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How did Simón Bolívar impact the creation of Gran Colombia?

The countries of Curaçao, Trinidad, Tobago, Antigua, and Tortola united to form Gran Colombia, in which Simón Bolívar served as prime minister.

The countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador united to form Gran Colombia, in which Simón Bolívar served as president.

The countries of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay united to form Gran Colombia, in which Simón Bolívar served as king.

The countries of Paraguay, Aruba, Guyana, and Suriname united to form Gran Colombia, in which Simón Bolívar served as emperor.

Simon Bolivar is mentioned a lot in my lesson, and yet I can't quite figure this one out, YET, there were multiple questions with him serving as a king, so is it C?

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    No. What was Bolivar's position?

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    Oh! Online it says he was the president of Gran Colombia, so is it B?

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    Yes, B.

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    thank you!

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    You are welcome.

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