1. Math
    Vocab __?__ events, or __?__ __?__ events are events that have no outcomes in common. __?__ events are events that have one or more outcomes in common. For two __?__ events, the probability that either of the events occurs is the sum of the probabilities of the events. For ...
  2. Vocab
    'Acrid', 'piercing', 'acute', and 'keen' are all ________ for 'pungent' A)antonyms B) definitions*** C) homophones D) synonyms After a week camping in the woods with no way to bathe, we were quite pungent. Which dictionary definition of pungent is used in this sentence? A) ...
  3. spanish
    i need to write 10 snetences using 4 irregular verbs and 12 vocab words in spanish about going to a restuarant and ordering food.
  4. Chemistry
    I'm not sure how to do these and when I looked it up, maybe there was a diff. vocab used. Please help! 1.) How do you do atom/ion inventory of : Cu3(PO4)2 A. _____ formula units Cu3(PO4)2 B. _____ atoms Cu C. _____ atoms P D. _____ atoms O E. _____ ions Cu2+ F. _____ ions PO43...
  5. Vocab
    What's the root or base word of rebellious, belligerent, doctrine, document, levity, levitate, initiative, itinerary, impulsive, and compel??? Please help thanks!!!
  6. Language Arts
    ________________________________________​ 1. What is the purpose of subheadings in informational text? A. To Highlight Ideas B. To identify Ideas <- C. To summarize info in a different way D. To Define Specialized Vocab ________________________________________​ ...
  7. vocab help
    words - detriment, dexterous, discretion, facetious, gregarious, optimum, ostentatious, scrupulous, sensory, and vicarious. "you have to be use __ in choosing your friends," my father said."If your associates are dishonest, people will think that you yourself may not be__." ...
  8. Biology Vocab
    This is an error in measurement that can be caused by an imperfection in the equipment being used or from mistakes the experimenter makes while taking the measurement.
  9. Biology Vocab
    This is the degree at which a test measures what it is intended to measure. It a Vocab word but im not sure which one. Please help ASAP
  10. FRENCH ! (:
    Dialogue practice: Please check my grammar and sentence structure. This is meant to be an interview dialogue. ** whatever is in () I know I have to add the accents later on. I just wasn't able to on my device now. 1.) Qu'est-ce qui arriv(e) heir? (what happened yesterday?) 2...
  11. english vocab
    please help with word animist I need to create a sentence I beleive the defintion is an animist believes that a spirit for a period of time lives in a human being.
  12. vocab
    Equal Rights A. Equality B. Minority Rights C. Standards D. Sovereignty
  13. Language Arts Help
    Hi, I need u guys to check this Connexus work for me. I'm leaving connexus soon so this may be the only time u see me -> = My Guess/Answer ________________________________________​ 1. What is the purpose of subheadings in informational text? A. To Highlight Ideas B. ...
  14. Vocab
    I have done much research on the difference/meaning of connotative definitions and denotative definitions and I'm still very confused. I was wondering if someone could give me a simple definition/meaning thank you!
  15. vocab
    what things might you see hear or smell at a marina
  16. Algebra(please check my answers)
    **Fill in the appropriate vocab words that best fit into the sentences below** ~" Word Bank "~ A) central angle B) line of symmetry C) reflection D) transformation E) vertical angles F) transversal G) point H) circle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​ GIVEN ...
  17. Algebra(please check my answers)
    **Choose the Vocab word that best fits the given sentences** ~Word Bank~ A)slope B)domain C)vertical line test D)function E)negative correlation F)solution G)range H)linear equation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​ GIVEN QUESTIONS W/ MY ANSWERS 1. The tilt slant...
  18. Vocab
    The _______ definition of gloomy is dismal or depressing. A. connotative B. denotative B?
  19. Vocab
    Choose the analogy below with the same relationship as - Downside is to Upside A. Big is large B. Outside is to inside C. Boy is to girl D. Unique is to Generic B??
  20. Vocab
    I’m excited about my vacation. The beach has been calling my name. A. Personification B. Irony C. Hyperbole D. Onomatopoeia A??
  21. Vocab
    My mom told me not to worry. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. A. Hyperbole B. Simile C. Metaphor D. Cliche D?
  22. Vocab
    That car is so expensive; it costs an arm and a leg. A. Pun B. Idiom C. Personification D. Metaphor Im debating between a pun and personification...???
  23. Vocab
    This movie is so boring; it’s like watching grass grow. A. Imagery B. Simile C. Pun D. Antithesis B????
  24. Vocab
    Valuable Goods A. Finances B. Records C. Stocks D. Commodities C
  25. Vocab
    A poem that is told in an actual manner. A. Lyrics B. Ballard C. Sonnet D. Genre C
  26. Vocab
    An exclusive control like in a business A. Bureaucracy B. Balance and Trade C. Monopoly D. Checks and Balances A???
  27. Vocab
    A Person who works and provides services for a fee, but not a full time employee. A. Vendor B. Broker C. Contractor D. Appraiser I think it would be C...?
  28. Quick English check
    Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I have been convinced ...
  29. English check
    Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I have been convinced ...
  30. Quick English check
    Please check to if see if the capitalized vocab words are in the right spot. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I have been convinced to participate in the activity even though I think it is...
  31. English and Vocabulary
    My Vocab Words: 1. Degenerate 2. Implausible 3. incoherent 4. intercede 5. intricate 6. sanctuary 7. scrutiny 8. sinister 9. suffice 10. vulnerable need help 1-2 Birds feel ___ to attack when they are out in the open where shrubbery is sparse. To attract them to your bird ...
  32. vocab
    improving vocabulary skills textbook chapter 7 sentence check 2 and final check answers
  33. vocab
    does anyone have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition? all i need is sentence check 2 answers and the final check answers and i'll be done with my homework for tonight.
  34. vocab (english)
    i have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition book and i need sentence check 2 answers and final check
  35. English
    My son has already started writing a story using the vocab words Legendary gaped glared muttered flinched fluke snickering stunned. He is king of confused , can you correct the mistakes and help us in completing it. Below is the story: In December 2015 I will be playing ...
  36. spanish
    anyone help me with spanish 1 i have to create a conversation comic strip using only the vocab words on my list
  37. english
    can anyone please take this small "vocab game?" I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter
  38. English Vocab 9
    Jessica gave a ___________ account of the conversation she'd had with the police. ----A) verbatim B) decorous C) dilatory D) munificent 2. The _________ old apple seller on the street corner used to scare Sarah. A) copasetic B) pulchritudinous ---C) wizened D) transmogrified 3...
  39. vocab
    1. can be neither seen nor touched 2. has a receiver named 3. has no receiver named 4. expresses highest or lowest degree of comparison 5. add sign of possession to last name 6. indicates time 7. -ly 8. modifies a noun adjective transitive verb abstract noun superlative degree...
  40. English vocab
    if you BLANK someone's mail, then you seize it before the person receives it; however, it is illegal to take someone's mail, so the police might attempt to BLANK you and put you in jail. What are the two blanks?
  41. vocab
    i don't know none of this . PLEASE HELP!!! words: attest, attribute, discern, dispatch, enhance, enigma, exemplify, mobile, nocturnal, orient. Sentence check 2 for chapter 8 on improving vocabulary skills fourth edition
  42. Vocab
    Human population and groups of people A. Demographics B. Community C. Population D. Norms I think it might be A?
  43. Vocab
    To assume all are the same and to categorize A. Ethnocentrism B. Prejudice C. Stereotype D. Racism
  44. English
    I am given a task to write a description of a theme/amusement park. But I have no idea where to start. Please help?  Things I should include:  The 5 senses  Some dialogue  Personification  Similies/metaphors  Contrasts  Sibilance  Varied vocab  Your help will be very ...
  45. Wording/Vocab
    Is there a word that means to create life, similar to what Dr.Frankenstein did?
  46. Wording/Vocab
    Did I use the word consummately correctly? I consummately agree to what you said about nature in the book...
  47. VOCAB
    Which two words have nearly the same meaning? seethe quench bewilder stifle answer: bewilder; stifle
  48. vocab
    Your healthy body is a (legacy, rite) you have received from your parents, and you should strive to protect it from harmful influences. answer - legacy
  49. vocab
    Voted the greatest male athlete of the first half of the twentieth century by the associated press, Jim Thorpe received "massive" praise and criticism in his lifetime. "Massive" means a- great b- reliable c-enthusiastic d- widespread e- unjustified ans - widespread
  50. vocab
    select 2 word that are most nearly opposite in meaning 1. a. humdrum b. leisurely c. grueling d. miscellaneous ans b & c 2. a. hanker b. grovel c. hurtle d. patronize ans. b & c
  51. vocab
    The smile of joy she gave me when she received the award was ample (recompense, incentive) for all the time and effort I had spend in helping her. Ans. recompense
  52. vocab
    1. My mind and body were so (oppressed, heeded) by the stifling heat that afternoon that I couldn't do anything at all ans. heeded 2. Education and compassion are the only weapons by which we will (heed, vanquish) prejudice and superstition once and for all Ans. vanquish 3. ...
  53. VOCAB
    1. hearth is to heat as a. lamp is to light b. sink is to kitchen c. door is to lock d. bed is to blanket ans. a 2. Basket weaving is to handicraft as a. profession is to medicine b. carpentry is to trade c. skill is to talent d. hobby is to stamp collecting ans b 3. laugh is ...
  54. VOCAB
    No matter how efficient the new chairperson may be, the meeting will not proceed (harmoniously, authoritatively) unless the new members cooperate Ans - harmoniously A party that cannot offer new ideas to deal with the pressing problems of the day must be considered politically...
  55. vocab
    I was (hardy,indisposed) to accept the halfhearted invitation that reached me only a day before the party ANS - indisposed
  56. vocab
    i need help
  57. VOCAB
    one of the sure signs of a country that is not free is that the people in power will not (countenance, blurt) any criticism of their acts ans . countenance Though there has of late been a good deal of (countenance agitation) for tax reform, nothing much has come of it so far. ...
  58. Science
    What Would Happen If We Hunted Deer Population Use Three Vocab Words HELP Ms.sue :) btw this is about the food chain
  59. vocab
    Kindly unscramble: 1:tuteauaewr ibeifslh 2:geaperioitrdspaw sagnhabi neod 3:enaednenetor eyimrw
  60. vocab
    the living room looked immaculate except for a lump under the carpet, an sign that my son had taken a shortcut in cleaning up.
  61. Spelling
    Wordly wise 3000 book 7 lesson 7c vocab answers?
  62. vocab
    the new employee had aplomb,he required
  63. vocab
    The road grew wilder and 'drearier'. broader darker muddier older My guess is darker, but I have a feeling it is broader. Can someone help me?
  64. vocab
    what is the meaning of the word empathetic
  65. vocab
    When he had travelled a few yards further he glanced at the card "indifferently". Surprised, he turned it over and looked again with interets. ("The Green Door") Whenever you glance "indifferently" you show that you are not .. a. clumsy b. cautious c. casual d. intrigued ...
  66. vocab
    I need help on rootwords im stuck on sepect meaning look I have to find 3 words with sepect in it then put the meaning
  67. 7th Grade Science
    Hi, I understand the question but every vocab. word I think this is it's just not coming out right when I'm putting it all together. Question:To pass a trait on to the next generation (offspring) an organism does what? My answer is heredity, but to me when I put it together it...
  68. vocab
    A result from being multiplied A. Product B. Quotient C. Multiplier D. Expression a
  69. vocab
    What is the problem of a short story
  70. vocab
    Vegetable is to perishable as a. iron is to durable b. pet is to gullible c. clown is to sinister d. argument is to logical answer is A
  71. English
    Quick questions about vocab, Insidious literally translates to "sitting in," but the word means "secretly working to cause harm." Explain the possible connection between the actual and literal definitions? Also, list as many words as you can think of that contain the root sid...
  72. vocab
    ______ definitions are made up of the set of associations implied by a word in addition to its literal meaning a connotative b direct c denotative d none of the above i think its A
  73. VOCAB
    Overtime, his work grew dark and moody. He began to paint angry scenes in thick, dark colors. Art historians have long debated the reasons for this shift in Goya's style In the paragraph, the sentence about art historians implies that a. art historians are argumentative b. the...
  74. vocab
    Which of the following would be a "chastening" experience? a. winning a scholarship b. going to a party c. spending the day at the beach d. doing poorly on this exam Is the answer D?
  75. math vocab?
    what is math vocab? The types of units that are used to measure the perimeter of an object thanks
  76. vocab
    __________ definitions are made up of the set of associations implied by a word in addition to its literal meaning. A. Connotative B. Direct C. denotative D. None of the Above.
  77. vocab
    Aunt Lorna ( conferred, balked) when the waiter at the seafood restaurant told her that the dinner special-the"catch of the day"-was $41.00. balked
  78. vocab
    Industry antonym??
  79. vocab
    Using a dictionary look up and then list four definitions of the word nice that you would use in a paragraph to develop this topic sentence: "The word nice is surprisingly ambiguous."
  80. Statistics
    I have a question about one of my Stats vocab questions. any help is great. thanks! Identify the type of observational study as either Cross-sectional or retrospective (just a reminder, Cross-sectional is data measured at one point in time, retrospective is data collected from...
  81. Statistics
    does some one mind checking my work? it's real simple Stats vocab. thank you! Determine whether the given description corresponds to an observational study or an experiment: (just as a refresher, observational means passive and experiment means active) 1.)much contoversy arose...
  82. vocab
    This summer, local children can sigh up for art class or music lessons for a confiscate fee of $3. It's impossible to take both, though, since the classes will be recession
  83. English
    the rest of the vocab from November 12 please needed right now
  84. us history
    What was the society of south circa 1840? I was doing some flash cards for us history and this was one of the vocab terms. I couldn't find anything about it in my textbook, notes, and met a similar difficulty while trying to look for it on the internet.
  85. English 8R - help!!!!!
    what's the definition for connotation is there a website that have a list of all 8th grade english vocab.
  86. Vocab
    Basing the Results on Probability A. Calculation B. Abstraction C. Classification D. Relation I am saying calculations
  87. Social Studies 8R
    For social studies my teacher wants the class to write a paragraph about Obama winning the elections. It's just a repulsion paragraphs about how we feel when Obama won the election. Is there any REALLY GOOD vocab... like what's another words for happy or proud.
  88. Math Vocab
    I am doing vocabulary for math and one of the words are negative correction. I search all over the place and didn't find a definition for that word. Help please.
  89. English Vocab
    For the sentence, The school administration declared a new rule that all students, even boys, must wear pink socks, but when questioned, they refused to ______________ upon the reasoning for this decision. In the blank, which word suits best? Expound or accord?
  90. SS8R: National Convention: The Female Voice Essay
    I have this assignment for my Social Studies class about the National Convention. Well most of you know about the National Convention thing since you watch Republicans or Democratic. The essay is focusing on First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. They gave speeches at ...
  91. English 8R
    Any sophisticated vocab. words besides great???? please help
  92. vocab
    What is a compound sentence for abnegation?
  93. vocab fragments
    The number of drive-ins has fallen drastically. Perhaps because escalating land prices make property too valuable for use in this way. Or the fact that they are open only during the summer months in some areas.
  94. vocab
  95. Government vocab
    A. general election B. propaganda C. conventions D. open primary E. soundbite F. interest group G. trade union H. grassroots I. closed primary J. public policy K. nomination L. run-off primary M. lobbying N. blanket primary O. mandate 1.The ____________________ only allows ...
  96. vocab
    the _ hunter will wield the bow and arrow at the archery contest?
  97. Social Studies 7 - Final Review Help!
    What is the what is the unalienable rights???? answer - is those rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else am i correct??????? My ss teacher gave us a review packet for the final. We just have to do the definitions and fill in charts but she said ...
  98. Medical Terminology
    I have to write a fictitious medical report containing this weeks vocab. It has to be at least 2 paragraphs describing a dermatologic condition or disease and contain all of the vocabulary and their definitions. My question is...how do I format this? If someone could give me ...
  99. English Parallelism
    I need help with parallelism i need to rewrite these sentences. 1. Because of prejudice in the corporation, not only did he leave but also sued for two million dollars; he did not win the case in court. 2. Since he wanted neither to get a ticket nor bother disable people he ...
  100. Science 7R Help!
    Science Hw - TB pg 621 Reviewing Vocab. 1-10 Checking Concept 1-10 I'm on reviewing vocab. qs. 8 and I'm having trouble with this inorganic nutrient isn't food group? mineral? protien? nutrient? if im wrong can you provide me a info. that I can read that says the answer
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