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Minecraft and Terraria

I know most of us can agree for both Minecraft and Terraria are very good games. But between the two it’s hard to agree on one of them. Well, I’m here to differentiate the two to make it easier for you guys. But honestly my opinion is Terraria.

Now, Minecraft is a MMORPG 3D game, it has creative, survival, and multiplayer. It’s pretty popular for its multiplayer, I love their SkyWars servers. Survival is mostly for a challenging story. And creative is mostly for making buildings, personally I use it for measuring, and calculating how many blocks I need to use for my houses.

Terraria is a RPG 2D game, it has survival, and multiplayer. Both are pretty popular. Multiplayer you really are just playing the story with other people, and you can do PvP but it’s not as exciting. Survival is doing the story by yourself, there are two game modes you can play, normal, and expert, of course expert is harder than normal, but it’s got way more loot than normal too. Terraria also has waaaay more armor and weapons than Minecraft. It also has better gameplay in my opinion.

So there you have it,

  1. Reed

    I don't understand what you need help with. Your essay is not very well written. Only the cognoscenti (people "in the know") will really understand it. What is PvP, for example? Don't assume your reader already knows everything you know! Your last line is unnecessary. "There you have it?" What do we have, the final word on the issue, or just your opinion? Your concluding sentence in the last paragraph is enough. You have summarized your opinion and the reasons you hold it. That's the end of the essay.

  2. GameAddiction

    That's the conclusion I need help with damn you think I'ma end it with "So there you have it"? I already got it turned in so i'm not active for this question anymore

  3. Olivia

    If I were you, I would rather have it edited by the professional writing service, I use all the time. Well, they can edit it or proofread. All depends on what grade you need. If you are interested, go to Prime Writing site.

  4. LOL

    LMA O

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