posted by Emily


I need some help on how to write my (1000-1500 word) analysis paper. My class is about language acquisition in children and I had to analyze a child's spontaneous conversation.
I have analyzed it, but I'm unsure of how to write it up.
Please help!

  1. Writeacher

    First of all, tell us what kinds of items you have. The child's conversation itself? Specific items or markers you were to look for and take note of? or what?

  2. Writeacher

    Also -- there may be some good info in here for you:

  3. Emily

    I had to make a transcription by the second for the 5 minute video. Once I did that, I had to analyze his morphology, phonology, syntax, and lexicon.

  4. Writeacher

    What an awful assignment!!

    I don't know how you'd write up something like that unless you just write up the four elements you named and write them up in that order.

    Make sure you look through some of those search results. None of them will have exactly what you need, but some of them should give you some ideas about organization.

  5. Emily

    Unfortunately, this assignment is actually my final. The professor is pretty nice, but he assigns difficult work.

    I really appreciate your help/advice, I will definitely look at the links you provided! :)

  6. Writeacher

    You're welcome.

    Be sure to ask your prof for clarification, especially after you have sketched out an outline before writing your first draft. At that point, most good profs are quite willing to help you out. They see you're serious!!

  7. Olivia

    Hey! Do you still need the help with your task? 1000 words are not the essay you can write in one night, Especially, it will be hard if you have no idea where to start from.Prime Writing site is what I definitely recommend to my friends and you may check it too.

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