1. Geography
    So Im writing a essay on loss of biodiversity and Im focusing on the fact that urbanization and the development of urban communities may make biodiversity decay and is a huge factor in why there is a loss of biodiversity. However my prof has asked me to focus more on a specfic...
  2. English
    Time Management Everyday life can be filled with long list of things that need to be done. Without the necessity skills to meet these demands, it is easy to lose track of deadlines, forget appointments, or misplace important information. By consistently implementing the skills...
  3. College Essay Help
    Hi, I'm writing my personal essay for the common app and I was hoping someone could help me look over it.
  4. Geography
    How do the scale and intensity of contemporary impacts compare with the impacts of early agriculture and urbanization? Im not even sure what this question is asking, I have read through my text and i dont understand what this question means, however I am required to use ...
  5. Reading
    ) Gambling appeals to basic human instincts: the desire for wealth, fascination with random events and beliefs in luck. in moderation , gambling can be simple escapist fun . A lottery , however isa poor way to gamble. the best ,easure for any game of chance is it payout ratio...
  6. 6th grade math
    How many different 3-digit numbers can you make with the following digits if no digit may be repeated in the same number? 2 7 8 0 3 1 Is there any way I can solve this problem by writing equation?
  7. Gudiance and Discipline
    3. Girl babies want to look more at: a)faces. b)movement. c)colors. d)light. 5. Kid writing encourages: a)academic excellence. b)competition between students. c)risk taking. d)better spellers 7. eople who work only for reward: a)perform at lower levels. b)perform at higher ...
  8. geography
    l'm writing an essay, l need to write aboud the effects that humans have on global warming.so help me please!
  9. English, Film
    I am writing a sound analysis essay for class about the film "Call Me By Your Name," and I'm stuck on what to make the my third paragraph about. Here's the prompt: Pick any film you like and write a 2-page paper analyzing the sound design of that film using some of the ...
  10. English
    I have an exam tomorrow and we are analysing a text then writing a 350-500 word response using a social school of criticism. I was wondering if I could get an explanation towards what social criticism is.
  11. math
    When writing an expression, is it correct to write 15,000 - 583.33x or -583.33(x) + 15,000? I have seen both but I have a friend who insists one is the correct one.
  12. English
    1. He is writing a letter with a pen. 2. He is writing a letter in pen. 3. He is writing a letter with a ball-point pen. 4. He is writing a letter in ball-point pen. 5. He is writing a letter with a fountain pen. 6. He is writing a letter in fountain pen. [Is each pair ...
  13. writing
  14. Writing
    My course program is Bachelor of Science in Information technology. Throughout this course, you will be asked to reflect on various topics in journal entries. Your Topic 2 entry will be about your program of study. The purpose of writing the journals is to provide you with an ...
  15. Writing
    Throughout this course, you will be asked to reflect on various topics in journal entries. Your Topic 2 entry will be about your program of study. The purpose of writing the journals is to provide you with an informal way of learning to express yourself and communicate through...
  16. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*
    1. If you were writing a brief profile of Rosa Parks explaining why you admire her, which of the following sentences would make the best thesis statement? In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. Rosa Parks's refusal to give up her seat sparked the Montgomery ...
  17. american government
    I'm writing a research paper and I'm almost done with it, but I was having trouble writing my thesis statement. Right now I have this: The first political parties of the United States were the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party, but they have now evolved into...
  18. writing
    At this bookstore cafe, some people are talking too loudly on their phones and disturbing other costumers and holding up lines. I need help on a solution explaining 'where and how' the notice will be distributed (its only for the employees) and then a policy that will be ...
  19. ELA
    A Surprising Point of View: A Television Play in Two Acts Characters: (in order of appearance) 1. JASON: a boy of about 14. He is a student in Ms. Smith’s English class. He regularly misbehaves in order to get attention, and he doesn’t apply himself to his schoolwork. 2. ...
  20. English
    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the following quotes would ...
  21. mathematics
    Goerge wrote 10.6 for an answer instead of writing 10.06.Find his error and write it as a decimal
  22. ELA
    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the following quotes would ...
  23. ELA
    1. Where would someone look to find the most reliable information about how tornadoes are measured? A newspaper story about a storm The personal blog of a storm watcher The National Weather Service Web site THIS ONE A Web page that anyone can edit 2. Davis is writing an essay ...
  24. writing
    International business means connecting with a cultural and ethnically diverse audience and clientele. i need help on 3 examples on how i can ensure that we respect our readers' diversity
  25. Business writing
    Hello! can anybody help me for my assignment about request letter.... Assumed that your manager has asked you to write a request letter to another professional from another company. you will be requesting that this person guest speak at your organization and share information ...
  26. writing
    Assume that a new employee is taking over your job because you have been promoted. Identify a specific problem in the job that could cause difficulty for the new employee. Assume that you will need to write instructions for the employee to help him or her avoid or cope with ...
  27. Music
    It is common for a Baroque piece of music to A. slow down and speed up. B. remain constant in tempo.***** C. limit the amount of chords used. D. be performed mainly on brass instruments. Which of the following is true about Baroque music? A. It has long movements. B. It takes ...
  28. Social Studies
    I have to write a poem about life in Carribien South America today. But the problem is I can't find any good sources and credible sources, and even if I did have some I don't know how to start writing a poem. Could you give me some sources for it, and an example?
  29. ELA
    Volcano Forms New Pacific Island Angela Antrim 1NORTHERN PACIFIC OCEAN—Scientists have discovered a new, currently unnamed island in the northern Pacific Ocean. The small island is located in an isolated area between Hawaii and the Marshall Islands. Scientists believe that ...
  30. Music
    What was Tchaikovsky's inspiration for writing the nutcracker? A Folktale Greek Tragedies A politician A dream**********
  31. Language Arts
    You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and "Happiness Is a Charming Charlie Brown at Orlando Rep" have very different purposes. In a paragraph, discuss how the purpose of each selection is revealed and why the purpose of each fits the genre, or kind of writing. Use details from both...
  32. English
    1. The best way to confirm the accuracy of a source is to check it against another source. True****** False 2. An expository essay is research based and completely objective. True False****** 3. Developing research questions is done during the drafting stage of the writing ...
  33. Math
    Rational numbers are fractions and their opposites. All of these numbers are rational numbers. Show that they are rational by writing them in the form a/b or -a/b. 0.2-1/5 -√4 0.333-333/1000 √100 -1.000001 √1/9 All rational numbers have decimal representations, too. Find...
  34. Edaucational perspective
    According the Vygotsky, all of the following are forms of representation considered to be natural events of letter writing in infants except A. drawing. B. laughing. C. gestures. D. actions. answer b.
  35. ELA
    What does denotation mean? 1)the sound of a word when you read it 2)the tone of a word in writing 3)the dictionary meaning of a word 4)the set of ideas associated with a word I think #3 Thanks
  36. Psychology
    I have to write an essay on a psychology concept and I was thinking about writing my essay on the concept of conformity. However, my professor prefers that we use media examples that occurred after the 28th of January. This example is to be used to explain or rather show ...
  37. Science
    The children at a local park think the slide is too slippery. There is too much friction. W hat could you do to decrease the amount of friction on the slide? *writing question* I don't want the answer,just some help finding it. Please, please answer ASAP!
  38. English/writing
    Can someone tell me if this sentence is ok? Or give suggestions on how I can make it better? The students not only raised money during the walk-a-thon but continued to collect pledges three weeks afterward.
  39. English
    Need help writing a horror story. Already got a start but needing help with conclusion
  40. Tech (Check answers) 4 questions
    1. How can someone be humorous and have fun online with others without becoming a bully? A) She can make her mean comments anonymously. B) She can use etiquette to make sure that written communication is clearly understood. C) She can use ALL CAPS when she types. D) She can ...
  41. English- Poetry
    How do authors use gothic and romantic elements to develop content and style that add beauty and power to their writing? (Examples to use: Poe—“Annabel Lee”, “Lenore”, “The Raven”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”--, “Mistletoe Bough”, “Erlkonig”, “Long ...
  42. Pre-writing skills
    Advertising. I know I have to write about advertising. What do I know about advertising? I know you have to market a product to a specific audience. Advertising is used to sell things like soft drinks or cars. I think I need to narrow down my choices of what to advertise. ...
  43. Other: Writing
    I need details for this topic: "Bullies should be expelled from school." Anyone have any ideas? I am writing a book.
  44. chemistry
    What type of rock is made from molten material from inside the earth? (2 points) writing part Igneous Metamorphic Sedimentary Magma 7. How can we use rocks to determine how an area used to look in the past? (4 points) wrting part 8. Which of the following can be considered the...
  45. English
    Which of the following sentences contains a gerund? A. After deciding what to write about, Evan went to the library. B. Evan will be typing his English paper throughout the evening. C. Editing papers was Evan's favorite part of the writing process. D. Evan needs an interesting...
  46. Language Arts
    What are some subjects I could use for an opinion essay? I don't need help writing it, I just want a subject. Thanks, AnOnYmOuS
  47. Writing
    Essay question: How does playing violent video games influence violence in those who play them? Playing violent video games influence violence in those who play them? *Those who play them: I clarified my audience to specifically adolescents because young adolescents ages ...
  48. English
    I have an assignment to write a 4 page audience analysis essay of a persuasive article. What is an audience analysis essay, and how do I go about writing a 4 page audience analysis based off of an article?
  49. american government
    I know I posted this before but I have some specific questions I need help with now. Imagine that you have been chosen to develop a United Student World Assembly (USWA). Among the assembly's goals are promoting cooperation and understanding among students around the world. You...
  50. 5th grade LA
    Can you check my answers? 1. The sailboat was too tall to pass under the bridge. Which of the bolded words in the sentence begins a prepositional phrase? (bolded words: was, too, pass, under) a. was b. too c. pass d. under Ans: d (under) 2. The coach ordered us to get on the ...
  51. law
    'Property law is an area of law that enforces rights of ownership, possession and transferability, over things , may it be, public property (government owned), private property such as homes or business and it can be tangible or intangabile.' my first language isnt english, so...
  52. English
    I need help writing an essay comparing and contrasting two stories about how the society has changed the lives of grandparents. it's due by tomorrow
  53. English
    I need help writing my essay for Wannacry
  54. American Literature
    It's a bit long, but I just want to make sure my answers are correct, so I can properly study for the test! I appreciate any help! 1. Which is NOT an example of imagery in Langston Hughes’ poem “Dream Variations”? A. “Till the white day is done” B. “Then rest at ...
  55. Writing
    I have an educational campaign to write that has to be 750-1000 words. I was mostly just wondering if I have to use a standard essay format (ex. Intro, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, Conclusion), or if there was a different set up to use. It's also supposed to be read as a speech, so...
  56. fine art research paper help please
    I'm writing a research paper on Islamic mosques and it has to include - Facts on the art form, including a historical description of how the art form grew. - A detailed description of the art form itself - The purpose or use of the art form - The unique features or design ...
  57. Business Law
    "Damages caused to homes as a result of fire is an issue under property law. If some of the pople living in this houses in those areas are living in renting houses, if the property is damaged due to fire, and the people living in those houses were aware that if they didn’t ...
  58. Math
    I'm stumped on this problem. My math teacher stated to write multiplication tables from 1 to 6 and then solve. I'm not even sure where to start after I finished writing the tables. At the same time, Marisol rolls 2 number cubes that each have sides labeled 1 to 6. What is the ...
  59. ELA
    What kind of analogies would best be used when writing a serious essay on the topic of 21st century governments around the world?
  60. English
    I have 3 more questions that I'm confused on. 1. Read the argument excerpt related to teen use of smartphones and answer the question that follows: People on either side of the smartphones-for-teens debate can't agree on the evidence. Sure, there's proof of cyber bullying. ...
  61. English
    I am writing an essay and I would like to know if I did this right. The source I got it from wasn’t a complete sentence but said free health insurance coverage for employee and family. In my essay I wrote “Pediatric Residency Program” continued that the health insurance ...
  62. English
    When I am writing an essay how will I reference if at the begining of the paragraph I get information from the site and then on the next paragraph I get information from that same site?
  63. Music
    Which of the following composers was most famous for writing operas? a. Beethoven b. Haydn c. Schubert d. Mozart
  64. Jiskha
    The other day I was on this site and my sister saw me. She told me to never go on this site, and she was accused of cheating off of it before. I told her that cheating is prohibited on Jiskha(and that Jiskha doesn't give answers, it just helps), but she said that "But one day ...
  65. Chemistry
    In an IR spectrum at wavelength = 1454cm-1 its where a CH2 group is present but then when it come to writing it down do I write v(CH) bend or v(CH2) bend please if your unsure dont answer me its urgent thankyou
  66. Grammar
    The trip led to an argument between Helen and ? a. I. b. me. (A) It was ? who demanded an apology from the newspaper. a.we b.us (B) We appreciated ? writing a personal letter to explain his stand on the issue. a.his b.him (B) The most outspoken critics were my sister and ? a....
  67. Academic Writing 102
    What is the relationship between innovation and happiness? why does innovation lead to happiness? How is happiness achievable through innovation?
  68. English (Writing)
    I have finished my Argumentative essay and I want to get that reviewed. I will give a rubric to make sure everything is correct.
  69. Math
    Shandel went to the County Fair this summer and was surprised to see a math game on the midway among the games of skill and chance. Picture of a Midway BarkerIn the game, the barker starts by thinking of a math rule or calculation. The player spins a number wheel to get her ...
  70. Research Questions on Racial Profilig?
    My assignment is to write a case study, I plan on writing about racial profiling. Are these questions workable? 1. What can the legal evidence collection process learn from the strength and weaknesses of the ethnographic research method? What can ethnographers learn from the ...
  71. english/writing
    Can someone help me formulate a research paper topic about braces?
  72. science
    Examine the situation. Lloyd is studying the effect of breakfast cereal on the health of rats. He suspects that the cereal may be unhealthy. He feeds rats various amounts of breakfast cereal over a six-week period. He weighs the rats using a digital lab balance at the ...
  73. Writing
    What strategies can you use if you have found too many or too few sources?
  74. Math
    Can you help me write this percent as a fraction please? The percent is 365. I already wrote it as a decimal which is 36.5. I just need help writing it as a fraction now.
  75. s.s
    According to legend, the Aztec god of war told them to build their capital where they saw "an eagle perched on a cactus and holding a snake in its beak." This image forms part of what modern nation's flag today? (1 point) ColombiaMexicoPanamaPeru 2. The Olmec were known for ...
  76. Can I publish a book?
    I've been writing lately, and it's about time that I've gotten a job. So, my question is, if I want t publish and sell the stories I write in my free time, would I have to go to a company to have it published, or can I just make my own cover and publish and sell on my own?
  77. interpersonal communications
    ssignment 2: LASA 1: Design Communications Manual You have been appointed the vice president of the human resources department at a fictional multinational organization. It is your job to design the framework for a communications manual for this organization. The ...
  78. science
    t is time to summarize your research by creating a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation or by writing a Microsoft® Word essay about the four landforms you chose to research and complete the Landform Portfolio assessment.
  79. English
    1. Your instructor assigned the class to write an essay about a famous artist. What is the first step you should take to begin this project? A. Construct your thesis statement B. Decide the exact number of sources you will use C. Devise a title for your essay D. Do some ...
  80. English
    20. Which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? A. Combining opinions and general statements B. Exploring different points of view C. Reviewing key ideas on a topic D. Understanding the topic in depth 19. Which type of Internet resource would be the ...
  81. Java Computer Science
    Say I write an application that prompts the user to enter an integer. If the user enters a double or string or anything, anything not an integer an error will appear. I'm having trouble writing code to combat this problem so I can errorproof my application. I'm thinking I'll ...
  82. English
    17. For most academic writing, the types of evidence preferred include A. a combination of assertions and first-hand experiences. B. personal observations and opinions. C. facts, statistics, and expert testimony. D. general statements and quotations by well-known individuals...
  83. Math, Physics, and Science
    What are the Fundamental Laws of Biology? How is it so different to the cultures of science itself? Explain in an equation or in a matter of writing.
  84. Social Studies
    Write a paragraph describing how the U.S government managed the economy during WWI and the Economic effects of that management. Consider the roles played by the Food Administration, War Industries Board, and the War Labor Board. ______________________________________ I am not ...
  85. Language
    A local chamber of commerce is publishing a pamphlet. Its purpose is to encourage tourists to visit the area. Data provided by the state tourism office shows that campers tend to like this area of the state. Based on this data, what is the most important information to include...
  86. Language
    One Summer Day The Sea murmurs sleepily in the cool morning dawn, Tossing and turning under her blanket of fog, which thins and then vanishes as the sun rises. The Sea awakens, wondering what the day will bring. Then the Sun begins to warm the ivory sand, And cars arrive, ...
  87. English
     Whose writing reflects the followi​ng regional dialect? “‘Scuse me, suh, I’s lookin’​ for my husban’. I heerd you wu​z a big man an’ had libbed heah​ a long time, an’ I ‘lowed you wo​uldn’t min...
  88. Early Childhood Education
    I am so unclear how did do this assigment Choose two different countries and write about the differences parents might have in dealing with the following scenario. In your writing (one to two pages), list the three things a parent may do differently in one country than in the ...
  89. Language arts
    We have to write a poem, but I am not great at writing, so how does this sound? Love It can be perfect, it can be cruel, but can be broken by a fool. How can something so craveable, be breakable? One word misheard, one look is all it took, to make the love disappear. Love, you...
  90. Language arts
    I am writing a poem for class, so is this good? Love It can be perfect, it can be cruel, but can be broken by a fool. How can something so craveable, be breakable? One word misheard, one look is all it took, to end love. Love, you thief, you criminal, you crook! Why must you ...
    The Problem You are given a piece of cardboard that is 6 inches by 4 inches. You would like to cut equal-sized squares out of each of the 4 corners and fold the cardboard in such a way to make an open-top rectangular box. Part A: Complete the table below: Length of Square Cut...
  92. ELA
    Pablo is writing a research paper about Roald Dahl, a famous children's book author. His teacher told him to include at least one primary source in his research. Which of the following is an example of a primary source? A. an interview with Roald Dahl by a TV reporter B. an ...
  93. en
    17. what was the authors main reason for writing this passage? to explain why something happened to describe what something looked like to convince the reader to change a policy to tell the reader an interesting story
  94. American Gov.
    I am writing a letter to the president on helping the victims of Hurricane Maria. What are two cabinet Departments that I should mention?
  95. Early Childhood Education
    I am writing a paper about Emotional and behavior disorders I am not sure the website in my paper. I would be good ones to use my the possible outcomes for the child who is exposed to this particular type of risk. How might this risk factor impact the child's ability to learn ...
  96. Reading
    You are writing to a teacher or an administrator at Edwards school. The context of your letter should state the reason why it is important to teach the Holocaust. Today, you are to write your first paragraph stating your main reason. Please do not simply state that Holocaust ...
  97. english
    "Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is stubborn and proud "...
  98. History
    I'm currently writing a presentation on Joe Foss, in my presentations are bullet points of accomplishments and his basic information. I was wondering how i would make the summary, would I use bullet points of the same information or would I write a paragraph for the summary?
  99. English
    I'm writing a personal essay about a novel. Every time I use the title of my novel in the my essay my teacher wants me to underline it. For one part of the essay I'm supposed to talk about if the author has published any other novels. I was just wondering if I should underline...
  100. ELA
    I began a written correspondence with my grandmother when I was a young child. We did not live within visiting distance, and writing was a way for us to “visit” each week. Sunday was the day she would rest from her labors on the farm. Taking her dime store pad of paper and...
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