Math(connexusn 6th grade) Unit 6

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The Jones family traveled 314 miles each day until they reached their destination, which is 1,256 miles away from their starting point. How many days did they drive until they arrived at their destination?
A)314x = 628;
x = 2
B)314x = 972;
x = 3
C)314x = 1256;
x = 4(My answer)
D)314x = 1570;
x = 5

  • Math(connexusn 6th grade) Unit 6 -

    314 x = 1256
    (314/314)x = 1256/4 divide both sides by 314
    so 1 x = 1256/314 = 4 , agree

  • Math(connexusn 6th grade) Unit 6 -

    Thanks Damon

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