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1. Given a liter of water just at boiling, how much energy does it take to boil it all?

2. If that liter of water was originally at 10°C, how much extra energy would it take to boil
the water?

Would it be:
1. Q=mL=(1kg)(2.26e6)=2.26e6
2. Q=mC(Tf-Ti)=(1kg)(4186J)(100C-10C)=376740J

  1. damon

    did not check arithmetic but that is the right idea

  2. bobpursley

    Goodness. Your use of units leaves much to be desired. Let units work for you.

    a. energy=Hv*mass=2257kJ/kg*1liter*1kg/liter= 2257kJ

    b. mcDeltaTemp=1kg*4.184kJ/kgC*90C=
    = 90*4.184kJ

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