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posted by Rylee

Which event is known as the start of the French Revolution when rioters stormed the Bastille fortress to steal weapons?
The Inquisition
The Crusades
The Great Fear
The Long March

Is it B?

  1. Ms. Sue


    Guessing again!

  2. Rylee

    Gosh dang it. You caught me Ms. Sue. =D kidding. I really didn't want to guess on this one but nothing about it makes sense. I'll look all of them up again, see if anything rings a bell...
    So... The Long March pretty much had nothing to do with the French, I know that. And it's not the Crusades... Don't know why I even put that... and it says that The Great Fear was when everyone was afraid they were going to be attacked, and when people feel threatened they try to prevent it, so is it C?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Yes. When I Googled the Great Fear, the first thing I saw was that it was at the start of the French Revolution.

  4. Rylee

    thanks, I HAVE GOT to become more observant.

  5. Ms. Sue

    LOL! You're welcome.

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