english 10

posted by Roseberlynn

hi I need some pointers for this question, describe the character of the professor in "saboteur" give at least three details from the story to support your description?
I don't know really where to start if someone could help me that would be great thanks.

  1. Writeacher

    I haven't read this, but here are some ideas.

    Close your eyes and imagine this character. Think about what he looks like. Think about how he treats others. Think about how others react to him when he speaks. Etc.

    Then open your eyes and -- with paper and pen/pencil, not on computer -- jot down your thoughts: his looks, his words, his effects on others, how he did or didn't change during the story and, if he changed, what brought about that change.

    Give it a try.

  2. dani

    u g h y o u p e o p l e a r e s o a n n o y i n g f r i s t i l l n e e d t h i s o l d m a n .

  3. Sage

    @Writeacher lol no thanks gimme the answer please.

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