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Based on social trends and research, sociologists predict which of the following about the future of family and marriage?

A. Marriage will continue because it is nonfunctional.
B. Cohabitation (without marriage) will not increase.
C. Families will struggle with the responsibilities of childcare and caring for aging parents.
D. Women will not continue to gain social power.

My guess is A

  1. Damon

    Your choice is interesting but I disagree. Did you actually read it?

  2. bobpursley

    Nuts to that answer. Do you read your text?

    The form of marriage and family has changed over time, and it will continue to evolve.

    Based on social trends and research conducted by sociologists, some predictions about family life can be made:
    -marriage will continue because it is functional.
    -cohabitation (without marriage) will increase.
    -families will struggle with responsibilities of childcare and caring for aging parents.
    -women will continue to gain social power.

  3. Writeacher

    And why is M guessing?

    No doubt because he DIDN'T read the text OR the question very well.

    I wonder if M will read and understand what bobpursley posted.


  4. Reed

    I wonder if M has read and understood anything.

  5. M

    Yes I did read the text thank you very much. I'm just a little confused and was asking for some help, not for a bunch of rude people to come and tell me that I haven't read my text book when I in fact, have read my text book.

  6. Ms. Sue

    Why do you think that marriage is nonfunctional?

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