1. english laungauge arts
    What starts the confusion in "The Night the Bed Fell"? A. Burglars enter the narrator's aunt's house. B. Briggs Beall stops breathing while he sleeps. C. The cot the narrator is sleeping on collapses. D. Gracie Shoaf throws her shoes down the hall.
  2. history
    Using at least one example from each of the three foundational documents that you have worked with on this assignment, tell me how the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the Mayflower Compact led to at least three rights of governmental concepts that became important...
  3. English
    1. Get out the rubber ball, we’re in solitary confinement. [Is this sentence grammatical?] 2. Put/place your handouts facedown on the desk. 3. Make the paper facedown on the desk. 4. Have the paper facedown on the desk. [Which one is grammacal? Do you have some more useful ...
  4. English
    1. We got us a future center here! 2. We got ourselves a future center here! [Can we use #1? Which one is grammatical?]
  5. English
    "As no more electrical fire can be thrown into the top of the bottle" Is this considered personification? I'm writing a report on Benjamin Franklin's letters sent to Peter Collinson, and am having a hard time identifying some important literary elements and...
  6. English
    Which of the following identifies the underlined phrase in the below sentence? Coach Mack's basketball team from 2011 is by far his best group of athletes. (Coach Mack's basketball team from 2011 is underlined) a. complete subject*** b.complete predicate c. simple ...
  7. English Literature
    Which is the appositive in the sentence below? Our neighbor, Mrs.Eddy, is an editor. a. Mrs. Eddy*** b. Our c. editor d. neighbor
  8. English
    How do I end my essay quickly? its supposed to be no more than 3 pages long and I have only enough space for one and a half more paragraphs. I don't want to delete anything because its all really good. Its about social media creating jobs and I feel like restating my main...
  9. English
    What other types of writing is similar to the autobiographical essay 1.an email sent to a friend that tells her about an event in your life 2.a book report you wrote for school 3.a postcard sent to your family while you are traveling. 4. A multiple choice application form. 5. ...
  10. social studies
    What Was the Renaissance? Quick Check Why did the growth of trade and industry weaken feudalism? A. Peasants left manors for towns where they could find work. B. The rise of a merchant class weakened the power of monarchs. C. Feudal manors switched from agriculture to ...
  11. English
    Form the possessive case of each plural noun 1. cattle 2. sheep 3. women 1. cattle's 2. sheep's 3. women's
  12. English
    Form the possessive case of each of the following. 1. year 2. cent 3. class 4. mouse 5. Paris 1. year's 2. cent's 3. class' 4. mouse's 5. Pais's
  13. English
    1. Why do the authors of “Lob’s Girl” and “Jeremiah’s Song” use flashbacks? (1 point) to remind readers of what they have already learned in the story to show how one story event causes another story event**** to suggest what might happen after a story’s action ...
  14. English
    I'm writing a 3 page essay Now my first page is complete and I'm talking about how everyone loves the internet/technology so much and depends on it and how the internet makes everything so convenient and easy, now how can I make a transition paragraph so I can start ...
  15. english
    What format does “forest fire” by Anais Nin use? example: compare-and-contrast
  16. English
    I need help organizing my ideas for my 3 page essay. So my title is "Social Media; A new source of income." I want to write about social media creating more jobs and helping the economy would it be off topic if my intro sentence and bridge sentences starts with how ...
  17. English
    Give a brief summary of Home Place by guy vanderhaeghe.
  18. social studies
    What was the main way Charles V and Philip II maintained Spanish power in Europe? A. by making treaties with neighboring countries B. by avoiding involvement in other countries' affairs C. by waging war against their enemies D. by creating an alliance with the Ottoman ...
  19. English
    1. Emma rode her bike last night. 2. Emma rode her bike yesterday night. [Are both okay? Can we use #2?] 3. Owen took a hot shower yesterday morning. 4. Owen took a hot shower last morning. [Which one do we have to use, yesterday or last?] 5. He went fishing yesterday ...
  20. English
    1. She goes skiing in winter. 2. She goes skiing every winter. 3. She goes skiing each winter. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Are they the same in meaning?]
  21. English
    What does Penny mean when she refers to "patriarchal surveillance" on the Internet? In the story "Penny Cybersexism"
  22. English
    For each sentence change the word that requires an apostrophe. 1. George Washingtons picture is in many February ads. 2. Margos coat was torn when the sleeve got caught in the car door. 3. I believe most of these books belong to Lilas sister. 4. Three mens caps were found ...
  23. English
    Change the noun in () to the correct possessive form. 1. two (teachers) cars 2. Mrs. (Rubin) camera 3. (Arkansas) capital 4. the (children) mittens 5. the (Sanchezes) horse 6. three (months) delay 7. a (moment) notice 8. two (deer) tracks 9. (Darnell) hobbies 10. both (...
  24. social studies
    What was the main way Charles V and Philip II maintained Spanish power in Europe? A. by making treaties with neighboring countries B. by avoiding involvement in other countries' affairs C. by waging war against their enemies D. by creating an alliance with the Ottoman ...
  25. SS
    Which of the following was NOT a reason why early Europeans explorers came to America? Which is the most likely reason why Spain controlled so much of the Americas in the 1400s and 1500s? Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto was likely the first European to Which explorer was the...
  26. English
    1. I decided to go abroad. 2. I made a decision to go abroad. 3. I made up my mind to go abroad. 4. I determined to go abroad. 5. I made a determination to go abroad. [Are they all grammatical? Can we use all the sentences?]
  27. english
    Essay on a surprise birthday party threw by friends
  28. english
    Essay on a surprise birthday party threw by friends
  29. English
    What are the three communication concepts from “walk a mile in my shoes?” For example: self-disclosure,stereotyping, and empathy.
  30. English
    1. They arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon of July 20. 2. They arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon on July 20. [Which one is correct?]
  31. english
    “You are over-scrupulous, surely. I dare say Mr. Bingley will be very glad to see you; and I will send a few lines by you to assure him of my hearty consent to his marrying whichever he chooses of the girls; though I must throw in a good word for my little Lizzy.” Which ...
  32. english @Writeacher or @Ms. Sue or @Reiny
    Which of the following is NOT a way in which the novel differs from the short story? A. The novel employs multiple subplots. B. The novel more fully develops characters. C. The novel has a larger number of characters. D. The novel employs a traditional plot structure. E. The ...
  33. English
    The media in America has been unfairly maligned, but many journalists, eager to improve their public image, have joined in a public relations campaign that has spread to all fifty states. Which verb is incorrectly conjugated? A. has been maligned B. to improve C. have joined D...
  34. business english
    Question 2 Saved A body paragraph in an essay is one that __________. Question 2 options: a) expounds upon the thesis of the essay b) brings closure to the piece c) features footnoted information d) introduces the ideas that will be covered in the essay
  35. English
    1. What is one theme or central idea of "Two Kinds"? A. Persistence is the key to success. B. High expectations are the key to success C. Discovery one's own goals and desires is an important part of growing up. D. a family cannot be happy unless their child ...
  36. English 12
    What do Don Quixote’s adventures help readers to see about human beings in general?
  37. English
    Obstacles, although they have their disadvantages, can be used to benefit us in the future. We can either let obstacles stand in the way of our goals, or we can learn how to make it past them. Although obstacles seem to keep us from our successes, they can actually be turned ...
  38. English
    What feelings are associated with the symbol of the American flag? Select one: a. Pride (Incorrect) b. Disillusionment c. Both A and B d. None of the above(incorrect)
  39. english
    traits that are strongest in autobiographical narrative
  40. english
    Rewrite the following sentence correctly using colons and/or semicolons. The semester was almost over consequently, many students were frantically studying.
  41. English
    Explain at least one advantage AND one disadvantage of living in a world where everyone is equal.
  42. English
    1 does not mean he reads the same newspaper every day! It means he reads each day's newspaper. 2 is fine, and it can mean the same as 1 or it can mean he reads whatever newspaper is handy each day. 3 is also fine. It means he reads more than one newspaper each day -- the...
  43. history
    Which sentence BEST describes the role of mercantilism in the growth of transatlantic trade during the 1600s? England wanted to expand its wealth through exports to the colonies. Colonies along the coast grew wealthy through shipbuilding industries. English settlements hoped ...
  44. English
    Compare and contrast the writers view of freedom I. Gettysburg adress and letter to Birmingham jail
  45. English
    - books that deal with gender issues - typically books that portray the main character in a non-stereotypical gender roles. For example -"fathers taking care of chores around the house" or "mothers in male dominated professions", “boy wanting to play with...
  46. English
    1. My father reads the newspaper every day. [Does this sentence mean that he reads the same newspaper every day{gain and again}? Or was 'the newspaper' in generic use?] 2. My father reads a newspaper every day. [What about this one?] 3. My father reads newspapers ...
  47. English Literature
    Which of the following describes the underlined phrase in the below sentence? Determining the reason for the Great wall's construction is not easy. (Determining the reason is underlined) a. participial phrase b. adverbial phrase c. gerund *** d. prepositional phrase
  48. english
    Which of the following best describes the characterization of Mrs. Baroda? a. stereotype b. flat, dynamic character c. flat, static character d. round, static character e. round, dynamic character Reference: flat character: a character with a single defining characteristic ...
  49. Parentheses English
    Proofreading... The patient was being seen for an injured left ankle he suffered during a motorcycle accident (On a dirt race track, I believe.) This patient has a longstanding history of depression and has expressed thoughts of suicidal ideation [which seemed to peak about a ...
  50. English 10A
    While it was yet dark a great strange cry rang out in the churchyard. A. Simple B. Compound-Complex C. Compound D. Complex I know 100% that it isn't simple. I think it is C though. Am I right?
  51. english
    . Which sentence below uses a participial phrase appropriately? The newspapers at the recycling plant were tied in small bundles by Tony. To leave small bundles at the recycling center, Tony tied newspapers together. Tied in a small bundle, Tony left the newspapers at the ...
  52. English
    How is the gerund used in the sentence below? Susan had learned gardening from her aunt. a. subject b. direct object ***** c. object of a preposition d. appositive
  53. English
    Which of the following words is modified by the participial phrase in the sentence below? I found a textbook packed with information for my test. a. textbook*** b. I c. information d. test
  54. English
    Hello, is this sentence grammatically correct? The lecturer explained to us how greenhouse gases come about, and we soon wondered what we could do to forestall disaster.
  55. English Literature
    In "The Third Bank of the River," (by Joao Guimaraes Rosa) what does the river most likely symbolize? a. the death of a loved one **** b. the promise of the future c. the journey toward a new life d. the confusion caused by sorrow
  56. English
    Good afternoon! I am having trouble deciding between two answers, and I was wondering if I could have a second-opinion! Question: Which of the following shows the most effective dialogue? A. "John, you are ill; we have to get you to the Good Samaritan Hospital to save you...
  57. English
    1. He refused to go over to Japan. [O] 2. He rejected going over to Japan.[What about this one? Is it correct or incorrect?] 3. He rejected to go over to Japan.[X] ================================= Would you check the use of verbs, refuse and reject? A to-infinitive doesn'...
  58. English
    1. I went to school by bike. 2. I went to school on a bike. 3. I rode a bike to school. 3-2. I rode a bike to go to school. 4. I took a bike to school. 5. I went to school by my brother's bike. [Which ones are grammatical, and which ones are unacceptable?]
  59. English
    1. Many children get hurt *by cars* in school zones every year. 2. Many children get hurt *by car* in school zones every year. 3. I went to school by my father's car. [Which one is grammatical?]
  60. English
    can someone please check my answers 1.) which of the following is the best example of a paradox? a.death be not proud ,though some have called thee/mighty and dreadful. b.though art a slave to fate,chance,kings and desperate men. c.and death shall be no more death thou shall ...
  61. english
    1) which is the pronunciation problem in the following case? the student pronounces "lice" instead of "rice" a) place of articulation b) voicing c) manner of articulation d) place and manner of articulation 2) how many content words are there in the ...
  62. English
    1. I prefer working to doing nothing. 2. I prefer to work rather than to do nothing. 3. I prefer to work rather than do nothing. 4. I prefer to work to to do nothing. 5. I prefer to work to do nothing. [Are the sentences from #1 to #3 correct? Which ones are commonly used? ...
  63. English
    1. The letter on the table is yours. 2. A letter on the table is yours. Find it. [#1 is correct, isn't it? What about #2? If there are three letters, and one of them is yours, then can we use #2?]
  64. English
    How can I improve this sentence? I wrote this in my essay but I feel like it sounds wrong. This class took me to a whole new level for reading and writing.
  65. English
    1. He refused to accept his suggestion. 2. He refused his suggestion. [Both are grammatical, aren't they?] 3. He rejected to accept his suggestion. 4. H rejected accepting his suggestion. 5. He rejected his suggestion. [Which one is gramatical among the three? Can't ...
  66. English
    [Webster] Definition of mouth plural mouths play \ˈmau̇t͟hz also ˈmau̇z, ˈmau̇ths; in synecdochic compounds like "blabbermouths" thsmore frequently\ ================================= How do you pronounce "mouths"? Which one is commonly pronounced? 1...
  67. English
    Is this correct? “I keep acquired knowledge.”
  68. french 1
    What language would you hear if you visited a Haitian family in the United States? A Vietnamese (what i chose) B English C Spanish D French
  69. english
    Does this sentence sound correct? As the weeks went on, I was in astonishment of the boundless information I attained.
  70. History (please check if I’m correct)
    1) Why did The British want to expand control into the Ohio Valley in the mid 17,000s? A) to force the French out of North America B)to put French settlers there under English rule C)to demonstrate Britain’s strength to France and Spain D)to gain access to the region’s ...
  71. English
    1. We also had science lessons *with famous scientists*. ========================================​===== Does "with famous scientists" modify 'science lessons'? If "we" are the other lecturers and they were supposed to teach students together...
  72. english
    Topic to write about child abuse as an argumentative essay .
  73. english
    I have write three essays. the topics have to relate to my major which is human services. they have to be argumentative essays . please can someone suggest some topics?
  74. English
    Essay on my country,Nigeria
  75. english/language arts
    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS ♥ While some youngsters were into street negatives, Antonio and Felix slept, ate, rapped, and dreamt positive. Between them they had a collection of fight magazines second to none plus a scrapbook filled with torn tickets to every boxing match they ...
  76. English
    1. He is very clever and strong. 2. He is very clever and he is strong. 3. He is very clever and he is very strong. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3?]
  77. english
    what is the personal pronoun in nomanitive case in the sentence " we know the two tour guides and they gave us a tour themselves."
  78. English
    Come, brothers all! Shall we not wend The blind-way of our prison-world By sympathy entwined? Shall we not make (5) The bleak way for each other’s sake Less rugged and unkind? O let each throbbing heart repeat The faint note of another’s beat To lift a chanson for the feet...
  79. English
    1. I stopped going outside when I caught a bad cold. 2. I stopped having gone outside when I caught a bad cold. 3. I stopped having gone outside. Can we use #2 or #3? When can we use the sturcture of "stop having p.p."?
  80. English
    Looking at the way you were treated while you lost your unborn baby do you think people of colour should've been treated with the same lack of respect as you were or do you wish they would've been treated differently from you
  81. english
    (1) To insert a table into your spreadsheet, the workbook says to "first click on the 'Table' tab." (2) Then, you could "place the cursor on the area where you want to put your table." (3) Click "Insert," and then select "...
  82. english
    According to “Only Daughter,” what had the most important effect on the author’s identity? her extended family her writing career Spanish movies her college experiences A?
  83. english
    whats the theme of aunt elizabeths dream by matthew ramirez
  84. english
    Choose whether the sentence is declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory. That wreath should be decorated with a large bow at the bottom. declarative imperative exclamatory interrogative B?
  85. English
    He recorded his life there in his diary. => He recorded his life in Antarctica in his diary. 1. Which life did he record in his diary? 2. Which life of his did he record in his diary? - He recorded his life in Antarctica in his diary. [Which question is suitable for the ...
  86. English
    1. Doing sit-ups is is quite simple. 2. It is quite simple doing sit-ups. 3. To do sit-ups is quite simple. 4. It is quite simple to do sit-ups. [Can we use all the expressions? Are they all the same? Which ones do you use more often?] .
  87. English
    1. I blew out the candles on the birthday cake. 2. I blew out the candle lights on the birthday cake. 3. I blew out the candlelights on the birthday cake. [Which expression is grammatical? Can we use all of them? Which one is commonly used?]
  88. English
    I need help starting my standard views essay or they say I say template. Americans today believe that blank I just need a couple of options to start it. Thank you
  89. English
    Can you please review my essay about Brutus being the noblest Roman of them all. Marcus Brutus is one of Shakespeare’s most loved and admired characters. Brutus was a Senator of Rome and a friend of Julius Caesar. Brutus took a leading role in the assassination of his dear ...
  90. English
    what was the role of brutus in the play julius Caesar
  91. English
    1. She left her eyeglasses at work. 2. She left her glasses at work. [Which one do you use commonly, eyeglasses or glasses?]
  92. Childhood Education
    Low achievement and academic accompy are appropriate for non English speaking preschoolers. I am think false.
  93. english
    can you help with finding grammar and punctuation error in this paragraph: When plenty of people think of racism in America to date their mind tends to go back to slavery. The idea that numerous people don't consider is that slavery could have existed in America before ...
  94. english
    who acieved fifteen minutes of fame in this year plz help............ some ideas how to write it
  95. english
    In Night, Elie Wiesel tells of the hope and kindness he experienced even in the midst of the unimaginable fear and evil that existed in the Nazi concentration camps. Does goodness ever conquer evil, or does evil always overpower goodness?
  96. english
    identify the climax a boy sees a snake lying still in the road. he bends close to look at it. suddenly, the snake moves. the boy jumps back.
  97. english
    where in julius Caesar does brutus say he joined the conspiracy for rome?
  98. english-sentence
    is this sentence correct? I have a loving two year old son, whom can sometimes be a handful.
  99. English Literature
    Which sentence pattern describes the sentence below? Jim gladly accepted the prize of $100. a) S-V-O*** b) S -V-I-O c) S-V-A d) S-V-N
  100. English Literature
    In "Girls Can We Educate We Dads?", the writer uses dialect for all of the following reasons except to a. create a sense of rhythm b. emphasize the speaker's voice c. emphasize the speaker's viewpoint d. illustrate the theme of defiance**
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