character education

posted by Bri

How does self-knowledge help one live a moral life?

knowing the normal reactions helps decide what is best

knowing his or her precise moments of decision alerts a person to the most important time to consider his or her moral code

self is the most important person to satisfy; knowing one's likes is the most important consideration


Which type of response is most likely to be in line with your moral judgment?

no action taken

a reflex action

an action taken after reflection


  1. Reed

    I disagree with the choices for the first question, but B may be the best of the bad choices. I disagree with your answer to the second question.

  2. bobpursley

    B for me, and last one, C (for me). I ask always...what would Jesus do? A reflection. But current research leans heavily to B..

  3. Bri

    thank you.

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