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Constructing Perpendicular Lines
same as last time, i need an exact example of these instructions, if someone could share it with me, it would be greatly appreciated

Draw a line and a point on the line. Label the point K.
With the point end of the compass on K, set it to a medium width.
Draw an arc on each side of K using the compass width. Draw and arc on each side of K and label the points with your initials.
Put the point end of the compass on your first initial point and extend the compass so that the pencil end is a little over halfway between K and your last initial point. Use the width of the compass to draw an arc above K.
Move the point end of the compass to your last initial point. Without changing the width of the compass, draw another arc above K.
Label the intersection of the arcs point R.
Use your straight edge to draw a line from R to K.
The two lines should be perpendicular. Measure each angle with a compass and write the values on your drawing. What should the angles be if the lines are truly perpendicular? Are your lines perpendicular?

  1. Steve

    Looks like you have the instructions.
    Where do you have a problem?
    I'm sure you can find videos online of the constructions you want.

  2. jill

    whatever, i already did it

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