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Is Metis nation a distinct nation in canada? and How?

Can I please get websites that I can look at? I saw so many but it is so much information and each website has different facts.

  1. bobpursley is a good place to start. Metis have no legal distinction in Canada, to answer your question. Metis in Canada include anyone who self-identifies as Metis.

  2. Sarah

    So they aren't a distinct nation in Canada? That's what I've been finding. Like they have rights in Canada (Aboriginal rights under constitution act). So wouldn't that make them a nation in Canada?

  3. bobpursley

    They have rights under the Aboriginal Act, but not a nation. There is no government unit in Canada which controls, rules over them, or a "nation" in the legal sense. Come back later, I have asked a couple of our Canadian tutors to weigh in on this.

  4. Sarah

    Ohh I see what you are trying to say. And thank you so much, that truly means a lot :)

  5. bobpursley

    Here are some articles:
    Indigenous self-government in Canada
    It is the formal structure through which Indigenous communities may control the administration of their people, land, resources and related programs and policies, through agreements with federal and provincial governments.
    This also means that while they have control over administration of their own affairs, the word "nation" does not infer political independence.

    Métis people are difficult to define or identify because of the numerous generations of inter-marriage with other groups.
    This causes a problem for the Canadian government in providing resources or negotiation with a defined group of people.
    Métis are widely spread out over Canada, causing difficulties in land claims, if any is possible at all.

    Métis do not yet have a constitution.

    Who are aboriginal people:
    Aboriginal refers to First Nations, Métis and Inuits who first lived in an area before Europeans arrived there.
    For more detailed information, read:

    From another tutor.

  6. Sarah

    Thank you so much. Now I'm understanding how they're not a nation. I've looked at 2 of the websites that you've put. Thank you for the article, it's helping a lot

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