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What conflict resolution does Malala Yousafzai follow? 
Competition, Collaboration, Compromise, Accommodation, Avoidance 
I am actually not sure. I used the conflict with Malala and Taliban. 
Malala vs. Taliban : Intergroup conflict 
-Malala wants to provide girls with education and wants to stand up for the rights of girls. 
-However, the Taliban disagree with her. 
-They want girls to stay in homes and cook. They should have a male relative with them when they go outside. Girls should cover themselves. If you don't, it's considered against their cultural and religious values and beliefs. 
So, what conflict resolution did Malala Yousafzai use? 

I would say competition because she would say what she believed in as a speech. I wouldn't say she avoided or compromised at all. I mean she tried collaborating by making the Taliban understand what she wants and what they're doing is wrong.

Let me know if I am right please. I really need to know. Thank you. I've posted this before but I haven't got a reply to my question that I asked...

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  2. Writeacher

    I think you're right.

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