posted by Andrew

I need help to convert a birthday in one format to another w/o using the cell formating by using EXTEXT and DATEDIF.

example: 901101 -> 1990-11-01

  1. Reed

    I used to know how to do this in older versions of Excel, but can't figure it out in the newer version I have now. Sorry, but maybe somebody else does.

  2. Andrew

    That is ok. I will figure it out. I appreciate that you are honest with me and that you took time to answer.

  3. Writeacher

    I agree with Reed.

    The unfortunate thing is that, as Microsoft and other companies think they are improving things with each new version, they are really making everything more complex and difficult to use. The worst thing I've seen lately is "the ribbon" that MS has put on different Office programs. =(

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