Visual arts

posted by lun

If an artwork is realistic, it means ____________________________.
A. it is from the artist's imagination
B. it does NOT look like a real thing from life
C. it DOES look like a real thing from life
D. it is abstract ***
My answer = ***
Thank you for your time
please no links

  1. Ms. Sue

    No. How does your text define realistic?

  2. lun

    Oh my its you um i just thought its d or c im confused

  3. Ms. Sue

    If you want help, you'll answer my question.

  4. lun

    it difines reaclisitc as fake or painted into differnt color as an example a pear its soppesed to be green but its painted red.

  5. Ms. Sue

    That's a strange definition. Here's the standard meaning:

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