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If you buy a pair of shoes on sale for $48. The price is discounted 25% and the sales tax is 7%. Which of the follwoing statements would be true?

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1. The final price would be lower if you add the 7% sales tax first and take the 25% discount second.
2. It doesn't matter which you do first and which do you seocnd the final price will be the same.
3. The final price would be lower if you take the 25% discount first and add the 7% sales tax second.

  1. Ms. Sue

    We'll be glad to check your answer.

  2. Carl

    so which one is it

  3. Damon

    try it both ways

  4. Reiny

    Ummhh, if I wouldn't know the answer, I would work out the problem both ways,

    that is, discount first, then sales tax
    sales tax first , then discount

  5. Damon

    1.07 and 0.75 first one first, second second one first :)

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