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Which situation can be represented by the expression x plus negative 3? Choose all that apply.

A.An elevator went down 3 floors.

B.A person spent $3.

C.A person added 3 books to the shelf.

D.The temperature dropped 3 degrees.

My Answers are B and C

  1. Help

    Is it right? If not Please explain....

  2. Ms. Sue

    One of your answers shows subtraction; the other shows addition. How can that be?

  3. Help


    I know C shows addition. I wasn't really sure about A,B or D cause they all show subtraction.

  4. Ms. Sue

    Yes, that's right. A, B, and D are correct.

  5. Help

    I am confused. Aren't you supposed to do addition. I thought you do subtraction when you are trying to find the sum.

  6. Ms. Sue

    A negative and a positive is a negative.

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