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it is possible to be part of multiple nations simultaneously. however, in times of crisis, it is essential that loyalty to your country of residence take priority over any other loyalties.

I haven't ever done position papers in grade 11. I'm having a hard time deciding if I should present arguments of for or against. Can I please get some examples?

To what extent should we embrace the perspectives reflected in the source?

  1. Sarah

    If I choose for:
    1) can I talk about the French nationalism how napoleon became a hero in France as he created the lycee school system, the bank of France, civil laws and road and sewer systems. He created many reforms after French Revolution

  2. Reed

    I fail to see what Napoleon's accomplishments have to do with loyalty to the place one lives. Napoleon may have been popular in France, but he was not popular in Italy after he conquered much of that peninsula and imposed a harsh rule there. Would an Roman living in Paris support Napoleon's rule over his homeland when his relatives back home might have opposed Napoleon? Where would his obligation lie? Does he have an obligation at all, or can he make up his own mind? If he wanted to stay in France, he might want to keep his sympathies for Rome quiet, but... I'm not sure that's a good example. See if you can find a better one. I know of one that I can toss out. My great-great grandparents had come from Germany in 1864. When World War I came along and the USA joined the war in 1917, my great-great grandfather's sympathies were all for the USA. He had not become a citizen, but had lived here for 53 years, his children and grandchildren were all American-born. He had no loyalty to Germany, although he was, technically, still a German citizen.

  3. Sarah

    Ohhh okay. That's a really good example. I can think of many like those but I'm having a hard time finding some for social 20-1 curriculum.

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