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The want concert, arising from the want of a general authority and from clashing and dissimilar views in the State, has hitherto frustrated every experiment..., and will continue to do so as long as the same obstacles to a uniformity of measures continues to exist- Federalist No.22

Based on this quote, how did Alexander Hamilton see the role of the judicial branch of the federal government?

A:He believed the federal judiciary should be able to decide which laws were passed if Congress and the president could not agree.
B:He believed the federal judiciary should be able to prevent bills passed by Congress from becoming law.
C:He believed the federal judiciary should be able to impeach judges in the state courts if they abused their power.
D:He believed the federal judiciary should be able to settle state disputes, override states laws, and provide uniformity to the law.***

Is this correct?

  1. Ms. Sue

    What is a "want concert"?


  2. anonymous

    That should have been the want of concert....Sorry, typing error.

  3. anonymous

    Thank you! Great site! I appreciate your help!

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