posted by Amelia

Evaluate the expression √−7/√ −6√−5 and write the result in the form a+bi.
I keep getting b as 0.483i but apparently its wrong?

  1. Steve

    Well, you need to work on using parentheses

    √−7/√−6√−5 means (√−7/√−6)(√−5)
    = 7i/6i * 5i
    = 35i^2/6i
    = 35/6 i = 5.83i

    √−7/(√−6√−5) = 7i/-30 = -0.233i

    0.483 = 29/60
    Too bad you didn't bother to show your work, eh?

    Or is there a typo in the problem?

  2. Amelia

    Tried that answer as well but the website is till telling me its wrong. Could be a typo will have to check with the instructor.

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