posted by bluah. PLEASE HELP ME!

Please help me with these mini essays- Thank you, much appreciated!

1. In the Red Rift Valley of Africa, anthropologist first found clues to prehistoric life. Give two examples of these clues to prehistoric life, and describe their importance to to scientific research about first humans.

2. Describe the five major religions of the world, and list two aspects of these religions that are common among each other.

3. How did European competition for colonies affect Africa? Use the following four concepts as the basis for your argument and provide examples and supporting details: natural resources, slavery, ethnic conflict, and European technology.

4. Describe the Treaty of Versailles, and its impact on global affairs after WWI.

5. How has modern technology impacted standards of living in developing nations? Please note, it is developing nations not developed nations.

  1. Writeacher

    What kind of help do you need? Keep in mind that no one here will write your answers for you, but we can help you research information you cannot find in your text.

  2. bluah. PLEASE HELP ME!

    By giving examples on all of these

  3. Writeacher

    Start with the re-wording of each of the five. Here's one:

    In the Red Rift Valley of Africa, anthropologists first found clues to prehistoric life. One example of these clues is the discovery of Lucy ...... Another example is ......

    Again -- you research and write them, and someone here will be able to check your work.

    Note ~~> anthropologist = 1 (singular); anthropologists = 2 or more (plural)

  4. bluah. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Thank you

  5. Writeacher

    You're welcome.

    Go write A essays!

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