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Does the tilt of the earth changes throughout the year

True or false

  1. Damon

    No, it just looks that way as it follows its elliptical path around the sun. It is tilted approximately 22 degrees from normal to the plane of its elliptical path, so in June the sun hits about 22 degrees above the equator (Tropic of Cancer, summer solstice up north), In September it hits squarely on the equator(equinox) , and in December it hits about 22 degrees south (Capricorn, winter solstice up north)

  2. Damon

    By the way to change the "tilt" of a huge rotating object like earth requires an unimaginable torque. It would also produce unexpected motions about other axes like changing the orientation of a gyroscope.

  3. Scott

    google "earth axis wobble"

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