Can you help me write this percent as a fraction please? The percent is 365. I already wrote it as a decimal which is 36.5. I just need help writing it as a fraction now.

According to legend, the Aztec god of war told them to build their capital where they saw "an eagle perched on a cactus and holding a snake in its beak." This image forms part of what modern nation's flag today? (1 point) ColombiaMexicoPanamaPeru 2. The Olmec were known for ...

Can I publish a book?
I've been writing lately, and it's about time that I've gotten a job. So, my question is, if I want t publish and sell the stories I write in my free time, would I have to go to a company to have it published, or can I just make my own cover and publish and sell on my own?

interpersonal communications
ssignment 2: LASA 1: Design Communications Manual You have been appointed the vice president of the human resources department at a fictional multinational organization. It is your job to design the framework for a communications manual for this organization. The ...

t is time to summarize your research by creating a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation or by writing a Microsoft® Word essay about the four landforms you chose to research and complete the Landform Portfolio assessment.

1. Your instructor assigned the class to write an essay about a famous artist. What is the first step you should take to begin this project? A. Construct your thesis statement B. Decide the exact number of sources you will use C. Devise a title for your essay D. Do some ...

20. Which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? A. Combining opinions and general statements B. Exploring different points of view C. Reviewing key ideas on a topic D. Understanding the topic in depth 19. Which type of Internet resource would be the ...

Java Computer Science
Say I write an application that prompts the user to enter an integer. If the user enters a double or string or anything, anything not an integer an error will appear. I'm having trouble writing code to combat this problem so I can errorproof my application. I'm thinking I'll ...

17. For most academic writing, the types of evidence preferred include A. a combination of assertions and first-hand experiences. B. personal observations and opinions. C. facts, statistics, and expert testimony. D. general statements and quotations by well-known individuals...

Math, Physics, and Science
What are the Fundamental Laws of Biology? How is it so different to the cultures of science itself? Explain in an equation or in a matter of writing.

Social Studies
Write a paragraph describing how the U.S government managed the economy during WWI and the Economic effects of that management. Consider the roles played by the Food Administration, War Industries Board, and the War Labor Board. ______________________________________ I am not ...

A local chamber of commerce is publishing a pamphlet. Its purpose is to encourage tourists to visit the area. Data provided by the state tourism office shows that campers tend to like this area of the state. Based on this data, what is the most important information to include...

One Summer Day The Sea murmurs sleepily in the cool morning dawn, Tossing and turning under her blanket of fog, which thins and then vanishes as the sun rises. The Sea awakens, wondering what the day will bring. Then the Sun begins to warm the ivory sand, And cars arrive, ...

 Whose writing reflects the followi​ng regional dialect? “‘Scuse me, suh, I’s lookin’​ for my husban’. I heerd you wu​z a big man an’ had libbed heah​ a long time, an’ I ‘lowed you wo​uldn’t min...

Early Childhood Education
I am so unclear how did do this assigment Choose two different countries and write about the differences parents might have in dealing with the following scenario. In your writing (one to two pages), list the three things a parent may do differently in one country than in the ...

Language arts
We have to write a poem, but I am not great at writing, so how does this sound? Love It can be perfect, it can be cruel, but can be broken by a fool. How can something so craveable, be breakable? One word misheard, one look is all it took, to make the love disappear. Love, you...

Language arts
I am writing a poem for class, so is this good? Love It can be perfect, it can be cruel, but can be broken by a fool. How can something so craveable, be breakable? One word misheard, one look is all it took, to end love. Love, you thief, you criminal, you crook! Why must you ...

The Problem You are given a piece of cardboard that is 6 inches by 4 inches. You would like to cut equal-sized squares out of each of the 4 corners and fold the cardboard in such a way to make an open-top rectangular box. Part A: Complete the table below: Length of Square Cut...

Pablo is writing a research paper about Roald Dahl, a famous children's book author. His teacher told him to include at least one primary source in his research. Which of the following is an example of a primary source? A. an interview with Roald Dahl by a TV reporter B. an ...

17. what was the authors main reason for writing this passage? to explain why something happened to describe what something looked like to convince the reader to change a policy to tell the reader an interesting story

American Gov.
I am writing a letter to the president on helping the victims of Hurricane Maria. What are two cabinet Departments that I should mention?

Early Childhood Education
I am writing a paper about Emotional and behavior disorders I am not sure the website in my paper. I would be good ones to use my the possible outcomes for the child who is exposed to this particular type of risk. How might this risk factor impact the child's ability to learn ...

You are writing to a teacher or an administrator at Edwards school. The context of your letter should state the reason why it is important to teach the Holocaust. Today, you are to write your first paragraph stating your main reason. Please do not simply state that Holocaust ...

"Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is stubborn and proud "...

I'm currently writing a presentation on Joe Foss, in my presentations are bullet points of accomplishments and his basic information. I was wondering how i would make the summary, would I use bullet points of the same information or would I write a paragraph for the summary?

I'm writing a personal essay about a novel. Every time I use the title of my novel in the my essay my teacher wants me to underline it. For one part of the essay I'm supposed to talk about if the author has published any other novels. I was just wondering if I should underline...

I began a written correspondence with my grandmother when I was a young child. We did not live within visiting distance, and writing was a way for us to “visit” each week. Sunday was the day she would rest from her labors on the farm. Taking her dime store pad of paper and...

i will roll a fair 6-sided dice. Writing your answers as fractions in their lowest terms, what is the probability of rolling: 1) a 4? 2) an even number? 3) a 7? 4) number less than 5? 5) number less than 10?

US GOV- Research Paper
I'm writing a research paper about Bernie Sanders. It includes a short biographical background, information about his time in the House and the Senate, and his beliefs on 3 major issues: racism, foreign policy, and healthcare. I've written most of the paper, and I'm trying to ...

In four, explain how the structure of the First Amendment supports equal weight of each freedom it guarantees. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or...

I have an essay to write based on this question, but I'm unsure of exactly what it wants me to analyze/write about: More than one hundred years ago, a writer for the Atlantic Monthly confronted an issue that is still timely. Read the following essay carefully. Then write an ...

I'm writing a research paper about Bernie Sanders and I'm including a quote from him in it. Do I need to put an in-text citation for the website where I found that quote or is it fine if I say that Sanders stated it. My sentence is: When asked about foreign policy, Sanders ...

I am doing a collage about Fahrenheit 451 and basically we have to make a collage with chunks of writing about quotes that relates back to our proposal. Would It be okay if someone looked at it? Proposal: I am interested in how the government doesn’t want people  in the ...

1. James Joyce was a great master of stream of consciousness. simple sentence*** compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence 2. Joyce's, however, owed much to French novelist who had used the technique much earlier. simple sentence compound sentence complex ...

American Government
I'm writing a research paper about amending the U.S. Constitution. It has to outline the procedures for amending the constitution, and explain the path of one successful amendment and one unsuccessful amendment. What would be a good title for this paper? All I can think of is...

English poem
i need help writing a poem. it can be about an issue that is important to you such as environmentalism, equality, or a specific political issue, new years, or my own topic. my mind is BLANK and I have no idea how I'm going to write a 12 lined poem. It's due today

2. DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Sawicki Music Supply is a mail-order business that accepts merchandise orders by telephone and mail. All payments must be prepaid with a major credit card. Once an order is received, either the item is found in inventory and shipped immediately, the item ...

Some one gets on to a ferris wheel 30^0 left of the bottom. What would be the phase shift if I am writing a sine Function? Is it -120^0 or + 120^0. Please explain.

I have to write a 3-5 paragraph essay answering this question: what is the difference between a credible and a non-credible website. I need ideas on what to write or how to answer because i suck at writing :( but this is worth 6 points and i neeeed them. List specific examples...

Hi,i'm an ESL student right now in High School,so i got stuck in writing sentence in present and past tense,i want to say this "After a long research for a perfect profession,I have chosen of *becoming or being (which one do i use ?)* accountant.

uncle tome cabin Gradually and imperceptible the strange, silent, patient man, who was ready to bear everyone else's burden, and who sought help from none,--who stood aside for all, and came last, and took least, yet was foremost to share his little all with any who needed,--...

uncle tom cabin What specific event precipitated the writing of Uncle Tom s Cabin? Find the information in a documented source whose author you can identify

26. a. Show that the ratios Start Fraction 10 over 20 End Fraction and Start Fraction 30 over 60 End Fraction form a proportion by finding a common multiplier. b. Show that the ratios in part (a) are equal by writing them in simplest form.

Which accomplishment most likely helped the Incan emperor maintain rule over widespread lands? A The Inca built a vast network of roads B The Inca developed a uniform system of writing C The Incan emperor claimed ownership of all land D The Incan emperor requires all subjects ...

Someone wishing to find employment at News Corp as a website developer would probably expect to engage in __________ before getting hired. A.a research-based interview B.a quick promotion C.writing an essay D.a job interview I believe its C

social studies
am i correct? progressive ida tarbell is credited with *writing a series of articles about the dangers of trusts ******* *creating blue laws *changing childlabor laws * writing a novel about dangerous practices in the meat packing industry my answer: A

im writing an essay on the mexican and american war how is this? The Mexican-American War was a conflict between the United States and Mexico. It commenced on 25 April, 1846 and ended on 2 February, 1848. President Polk played a large role in the United States government's ...

Which of the following is important for an introduction in formal or academic writing? Entertaining the audience Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences Providing all of the references that ...

Which of the following is a form of cyberbullying? A. writing a friendly joke using etiquette B. posting embarrassing photos or secrets about somebody C. sharing a funny story about yourself D. posting a photo of someone with their permission I can't decide which one is right...

I need help doing a thesis for Macbeth by Shakespeare. I'm focusing on the character Macbeth and my theme is ambition. Intially: -He is shown as a loyal soldier who is kind (fill with the mill of human kindness) -He gets startled when the witches tell him his 3 prophecies -He ...

just writing
So, this isn't for school or anything- but I want to know if just by this first page if you would read this book. It's got facts about history and helping you plan for the future. Let me know what you think! Written on the Wall Life is rarely fair. That’s why people work ...

I am writing an argument of why there shouldn't be greater punishment for hate crimes vs. not done out of "hate." and am trying to find some stats and sources to back it up. I tried searching the recidivism rate of hate crimes vs. non hate crimes but can't find it. Does ...

Can someone check my answers for this English quick check, I'm in connections, thanks :) 1. In adventures of huckleberry finn at first huck feels ___ about writing to Jims owner. a. good** b. guilty c. uncertain 2. what is another word for a ship's small boat? a. lath** b. ...

Hello! I was on here the other day asking about how I should write up an analysis of a conversation with a four-year-old boy, and I was hoping I could have some help with the grammatical aspect of the paper? Would you mind if I post my analysis here and you read through to see...

poetry and creative writing
this needs a friend or sibling to do with but I don't have a sibling or a friend who is not busy. My parents have gone too work too. Can u help me instead? write a colourful description, using as many senses as possible. Describe a market or shop know to u. Make your ...

Hello! I need some help on how to write my (1000-1500 word) analysis paper. My class is about language acquisition in children and I had to analyze a child's spontaneous conversation. I have analyzed it, but I'm unsure of how to write it up. Please help! Thanks!

World History
Which seminal document influenced James Madison’s writing of the United States Constitution? Madison was influenced by John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, which defends individual freedom and an open society. Madison was influenced by Edmund Burke’s Reflection on the ...

I'm writing a paper about book that purposely has no theme that I can read, " Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy." The problem I am having is that I am asked to write what theme is and find a qoute that explains it. I'm not exactly sure what to do, I've never come across this ...

English/Grammar Tutor Please !!!!!!!!!
As the public uproar over generic drug and off-patent, off-exclusivity branded drug price gouging heightens, state experts and patient activists in Maryland are lobbying for politicians to implement a law that would prohibit price gouging of important off-patent non-brand ...

I need help writing research proposal due Thursday. The question is the correlation between attendance and grades in the first year of psychology class. Abstract,introduction,method

Leo is writing an essay about Sam Houston's role in Texas annexation. What is the best title for his essay? A. "Hoping for independence"*** B. "Dreaming of manifest Destiny" C. "seeking military and economic security" D. "wanting to hold the U.S. office.

Government Writing
Help with sentence organization & Structure. I need help informing this information into complete sentences. Committee(s): Health and Government Operations Committee Hearning Economic Matters On April 10, 2017 House Concurrence Vote Passed. April 7, 2017 Senate Bill Passed. ...

character education
Long-range goals are best accomplished by __________ . luck writing down and working for intermediate goals never varying from your daily routine A daily routine is only helpful if it __________________ . helps you achieve long-range goals never varies includes a lot of fun ...

English/Writing Help Please?
Help with sentence structure.... In a response to the uproar on January 30, 2017 legislation presented the House with the HB 631 bill which will forbid a wholesale distributor from increasing a price on vital medication, under definite statuses. Stages of bill hearing,votes, ...

y is directly proportional to x. y=36 when x=5. By writing an equation of proportionality, work out the value of y when x=8.

8th grade L.A.
I really need help to get a good grade on the 8th grade language arts unit 3:Facts and visions lesson 16: writing the final draft s if anyone could kinda help me out thanks

character education
What is a benefit of overcoming technology breakdown problems? You become more experienced in dealing with technology issues. You learn less. You become exasperated. A? Which of the following are good strategies for active listening? writing out questions taking clear notes ...

I'm writing an essay about the positive effects of homeschooling, but I'm having trouble writing my introduction. Can anyone help me with writing a good, eye catching first sentence? Thanks!!!!

I am writing an essay and want to know, how many years do we spend in school? Starting from kindergarten to the end of high school.

Hi all, im currently writing a persuasive essay on why smoking should be banned and was wondering if i would have to write a paragraph talking about the other side of the argument?

Language Arts
Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out what genre The Trouble With Television is, I know it's non-fiction, but what else? Please help and explain why it's the genre you picked. And no, it's not for any school work I just want to know what it is for a writing I'm doing

Algebra 1
Need help with writing an equation of the line that passes through the given points. f(4)=-8, f(-3)=1

Hi! ____ Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers As a new ninth grader at my high school, I was sitting in an assembly about volunteerism. The guest speaker was Ms. Francis Kemp. Today I had an experience worth writing about. I must admit that I did not have high hopes for the hour. I ...

English writing issues
Help With These Issues Grammar Incorrect Phrasing, Enhancement word choice, Style Wordy Sentences Passive Voice Misuse, Unclear Reference, Sentence Structure Maryland Lawmakers Approve Bill To Fight Drug Price-Gouging, prohibiting a manufacturer or wholesale distributer from ...

I'm writing a movie review of the film "Beasts of No Nation." I am struggling to come up with a creative title for it. Any suggestions? The movie is about a child soldier, forced into a civil war, and how he completely changes from a moral person to a war criminal capable of ...

I'm writing an essay about the play "Antigone". The question is: "Write an essay in which you argue whether Antigone did the right thing. Should she have buried her brother or obeyed the decree by her uncle? Support your answer with at least two references to the play." I was ...

essay writing
How to write an good essay

I'm writing an essay analyzing Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech. Does his speech contain any logical fallacies? I can't find anything online for this and even from reading the speech. HElp??

I'm writing an essay about myself and have to incorporate the things I learned in psychology. One of them was classical conditioning. An example I wanted to use for this was seeing my mother dress up and put on makeup everytime we went to parties, so I observed that behavior ...

Please Help Re-Word!!! I have close family members who are part of the LGBTQ community, and as a reader I ------------- that this bill would pertain to “individuals not in the LGBTQ community may not understand the political forces that impact people in the LGBTQ community, ...

Social Studdies, Ms. Sue please check!
1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. A people with a shared history who live in ...

write an annotated bibliography on Franco, L. M., Bennett, S., & Kanfer, R. (2002). Health sector reform and public sector health worker motivation: a conceptual framework. Social Science & Medicine,54(8), 1255-1266

Write an annotated bibliography on:Meyer, J. P., Becker, T. E., & Vandenberghe, C. (2004). Employee Commitment and Motivation: A Conceptual Analysis and Integrative Model. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 89(6), 991-1007. doi:10.1037/0021-9010.89.6.991

character education
______ is the most powerful device for retaining information long-term. recitation drill exposer a How should you evaluate opinions? by consulting their sources and checking their content bias is good prejudice by writing your own opinions by comparing them to your own ...

8th Grade History
Can I have these answers checked... 1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military*** D. A ...

Language Arts -- Compare & Contrast Essay
Hi I'm back. I don't really known how to structure the introduction and the conclusion of a compare & contrast essay. I know you have to state the thesis twice, but what form are you supposed to generally follow when writing the intro and conclusion of this type of essay? Thanks

I am writing an essay about genres of movies (horror, action, comedy) if this is my thesis statement, what would be a good conclusion? "Horror movies allow the viewer to experience a range of emotions, and, in my opinion, are the most enjoyable classification of movies." I'm ...

In addition to using its own capital reserves for the development, Pinecrest Enterprises must have access to a line of credit. Robert, the manager of the local bank, is concerned about Pinecrest’s existing debt. The total debt is $72 million. Joe, Pinecrest’s CEO, believes...

American Government
I am writing a paper on documents influential to the American Constitution, and I was wondering how to format the title: English Bill of Rights into my thesis in APA. Thanks!

As Physics
Motion and Projectiles Homework-Due tommorow Extended Writing Task: Freefall Two identical steel balls are released from rest above cylinders containing oil as shown in the diagram below.The balls travel vertically until they reach the bottom of the cylinder. The graph below ...

As Physics
Motion and Projectiles Homework-Due tommorow Extended Writing Task: Freefall Two identical steel balls are released from rest above cylinders containing oil as shown in the diagram below.The balls travel vertically until they reach the bottom of the cylinder. The graph below ...

tourism and hospitality
Writing special notes, remembering birthdays, and interaction with customers are examples of _________________. financial benefits benefits of customers personalization special services C

Passage: Most people outside of Farmington, Maine, have never heard of Chester Greenwood—but endless numbers of children have a fun way to play outside in cold winter weather because of his invention.  Chester Greenwood was born in 1858 in Farmington, Maine. One of six ...

Why did Benjamin Franklin change Thomas Jefferson’s original phrase, “We hold these truths to be sacred” to “We hold these truths to be self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence? (Select all that apply.) benjamin franklin was an atheist, which means he did not...

What governmental practices led to the writing of the English Bill of Rights? (Select all that apply.) James II had created a standing army, which went on to execute hundreds of Protestants. The Crown had typically tortured the accused to receive confessions for crimes. the ...

Grammar/Langauge arts
Hi, so I am writing an essay and couldn't figure out in the sentence below I should use affect or effect. If anyone could help I would appreciate it :). This includes the objectives of the sports, what the environments are like, and the effect the sport has on your health.

World History A
21. In the unit review, you wrote a statement in which you explained weather you considered government under the roman republic or government under the roman empire to be more successful, and why. Elaborate on that statement by writing an essay in which you evaluate the ...

Writing Sources
I am trying to prove why I think parents having a child reduces their rate of commiting a crime. My basic reasoning is that most parents love their new child and start to realize that they need to better their life in order for their childeren to have the best life they can. I...

English 1 (Check Ms. Sue)
What is the function of non-fiction text features? A. To assist with reading fictional texts B. To assist with approaching a difficult text*** C. To assist with determining the author of a text D. To assist with writing a bibliography for a text Is it B?

Eng comp
the major problem in writing an argument based on inductive reasoning is the possibility of flawed or spurious: A)inference B)syllogism c)presumption D)bias

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