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The farmer's boy has been sent to the market. He takes his dog for company. He also has a plump goose to sell, and a bag of corn. He knows he must be careful. He must make sure his dog doesn't have a chance to eat the dog, and he must make sure the goose doesn't have an opportunity to eat the corn. So he must be with them all the time, or keep them separated. The boy is having an uneventful trip to market when he discovers the river is high. He will have to carry his dog, goose, and corn across one at a time, put each down, and go back for the others.

How can he get each item across safely, and uneaten?

(Thank you to all who respond.)

  1. scott

    goose across

    go back

    dog across

    go back with goose

    corn across

    go back

    goose across

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