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Calculate the molar mass in gmol-1 of h3x.nh20

there are 2 equations for concentration:

n(h3x.nh20)=c(h3x.nh20) x 250cm3/1000

n(h3x.nh20)= c(h3x.nh20) x 21.35/1000

multiply both sides and make the concentration the subject shpowing every singe step and the answer

then use this number to find the molar mass of this acid and theerefore what type of acid it is

your moalr mass should be somewhere aroung 198 or 200 ut not those exact numbers

  1. Tricky

    n(h3x.nh20)=((c(h3x.nh20) x 250cm3))/1000

    n(h3x.nh20)= ((c(h3x.nh20) x 21.35))/1000

  2. Tricky

    your moalr mass should be somewhere aroung 198g permolar mass or 200g per molar mass ut not those exact numbers

  3. DrBob222

    I have no idea what the question is (I know it's molar mass but not the identity of h3x.nh20) nor do I understand the so-called answered that follow. Sorry.

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