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My friend let me borrow an assignment to study and for these 2 questions they didn't show their work, but got them correct. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how they got it? Thanks

A person borrowed $1400 at 7.2% compounded monthly. He decided to pay off the loan with a single payment after 22 months. What is the total amount that will be paid back?

- They put $1596.92 (no work shown)

A person wants to buy a rare coin because she believes the value will increase. She plans to buy the coin at 3.1% compounded monthly. She plans to make a single payment of $4700 at the end of 2 years. What is the greatest amount of money that she can borrow?

- They put $4417.80

  • Math grade 12 -

    1400(1+.072/12)^22 = 1596.92
    P(1+.031/12)^(12*2) = 4700
    P = 4417.80

  • Math grade 12 -

    Thanks Steve

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