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A large pizza has a total diameter of 14 inches and a cross that is 1 inch wide. What is the area of the crust? Round to the nearest tenth.

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    ??a cross that is 1 inch wide???

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    A = pi * r^2

    A = 3.14 * 49

    A = ?

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    The answer has to be 40.8 in.

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    3.14 * 49 = 153.86 = 153.9 square inches

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    Because I need to find the area of the crust not the whole pizza. The answers in the back on my book say it should come to 40.8 inches, but I don’t know how to solve it.

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    40.8 square inches*

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    A pizza crust has the same area that the whole pizza has.

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    LOL, I think she just wants the part you see from above
    If D is 14 then the slimy area has diameter of 12 because you take and inch off each side.
    area of a circle = pi d^2/4
    sure enough 40.8

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    Ahh -- thanks Damon.

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    Lol ok thank you!!

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