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The Southeastern Conference (SEC), has fourteen universities, each of which fields a football team. The football teams are divided into two seven-team divisions. Each season, every team plays every other team in its division once, and also plays two teams from the other division. Additionally, the two division champions meet in a championship game. How many football games every season involve two teams from the SEC?

  1. Arora

    a) Each team plays every other team in the division

    Number of games = 7C2 = 21

    b) Each team plays two teams from the other division

    Total number of games = 14 (When one team plays another, both of them have one out of the two needed games completed. Seven teams play against seven teams (7) and then those seven teams play against seven different teams (7 more) )

    c) Final game = 1 game

    Total = 21 + 14 + 1 = 36

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