posted by Dee

I have a 3 part question that I have the answers for but I am still having issues understanding it. Looking for help with the explanation / steps on how you would get the answer.

1) The width of a rectangular field is 3h yards and it's length is 3 yards longer than the width. The field has a fence around it's perimeter with a gate 4 yards wide.

A) Write an expression for the perimeter of the rectangular field in terms of h, excluding the width of the gate.

(12 h + 2 ) yards

B) It costs $28 per yard to fence the field, excluding the gate. Write an expression that represents the cost of fencing the field.

The cost is 28 (12h + 2 ) dollars

C) If h = 5, find the cost of the fencing, excluding the gate.

The cost is $1,736

  1. Reiny

    width ---- 3h
    length ---- 3h+3
    perimeter = 2(3h) + 2(3h+3) - 4
    = 6h + 6h + 6 - 4
    = 12h +2

    you are correct

    b) correct 28(12h+2)

    c) cost = 28(12h+2)
    = 28(60+2) = 1736
    you are correct.

    good job

  2. Dee

    Thank you

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