Homework Help: English: Writing: Persuasive Techniques

by Leo Galleguillos


trying to convince viewers that a product is good because "everyone" is buying it; encouraging people to "jump on the bandwagon"

glittering generality

exaggerating the merits of a product using general, unsupported and often meaningless statements; nice words

image advertising

presenting a desirable situation or lifestyle in order to convince the viewers that if they use a product, they, too can have this lifestyle; beautiful people

name calling

describing bad aspects of a competitor's product so that the advertised product seems better

plain folk

using actors who represent "average" people to suggest that, because people in advertisements resemble friends and neighbors, the product they are using must be good


repeating an element within one advertisement so that viewers will remember the advertisement and will buy the product; also refers to the repetition of the same advertisement


someone will testify that the advertised product did indeed help them or is a good one to buy because they tried it, and it worked

card stacking

telling the facts for one side only


a message attached to a symbol


satire; amusing instances

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