Writing equations from a table
Hiiii! My teacher gave out some practice problems to help prepare for the big upcoming tEst.. I just don't remember hiw to do fhese problems.. Irs just hard for me.. these are not graded, I just need help so I can (hopefully) ace the test :) Questions!: Write an equation to ...

Art Help Please?
What is the best definition of the term satire? using humor and wit to reveal the strengths of someone or something using sarcasm, ridicule, or irony to expose the faults of someone or using sarcasm, ridicule, or irony to expose the faults of someone or something using ...

What is the best definition of the term satire? A. Using humor and wit to reveal the strenghts of someone or something. B. Using sarcasm, ridicule, or irony to expose the faults of someone or something. C. Using creative writing and art to expose the faults of someone or ...

Criminal Investigastion
What advice would you provide to rookie officer who believes that report writing is not a fundamental component of the policing job?

Please help..
Hi, I got stuck on a few questions, do you mind helping me? What was George Washington's belief about U.S. foreign policy? a.The United States should form a strong alliance with France. <? b.The United States should remain neutral. c.The United States should be open to ...

Hi, I got stuck on a few questions, do you mind helping me? What was George Washington's belief about U.S. foreign policy? a.The United States should form a strong alliance with France. <? b.The United States should remain neutral. c.The United States should be open to ...

Legal Research Studies
This is my first assignment in University and in a law course. I have learning disabilities and have trouble remembering and reading/writing. This is my first assignment. I read it but I don't understand a thing. Please help me out... "While researching a legal issue for your ...

Which of the following is MOST likely to be undertaken by the federal government? Organizing the construction of a new public university Writing additional requirements for teaching licenses Revising a citizenship test for immigrants Passing new laws to encourage trade in a ...

Human Services/ University of Phoenix
Identify three considerations that should be a part of a program and proposal pre-planning process of grant proposal writing. This is a generalized question, no particular grant application.

I have an essay and my topic is "our views of the past change as we mature". So I am stuck on what pieces of evidence I should write about. I am thinking of writing a narrative, and I want my "mature view" to be that the world doesn't evolve around me forever. 1 piece of ...

You are governor Of Florida, and you are considering running for president of the united states. What may you be able to do as governor they you will be unable to do as president? Require information in writing of executive officers Appoint a justice to the state Supreme Court...

Henry is developing a plan of action to resolve a local issue in his community. Which of the following actions would be best for Henry to complete first? Making a long list of alternatives Learning as much as he can about the issue *** Making public speeches Writing letters of...

I'm writing a research paper and i need help finding out what these me on a website. • Timeliness: • Objectivity: • Writing Style and Mechanics: • Graphics: • Links:

A. "Solve for w: (6w+1)/5≠2. Describe the solution in set notation." First I must find what number to substitute for "w" that WILL equal 2, correct? Then, determine the numbers that won't (I assume there will be far more of these)? What would be the most efficient way to...

1. She has flown on three shuttles. The shuttles were Discovery, Atlantis, and Columbia. 2. She was the first woman to earn the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. This award is given by the President of the United States. I'm writing with nouns and have to combine these ...

Creative Writing
( I have to do either a creative or personal response to a visual. I have chosen to do a personal response in the form of an essay. Obviously, I can't show the visual but I can describe it: A man in a swimsuit is jumping out of rough cliffs ( not in focus) into a bright ocean...

legal research writings&
Which of the following legal publications is NOT typically updated with pocket parts? a) Legal encyclopedias B) Legal dictionaries C) Digests D) Treatises Book Legal Research and Writing for paralegals by pamela R. Tepper and Neal R. Bevans I already found some answers to this...

How to simplify 5^(4/3)? by writing it in radical form?

The Badys and their maid, Alice, took a trip to Hawaii for their summer vacation. The travel agent told Ike that the trip would cost $210 for each child plus another $315 per adult. According to Ike Bady’s credit card receipt, the trip cost a total of $2205 for all 9 of them...

What are some tips on writing in an embarrassed tone?

Writing in Math To find the sum of 4/9 and 7/12, Mario rewrites the fractions as 8/36 and 21/36. His answer is 29/36. Is Marion right? If not, show his error and correct it.

Writing a formula to the surface area of a cube of its length x is edge length=x over six right ? Or I did it wrong

Which of the following Chief Justices of the Supreme Court was responsible for writing the majority opinion in Marbury v. Madison, wherein the power of judicial review was announced? A. Jay B. Rehnquist C. Warren D. Marshall is it D

REVISED Improving Writing.
Draft an interoffice memorandum to Miriam Hopkins, the Director of Human Resources: a. Assume that you’ve received confirmation from Jeremy Dittmer for the date, time, and materials needed. The trainer he has assigned is Deb Walker (email: Deb.Walker..). b. Outline the ...

Special note to my all time favorite: Writeacher: I am sorry that my changes seemed as if I did not read your first notations, I did and I admit I changed only a few words. I am sorry if you thought I ignored it and just re submitted it. I am a beginner in writing business ...

Improving Writing- REVISED VERSION
Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has charged you with organizing a two-hour training seminar to be attended by ...

I have 3 essays if someone could correct them for me ! #1 I am writing to you regarding an upcoming seminar that will cover the sensitive topics of sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination. It would be my humble request if you could supply an appropriate trainer who will ...

Continuos Quality Monitoring and Accreditation
Adverse Event Reporting Read Chapters 5, 6, and 7 in our textbook. After reviewing this week’s required reading, consider the following scenario: You are the lead of the risk management team that has been assigned to evaluate an incident that has occurred. You will be ...

creative writing
The poem One two/Buckle my shoe/Three four/Close the door uses which rhyme scheme? abab abce aabb baba C ? The line Time is but a stream I go fishing in contains an example of: metaphor assonance hyperbole imagery A? How do I love thee, let me count the ways has how many feet...

creative writing
The volta in a sonnet is the rhyme scheme the name of the stanzas a change or turn in the poem the theme confused

What is the purpose of hierarchical structure in a media message? Hierarchical structure helps the reader weed out unimportant information. Hierarchical structure helps the author organize his or her writing. Hierarchical structure helps the reader determine the relationship ...

ENG 122 English Composition II
Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? I always have a difficult time choosing a topic. Writing is hard! I always have a difficult time choosing a topic; writing is hard! All of the above None of the above

Writing/Environmental science
I'm writing a thesis/research paper on how all animals play an important role on the environment. I'm trying to narrow my paper down on an endangered species but I'm having trouble deciding/thinking of a species that play IMPORTANT roles (ie.- honeybees). Except I cannot ...

creative writing
This morning while I was running, shoes smacking the pavement, Venus bright above the spine of the Bear Mountains, and my thoughts pinned to the day ahead, the meetings, the deadlines, the writing I would not do, a deer was hit by a car. It flew in front of me, disrupting the ...

confused creative writing
In creative nonfiction, a quote is differentiated from fictional dialogue in that it: takes the liberty of re-creating someone's spoken or written words is closer to the truth than fiction dialogue can be edited to change the piece's emotional impact copies someone's actually...

What's a character sketch?

Stupid Complicated English Grammar
1. Choose the sentence fragment. (Points : 5) Dew glistening on the tiny green leaves of the young plants. Although some of the seeds had already sprouted, these hadn't. A small herd of buffalo grazed in the valley below us. The wind, cold and powerful, swept through the city...

confidentiality in allied health
1.   Which one of the following statements is an example of hearsay? "The report said the patient died on January 15." "I saw the doctor administer the injection." "I checked the patient's blood pressure three times." "The report was on my desk when I arrived for work."...

I have noticed that in the past three months, a month after Jessica Hilo’s medical leave, there have been problems concerning Ruth and Jack’s workload. To begin with, Jessica’s duties have been temporarily reassigned to Frank and Ralph. Furthermore, Ruth supports the ...

Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial support ...

essay excerpt edit
Can someone edit this My writing has exhibited creativity by introducing a new perspective of stereotypical conventions that resulted in increased cognition through “A Closer Look: Analyzing Tangled (2012) and Its Deeper Critique of "Rapunzel" (1812). Firstly, I offer a new ...

How do you go about writing an introduction for a research paper? Can it be a quote from the person you are writing about? Can the introduction be only one line?

Writers often make common errors by writing the way they speak. Identify and explain the sentence structure error in the following sentence: Because Belinda wants to move to California.

when writing linear equations, how do you determine which form of a line to use? choose 1 set of points from the choices below. then, solve the problem and post your solution, showing your steps. write an equation in point-slope form for the line that passes through one of the...

Child Development
Please Check my answers 1. A type of communication that isn't only about the present and that promotes higher level thinking such as planning and reminiscing is called A. child-child conversation. B. chanting. C. early production. D. decontextualized talk. ANSWER: A 2. ...

Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial support ...

Creative Writing
Normally, I don't struggle with grammar, but this has me stuck. In this sentence, "One could call him an addict, because women were his drug," would you leave drug plural or singular, or is there something else to do to fix that?

50.0 mL of a 0.20 mol/L HCl reacts with 60.0 mL of 0.15 mol/L NaOH. What is the pH of the final solution? I tried writing out the equation: HCl + NaOH = Cl + NaH2O Now, I am not sure of NaH2O is the right product or not.. However, I am still confused on how I can ifnd the ...

Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial support ...

English Essay- The Great Gatsby
I am writing a literary essay about The Great Gatsby. My claim is "money cannot buy you happiness" I am working on the Literary device paragraph right now but I can't seem to find a motif/symbol in the story that can prove my claim. Help please!

1) Planet Zero has a mass of 5.0*10^23 kg and a radius of 2.0*10^6 meters. What is the acceleration of gravity on planet zero? 2)Phobos, a satellite of Mars, has a radius of 11km and a mass of 10^16 kg. Its a bit lumpy, but let's assume its spherical to get a doable problem. (...


world history
writing a speech by prentending maximilien robespirre to people in france

there is no point getting married if you do not believe in god in with both argments disagree and agree

Struggling in Writing
Should I be ashamed for being a poor writer and reader,since I am in 12 th grade this year? Today,in writing class I struggled.. I could not identify the thesis of an article nor could I spot counterclaim that the author makes. I think I have dyslexia because I have a hard ...

Improving Writing- REVISED VERSION
Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial support ...

Writing with exponents 2x2x2

I am writing an essay on what freedom means to me. I'm stuck I and need help as soon as possible. Due tomorrow at 8

Improving writing
Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial support ...

language arts
Which verb mood is used in the following sentence from the selection? So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever. (storm fever is a movie) Is it subjunctive or conditional? Mrs. sue said it's subjunctive and "writing teacher" said it's conditional. Please help me! Thanks!

Language Arts
The suffix-ee comes from French and refers to someone who receives an action or has been put in a position. Using this information, what can you conclude is the meaning of the italicized word in the following sentence? This year's HONOREE of the writing award will give an ...

English Landguage
Debate writing on the topic boys should not help in the kichen. Speark against the motion.

social studies
1. which factor best explains why native americans were able to make permanent settlements? native americans began to cultivate plants for food. native americans began to create more complex tools and pottery. native americans discovered alternative food sources,such as ...

I need help writing a thesis for my history day project, my person is Sacagawea and this years theme is leaders and their short and long term legacies. I don't exactly know where to start. Sacagawea has played a big role in the discovery of Louisisana territory, making her one...

need help on writing science fiction short story?

writing division stories
36 and 9

English 10
1. Sensory language is also known as __________. syntax broadsides imagery irony 2.Which excerpt taken from the poem “Birmingham Sunday” by Richard Farina is an example of sensory language? A.“clouds they were grey” B.“She asked for a blessing" C.“Her prayers and ...

English (Ms.Sue)
I am writing a description of a school bus stop on a rainy day I am at the part of describing the bus. How would I describe the sound of the typres screeching using metaphors or personification? also How can I describe the condition of the bus to be negative?

LA - 1 question
Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? identify the author's tone and viewpoint evaluate how the selection compares to another examine the type of organization used in the selection determine the author's purpose for ...

sin theta = 8/17 and theta is in the second quadrant. Find sin(2theta),cos(2theta),tan(2theta) exactly sin(2theta) cos(2theta) tan(2theta) sin(2theta) would it be 2 x (8/17) cos(2theta) would be 2 x (15/17) tan(2theta) would be 2 x (8/17 divided by 15/17) is this correct? I ...

Any improvements that I can make to this sentence to make it sound better ? I believe a reconciliation is possible once both sides admit that they cannot function properly without the other.

Im writing a description of a busy school dining hall. One of my paragraphs is as follows : In the snake like queue one of the boys, who had pushed in stood with pride and joy. But not for long. 'You, yes you. Get to the back NOW!' The principle demanded with absolute anger. ...

World History (Ms. Sue)
Doyou agree with that which I have written for the topic that I was given? Describe the emergence of Romanticism in art and literature, social critisim, and the move away from Classicism in Europe. In the late seventeenth century, an intellectual movement known as the ...

Write a short paragraph that describes a discussion you recently had that demonstrates at least one of the principles of verbal communication. State the principle and explain how it applies to your example. 2.

19. In the following sentence, what is the antecedent of the pronoun "it"? The class members chose Chicago to visit because it provides the best opportunity for education and entertainment. A. Opportunity B. Chicago C. Entertainment D. Education Is it B? 20. Which part of ...

1. Which kind of adjective is used most frequently in ordinary speech or writing? A. Demonstrative B. Article C. Proper D. Common B?

Describe the end behavior for function by writing a limit expression. f(x)=2x^5-x+7

Murmur is an interesting word because both syllables are spelled the same : mur-mur. While this is an unusual, there are other words with this pattern. See how many of the words below you can guess. a) to split evenly b) a drum you beat with your hands

Business Communication
Summarize the 3x3 writing process and explain how it guides a writer

creative writing
1. Poetry that is short in length and focuses on feelings and thoughts of the speaker or narrator is called:(Points : 3) narrative lyric a ballad a haiku 2. What is the rhyme scheme of most limericks?(Points : 3) AABBA ABBBA ABCABC AAAAB 3. Which is true about most narrative ...

What was Marx's purpose in writing this essay? Does he succeed in getting his point across?

1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantics. Choose one of the two poets. Provide at least three ways that he or she reflects Romantic thinking in his or her writing. Then give an example from one of the works that you studied in this unit that ...

composition II
• What role should outside sources play in our writing? How much of an essay you write should be your original work and how much should be from a source? How can having too much material from other sources possibly lead to plagiarism?

homework:unscramble the words on writing division exampie(the family,mother)

I have to create a piece of descriptive writing about a good day at a beach, but I am unsure on how to describe the atmosphere of the beach. Please help! Here is what I have so far:  It's the morning of somerset beach. Seagulls haver over waiting for food, whilst the sun ...

I'm having trouble writing a persona poem. Can someone explain it to me? can i get an example of persona poem? thanks:)

1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold and speak English in a ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
If you approach your investigative work with an attitude of eliminating potential writing problems as they arise, you will be able to: A. write a report that has no negative investigative information. B. complete investigative responsibilities by finding the truth through good...

Need help writing a birthday card with 4 types of sentences? declarative, interrogative imperative and exclamatory?

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
When an investigator writes a conclusion in an investigative report based on his or her opinion, he or she is: A. properly writing conclusions based on personal experiences. B. allowing a conclusion to be inappropriately arrived at in lieu of a conclusion based on fact. C. ...

Is "had" an example of a "to be" verb?

Criminal Justice/Writing Search Warrants
When writing the description for the property you are going to search for, the description must be detailed: A. so the average person can distinguish among similar objects in the search. B. so that only the magistrate and investigator can discern the objects of the search. C. ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
What is a common mistake most investigators make in the interview? A. They do not give the interviewee enough time to answer a question before asking another one. B. They break for lunch too early. C. They let an interviewee talk without interruption, which takes too long. D. ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
If a Miranda admonishment is needed, the generally accepted method of giving it is to: A. recite the Miranda admonishment from memory. B. give the interviewee a printed Miranda admonishment to read. C. ask the interviewee if he or she already knows the Miranda admonishment and...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
When a violent crime is committed, the investigating officer will attempt to determine the suspect's method of operation. This should be recorded in which face sheet section? A. M.O., or modus operandi B. M.E., or method of entry C. Method of escape D. Victim selection I think...

How can u write a unit rate if a least one term is a fraction? How is this different from writing a unit rate where both terms are whole numbers?

Ms.sue look at Noo ( writing grade 4)

Please, look at Noo

Writing- grade 4
Write a personal narrative about something happened to you when you were young. I when I was young and didn't walk on my feet. I was in my bed , I stood up and I put my hand on the edge of the bed so that it doesn't fall,but dropped it,and my dad took me from the ground . I ...

I need help with writing an essay about simple questions, complicated questions, and complex questions. I need to make a topic, write 3-5 paragraphs, describe and explain, write it as an expository essay, and write one paragraph about how it helps us in every day life.

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