domingo, yo __________ un paseo. My Answer: di or daba Write ...
  3. Spanish
    What does this mean? Hay días tontos y tontos todos los días
  4. World History
    Which option most accurately describes the settlements of Protestant French Huguenots in the New World? huguenots settlements in present-day Caribbean, Florida, and South Carolina were destroyed by the Spanish until they finally settled in present-day Quebec and Newfoundland ...
  5. Spanish
    Los mandatos en contexto. Escoge el mandato apropiado. Pon atención al contexto para determinar si es un mandato formal o informal. Question 11 of 25 Sé que Ud. tiene hambre pero, ¡no _______________! lo coma Question 12 of 25 ________________, por favor. Es hora de empezar...
  6. Spanish
    **Spanish ESSAY Questions, I already turned in the test I just wanted someone to tell me their answers so I can see if mine will be correct because the teacher hasn't graded it, thxx <3** 1- Explain the pattern of forming the future tense for the verbs poner, salir, and ...
  7. Spanish
    Costa Rica has over 100 ________ that make up its geography. a. lakes b. swamps c. rainforests d. volcanic cones (My Answer)
  8. math plz heeeeelp!!!
    Rolinda's first five spanish test scores are 85, 85, 60, 62,and 59. a.find the mean, median, and the mode of her test scores. round your answers to the nearest tenth if necessary. b.which of these measures supports her claim that she is doing well in her spanish class? c.why ...
  9. Spanish 2
    Which word best completes the sentence Yo ________ un libro y después fui a casa. a. compraba b. compro c. compró d. compré I think the answer is d but im not sure
  10. Spanish 2
    Explain the difference in meaning between these two sentences: 1. Alberto oyo la musica de la fiesta y salio de casa. 2. Alberto oia la musica de la fiesta cuando salio de casa. There are accents but I can't put them on here. I'm pretty sure the sentences mean 1. Alberto heard...
  11. spanish
    Llena el blanco con el pretérito simple, pretérito perfecto e imperfecto progresivo en modo indicativo del verbo que está en paréntesis. ¿ _____ (haber + comer) ya?
  12. spanish
    Llena el blanco con la palabra correcta del banco de palabras: le, perdió, fijo, ingresos, les o perdió Un gasto ____ es un gasto que no cambia; ni sube ni baja de un mes para otro. For this one I think its "ingresos" Llena el blanco con la palabra correcta del banco ...
  13. Spanish
    Necesito ropa nueva. _____ compro hoy. In the blank I put Me,but what direct object pronoun should I use?
  14. spanish
    Ella va a ir al cine el martes Rewrite this statement to make it more immediate using present tense. Would the correct answer be Ella va al cine el martes? or ella va a al cine el martes?
  15. history
    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all that apply. (2 points...
  16. history
    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all that apply. (2 points...
  17. History
    What was one emphisis of the constitution of 1845? A: Fiscal responsibility b: Freedom of former slaves C: Importince of high Texas D: increase state debt Why was the Texas constitution of 1845 twice as long as he written before it select all that apply only 2 A: it addressed...
  18. Spanish
    What is the correct way to answer this question with direct object pronoun? Question : ¿Ven Uds. los mapas? Si, ustedes la ven??Is this the correct answer?
  19. Spanish Level 1
    Manana, ____ , voy de compras muy temprano con mi tia y mi hermano menor de 12 anos. A mi hermano mayor, Ernesto, no le gusta ir de compras. English: Tomorrow, ____, I'm going shopping very early with my aunt and my younger brother of 12 years old. What would fill in the blank...
  20. spanish plz help!!!!!
    4. which of the following id the basque word for a rowing competiton? A. Sokamuturra B. Etropadak C. Aizkora Proba*****?????
  21. Spanish help anyone?
    1. which of the following is the Spanish word for a female "friend"? A. el amigo B. ella C. la amiga***** 2. what is most likely equivalent of "estacion" in Spanish? A. station B. state C. stationary***** 3.which of the following is NOT true about friendships in the spanish-...
  22. spanish plz help!!!!!
    1. Which of the following is the Spanish word for "I" A. el B. tu C. yo **** 2. when you speak to someone older or a person in authority, which of the words would you use to address that person? A. tu B. usted***** C. yo 3.besides Spanish, what other languages is spoken in the...
  23. Spanish
    How are stem changing ir verbs different from stem changing ar and er verbs in the present subjunctive?
  24. Social studies
    Can someone please help me? Here's my quick check questions :) 1. Native Americans who live in on lake Titicaca use totora reeds for all except A. Making boats and houses B. Wagons C. Clothing D. Food and medicine 2. The Argentinian plains are home to Argentinian cowboys,also ...
  25. Spanish
    Which of the following states does not contain a part of the Chihuahuan desert? A. Arkansas B. Arizona C. New Mexico B?
  26. Spanish
    which direct object does not require the personal a? el museo teresa mi tio isaac la amiga de mi mama
  27. Spanish
    Which of the following technologies is currently being developed in Silicon Valley? A. ink-jet printing B. new soft drink flavors C. robotics C? C or A. I choose C though.
  28. spanish
    What is the name of the indigenous group that lived in Hispaniola when Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492? A. Dominicanos B. Taínos C. Españoles
  29. Spanish
    Spanish help please.....!!!! _________________ The directions I was given was this: Choose the word that correctly completes the sentence (a; para; que); or select "No word is required". _________________ I'm stuck on all of the ones I was given. Pls help me on them... ...
  30. Spanish 2
    Which direct object pronoun fits best? Estudiante: Hola profesora. No entiendo. Ud. '1. ' ayuda por favor? Profesora: Sí. ¿Cómo '2. ' puedo ayudar? Tú eres muy trabajador. Opcion = me, te, lo, la, nos, os, los, las Mi responder: 1. me 2. te
  31. Spanish
    1. Mi madre insiste en que ____ en el aeropuerto a las 2. A) estabamos B) estemos C) estamos D) estar I'm confused between B and C because I don't know if I should use the indicative or subjunctive form. Please help. 2. Prohiben que los turistas les ____ comida a los animals. ...
  32. Spanish
    Countries of the Caribbean Basin generally share the same ______. A) traditions B) geography C) climate*** D) culture Please check my answer, thanks.
  33. Spanish
    Explain how to form the usted form of the imperative of the regular -ar verb hablar I know that -ar verbs end in e
  34. Social Studies - NEED HELP ASAP
    The Line of Demarcation set an imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole at 50°W longitude, splitting South America into two empires. The __________ were able to colonize the land to the west of the Line and the _____________ were able to colonize the land east of ...
  35. History! Check my answers
    Question #12: What contribution did C.M. "Dad" Joiner make to the oil industry in Texas? A. He donated his expertise to help other wildcatters succeed. B. His discovery at the East Texas field resulted in another oil boom in Texas C. He discovered oil at Spindletop. D. He ...
  36. Spanish
    what is this photo an example of? el cocido
  37. social studies
    During the Spanish Civil War, Republicans fought to support a democratic government for Spain while Nationalists fought to support a Spanish dictatorship. What effect did the Spanish Civil War have on the buildup to World War II? A.The civil war was the first time a democratic...
  38. Spanish
    Where can you find a large bronze statue of Ponce de León? A. Plaza de San José B. Plaza de Armas C. Plaza del Quinto Centenario I think it's be because in my book it states, " ¿Qué hay en Old San Juan? Well, a lot of interesting things to see! There is a large public ...
  39. spanish
    how to correctly answer ?Cuantas personas viven en tu casa?
  40. Spanish
    in which of the following ways is the National Museum Fair in Costa Rica similar to International Museum Day in the United States?
  41. Modern World Studies
    Hi! I just needed someone to check my answer on this question before I turned it in. Although they are considered an important part of Native American culture, there were no ____ in the Americas before Spanish explorers arrived. A: tomatoes (I pick this) B: beads C: deer D: ...
  42. Spanish 1
    Ana y Claudia _______ traen. (los manteles) A- Nos B- Lo C- Las D- Los
  43. Spanish
    Please help me work this out with the future verb tense. Completa el párrafo con el futuro de los verbos de la lista. No es necesario usar todos los verbos. asustarse casarse conseguir escribir estar hacerse olvidar ser tener terminar Nunca (1) ____lo que me dijo la vidente (...
  44. spanish
    what is the formal way to use the plural form for you in most of spain
  45. spanish
    Fill in the blank with the correct direct object pronoun based on the words in parentheses, that best completes this sentence. Marcos y yo _______ servimos. (pollo)
  46. History
    Which identifies the influences imperial Spain had on the Americas? Spanish discovery of the Americas led to an influx of tourists. Spanish money helped to build needed industries in the Americas. Spanish religion, language, and culture replaced local native cultures. Spanish ...
  47. Social Studies
    Nazis killed about how many Jews in the Holocaust of World War II? A. 10,000 B. 100,000*** C. 500,000 D. 6 million The Homestead Act of 1862 gave free what to settlers? A. food B. water C. houses D. land*** which of the following was NOT granted to the United States as a ...
  48. Geography
    Through what country do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow and unite? Iraq? What is the name of the Spanish Islands off the coast of Africa? Canary Islands? What is the name of the only major island in the Mediterranean sea not claimed by another country? Cyprus? Are these ...
  49. History
    How was the Iroquois league able to survive English and French colonization while the Aztec empire was not able to survive Spanish colonization
  50. Social Studies
    Although they are considered an important part Native American culture, there were no _____ in the Americas before Spanish explorers arrived. A. Tomatoes B. Beads C. Deer D. Horses Immigrants from which countries helped Canada’s prairie provinces become the country’s ...
  51. spanish:check answers?
    Completa las oraciones con la mejor forma del verbo en el futuro o en el condicional según el sentido de la oración. 1. El portavoz del gobierno dice que los refugiados ___ listos para salir al mediodía. estaremos estaríamos estarían (this one?) estarán 2. La tierra ...
  52. spanish
    What emotion do sevillanas usually tell about
  53. Spanish
    Which neighborhood of Buenos Aires houses the Argentinean Puppet Museum? A.Barrio Boedo B.San Telmo C.Barrio Norte*** Help Me, please!!
  54. history
    Why did Pope Pius V excommunicate Queen Elizabeth I in 1570? The pope declared her a heretic because she invaded France and Spain, allies of the Catholic Church. The pope declared her a heretic because she sided with Charles V to form the Schmalkaldic League. The pope declared...
  55. History
    Which option accurately describes events of the Haitian Slave Revolt on the island of Hispaniola (formerly Saint-Domingue)? A. Aztec and Incan slaves revolted against the English under the leadership Hernán Cortés to win their independence. B. African and Huguenot slaves...
  56. world history
    In 1469, Ferdinand and Isabella’s marriage united Spain and established the dynasty of Catholic Monarchs (1). Ferdinand and Isabella enhanced their power by becoming patrons of Rome (2). Their Spanish gold raised numerous buildings in Rome, and their generous patronage won ...
  57. history
    why was the cowboy more of a legend than a reality? A. Cowboy culture did not last as long as people truly believe it did. B. Cowboys were typically low-paid young people needed a job. C. Cowboys never really wore the clothes people imagine them wearing. D. True cowboys never ...
  58. SS
    The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by using terracing and irrigation living a nomadic hunter-gather lifestyle trading peacefully with neighbors ---- Settling along the coasts where they could find fish How did the Aztec become so powerful? they allied with the ...
  59. Spanish
    When do you use estar ?
  60. spanish
    september 21, year 2009 at 2:29 am
  61. spanish
    change the verbs from the present tense to the present progressive Nosotros salimos de la escuela Answer: estamos saliendo
  62. Spanish help
    Ella’s_____ inglés? A.enseño B.enseñas** C.enseña D.enseñan
  63. Spanish
    Which statement is accurate? A. Fútbol is more important that béisbol in all Spanish­speaking countries. B. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in México. C. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and la República Dominicana.*** D. Béisbol is ...
  64. Spanish
    which construction expresses an action that has just take place? - Hace + tiempo + que - acabar de + infinitivo - ir + a + infinitivo
  65. History
    im writing an essay on the mexican and american war how is this? The Mexican-American War was a conflict between the United States and Mexico. It commenced on 25 April, 1846 and ended on 2 February, 1848. President Polk played a large role in the United States government's ...
  66. Spanish
    Llena el blanco con el verbo en subjuntivo que se te pide en el paréntesis. 1. Aunque (haber + estar) _____ allí, no habríamos visto a los androides. 2. Siento mucho que no (haber + dormir) ____ después de que viéramos la televisión.
  67. Spanish
    Describe one similarity and one difference between the musical styles cumbia and vallenato. If somebody could give me some links or anything that would be useful, thanks! :)
  68. Spanish
    In which country is baseball more popular than soccer? A. la Repúplica Dominicana B. Argentina C. Espana D. Perú I think the answer is B, am I correct? If not B then C.
  69. Spanish
    What is a typical accompaniment for la hamburguesa? A. el desyuno B. las papas fritas**** C. el perrito caliente D. las pupusas
  70. Spanish
    I need help! The question is Which word best completes the following sentence? The standard variety of Spanish is considered A. Natural B. Colorful C. Easy D.neutral I think that it’s a, is that right?
  71. New Mexico State History
    Which of the following factors made possible political independence in Mexico? 1. The destruction of Tenochtitlan by Hernan Cortes 2. The conversion of native people to Catholicism 3. The weakening of the Spanish Empire 4. The rise of the Mayan civilization I think B.
  72. Math
    CHECK AND CORRECT MY ANSWERS PLEASE!! ASAP!! THANKS!!xx Write the fraction 5/6 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. 33.33% 66.67% 83.33%** 1.20% Write the decimal 0.237 as a percent. 0.237% 2.37% 23.7%** 237% Ashley used 2/5 of her savings...
  73. History
    Which option accurately describes how the philosophy of humanism impacted the Spanish Inquisition? A. Catholic and Protestant inquisitors combined forces using humanist philosophy as a backbone to justify persecuting Muslims. B. Humanist philosopher Desiderius Erasmus ...
  74. World History
    Which accurately describes 19th-century revolutions in Latin America? Simón Bolívar mounted a revolution against Spain, gaining independence for Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Columbia. Fidel Castro, a devout reader of Marx and Lenin, organized a coup to overthrow ...
  75. History
    How did slavery in Louisiana change under Spanish control? Check all that apply. The number of enslaved people increased rapidly. Those enslaved were encouraged to get a formal education and learn a skill. The trade of enslaved American Indians was prohibited. Those enslaved ...
  76. History
    Which accurately describes the purpose and history of the Virginia Company? The Virginia Company was a multinational company that received a royal charter from Spanish King Ferdinand II to trade slaves with the Virginia Colony. The Virginia Company was a private shipbuilding ...
  77. Spanish
    In Chile celebrations often revolve around: A) an asado B) a pebre C) a manteo D) a lúcuma I know that an asado is a type of food, pebre is sauce, manteo is a type of clothes, and lúcuma is a fruit. But I'm not sure what the answer here is. I know you can make lúcuma cake ...
  78. spanish/geography
    Which of the following does not border Chile? A. Bolivia B. The Pacific Ocean C. Argentina D. Ecuador
  79. SPanish
    What would you look at to tell the time? in spanish
  80. spanish
    explain the significance of the song guantanamera
  81. Spanish
    Would someone be able to help me translate this into English? I'm not sure it makes sense. Tan bomba vas a ser? De donde ss Thanks in advance.
  82. Spanish
    Where can I find an online English translation of Los Fundadores: Alofonso by Lourdes Casal?
  83. Social studies
    Which of the following were problems faced by the English colonists at Jamestown? Select all that apply 1- the colony employed many indentured servants and paying them was difficult 2-they settled in an unsecured location and were vulnerable to Spanish attack 3-the location of...
  84. Spanish
    What is one difference between popular beverages in Los Estados Unidos and those in the Spanish-speaking world?
  85. Spanish
    What is the most common condiment or spice at un asado? ketchup BBQ sauce pepper salt*
  86. Social studies
    In which might the Spanish choice to claim North America land be considered controversial? A> Spanish explorers promised to free the slaves of North America. B>Spanish explorers failed to convert native people to Christianity. C> Spanish explorers seized territory ...
  87. English
    Question 9 (multiple choice) How does Cisneros’s style and voice in "Only Daughter" tell you her heritage is important to her? She refers to France often. She mentions an Italian filmmaker. She discusses her father’s habits reading of reading Latin. She uses Spanish words ...
  88. Spanish
    Which option lists three Spanish-Speaking communities in New York City ordered from smallest to largest? a. Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans b. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans c. Dominicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans *** My Answer: c. Dominicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans
  89. Spanish
    what is the difference between diphtongs,hiato and trihtongs?
  90. Spanish
    Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world. I am a bit confused about what they mean for the activities, do they want after school Spanish activities or what?
  91. Spanish
    What is the heritage of many of the students at Miami High School? Explain why so many students of this heritage are at Miami High School.
    Write 2 short paragraphs describing famous people from the Spanish speaking world, make sure to include their cultural or political significance in your discussion
  93. @ Pepsi
    I deleted your Spanish post since several of the questions ask about the sound of a word. We do not have your source. Pleas repost only those questions that do not require sound.
  94. Spanish
    What popular Mexican dish uses stuffed poblano chiles? A. guacamole B. chiles rellenos C. Mexican hot chocolate
  95. Spanish
    In Columbia,________ A. childern are not required to go to school B. childern are required to go to school until they are about 9 C. childern are required to go to school until they are about 14***** D. childern childern are required to go to school until they are about 18...
  96. Spanish
    Compared to the rest of the world, the children in Costa Rica___ A. are very literate*** B. Remain uneducated C. Are worldly, but illterate D. Have short school years Checking my work:)
  97. History
    Which best describes the impact that the Haitian Slave Revolt had on European countries? the resulting Haitian revolution inspired french revolutionaries to revolt against Robespierre the resulting Haitian revolution caused a war between the French and Spanish on two ...
  98. history
    How were the Spanish able to conquer two great empires with only a handful of soldiers? First, the Spanish had superior military equipment. They were protected by steel armor and had guns. The Aztecs and Incas relied on clubs, bows and arrows, and spears. Also, the Native ...
  99. History
    Which accurately describes why the Magna Carta was written? the English people revolted against King John i"s rue and wanted him o ease taxes on their lands the Spanish people revolted against king Ferdinand ii for his involvement in the Spanish Inquisition the French people ...
  100. History
    What best describes Simón Bolívar’s revolutionary efforts in Venezuela? bolivar was able to free Venezuela from French rule and instituted a parliamentary monarchy bolivar was able to free Venezuela from Spanish rule and abolish slavery bolivar was able to free Venezuela ...
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