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The base of a trapezoid are 397.62 and 254.15 respectively, the angles that the sides make with the longer base are 68°39.2' and 72°6.0'. Find the sides and the diagonal.
Need help with this pls.

  1. Steve

    since the height h is the same on both ends, and the extra length of the long base is 143.47, then
    h = x tan 68°39.2' = (143.47-x) tan 72°6.0'
    solve for x.

    Now, one diagonal d is seen to be
    d^2 = (x+254.15)^2 + h^2
    and the side s nearest that vertex is
    s^2 = h^2+x^2 (or s=x sec 68°39.2')

    Now repeat at the other end.

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