posted by Sally

Good morning , earlier I had specified that I needed help developing a concept for my essay that has to be written . Briefly I’ll rexplain what I had mentioned in a prior post .

I have to write an essay based on a psychology concept . Based on the concept of my choice , I have to choose a media example that occurred after the 28th of January 2018 to demonstrate how it relates to the fundamental definition of the concept of my choice .

Previously , I had leaned more towards conformity but I’m finding it quite difficult to locate media sources that occurred after the 28th of January such as shows , movies , etc that shows conformity .

I was wondering if the concept of Deindividuation would be a better approach ? I had an example but sadly it cannot be used because it occurred before the 28th of January . I was wondering if you could help me brainstorm possible media examples that had occurred after that date that relates to deindividuation .

  1. Ms. Sue

    Why not look for examples of conformity that show people acting as though they believe lies?

  2. Sally

    I’m having a hard time finding examples that are in the media that was broadcasted after the 28th of January 2018

  3. Reed

    Is your definition of "media" confined to television only? There are other kinds of media, such as print, the internet, radio, movies, etc. Media is plural. Television is one medium.

  4. Ms. Sue

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